Mizan Teferi

Mizan Tefere (also called simply Mizan) is the largest town in South West Ethiopia Peoples' Region and one of four Capital cities of the region.[1] Mizan is also the administrative centre, of the Bench Sheko Zone in the South West Ethiopia Peoples' Region of Ethiopia. Located about 160 kilometers southwest of Jimma, Mizan Tefere has a latitude and longitude of 7°0′N 35°35′E / 7.000°N 35.583°E / 7.000; 35.583Coordinates: 7°0′N 35°35′E / 7.000°N 35.583°E / 7.000; 35.583 and an elevation of 1451 meters. Mizan Teferi, together with the neighbouring town of Aman, forms a separate woreda called Mizan Aman. This is surrounded by Debub Bench woreda.

Mizan -Aman
Mizan -Aman is located in Ethiopia
Mizan -Aman
Mizan -Aman
Location within Ethiopia
Coordinates: 7°0′N 35°35′E / 7.000°N 35.583°E / 7.000; 35.583
RegionSouth West Ethiopia Peoples' Region
ZoneBench Sheko
 • Total23,144
Time zoneUTC+3 (EAT)
Area code47
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Mizan Tefere is served by an airport (ICAO code HAMT, IATA MTF) with an unpaved runway. Until 1966, the town was connected by only a dry weather road to Gore; that year the roads to Bonga and Tepi were improved by the Highway Authority.[2] Further proposed improvements were promised on 13 December 2006, when the Ethiopian government announced that it had secured a loan of US$98 million from the African Development Bank to pave the 227 kilometers of highway between Jimma and Mizan Teferi to the southwest. The loan would cover 64% of the 1270.97 million Birr budgeted for this project.[3]

By 1996 there was 24-hour electricity, and access to potable water.[2]

According to the SNNPR's Bureau of Finance and Economic Development, as of 2003 Mizan Teferi's amenities also include digital telephone access, postal service, and a bank and a hospital.[4] Near the town is the Bebeka coffee plantation. It is also the location of two institutions of higher education, Aman Health Science College and Mizan - Tepi University.[citation needed]

Records at the Nordic Africa Institute website provide details of the primary and secondary school in 1968, and a 70-bed hospital built in 1989.[2] During the existence of the Bench Zone (created in the mid-1990s) Mizan Teferi was its administrative center.


Based on the 2007 Census conducted by the CSA, woreda of Mizan Aman has a total population of 34,080, of whom 18,138 are men and 15,942 women. The majority of the inhabitants practiced Ethiopian Orthodox Christianity, with 45.97% of the population reporting that belief, 33.8% were Protestants, 17.71% were Muslim, and 1.05% practiced traditional beliefs. [5]

The 1994 national census reported this town had a total population of 10,652 of whom 5,612 were males and 5,040 were females.


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