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The Mitsubishi Proudia (Japanese: 三菱・プラウディア Mitsubishi Puraudia) is a luxury car manufactured by Mitsubishi Motors, positioned just below the flagship Mitsubishi Dignity limousine in the company's range. Its name is a portmanteau derived from the English word "proud", and "diamond" (referring to the company's logo),[1] In Japan, it was sold in 2012 as a large luxury sedan exclusive to Japanese buyers, and was reintroduced 2012 to Japan based on the Nissan Fuga. It was sold at a specific retail chain called Galant Shop.

Series S32A (1999–2001)Edit

Series S32A
ManufacturerMitsubishi Motors
Hyundai Motor Company
AssemblyNagoya Plant, Okazaki, Aichi Japan
Ulsan, South Korea (Hyundai Motor)
Body and chassis
Body style4-door sedan
LayoutFF layout
RelatedMitsubishi Dignity
Hyundai Equus
TransmissionINVECS-II 5-speed semi auto
Wheelbase2,830 mm (111.4 in)
Length5,050 mm (198.8 in)
Width1,870 mm (73.6 in)
Height1,475 mm (58.1 in)
Curb weight1,950–2,265 kg (4,299–4,993 lb)
PredecessorMitsubishi Debonair
Mitsubishi Proudia (Japan)

The entire Proudia/Dignity range was designed by Mitsubishi Motors and co-manufactured with Hyundai of South Korea, who marketed their own version as the Hyundai Centennial/Hyundai Equus.[2] The Proudia was introduced as a competitor to the Nissan Cima and Toyota Celsior as a full size luxury car, however Mitsubishi chose to use a transversely installed engine with front wheel drive. Production was discontinued after only 1227 vehicles were produced during three years.

The Proudia was priced from ¥4.6 million to ¥6.4 million, and came in three specifications labelled A, B or C. A and B featured a 6G74 3497 cc GDi V6 producing 240 PS (177 kW) at 5500 rpm and 343 N⋅m (253 lb⋅ft) of torque at 2500 rpm, while specification C featured the 8A80 4498 cc GDi V8 producing 280 PS (206 kW) at 5000 rpm and 412 N⋅m (304 lb⋅ft) at 4000 rpm.[1] The car was equipped with several advanced features like CCD cameras to monitor adjacent lanes and behind the car, and a lidar activated adaptive cruise control.[2] It used MacPherson struts for the front suspension and a multi-link suspension for the rear wheels.

The Dignity and Proudia's combined volumes fell far shy of Mitsubishi's estimated 300 sales per month,[1] and they were available for only fifteen months from their introduction on February 20, 2000, before Mitsubishi's financial difficulties forced the company to discontinue both models in an effort to streamline its range and reduce costs.[3] Sales of the Proudia in Japan were affected by the fact that it didn't comply with Japanese Government dimension and engine displacement regulations for "compact" sized cars and Japanese buyers were liable for additional taxes, and the economic fallout due to the collapse of the "bubble economy".

The Hyundai Equus proved more commercially successful and would remain in production until replaced in 2008.[4]

Production and salesEdit

Year Production Sales
1999 383 -
2000 759 852
2001 85 97 (+1 export)

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Series BY51 (2012–2016)Edit

Series BY51
Also called
AssemblyJapan: Kaminokawa, Tochigi
Body and chassis
ClassFull-size (E)
Body style4-door sedan
PlatformNissan FR-L "enhanced FM" platform
Transmission7-speed automatic
Wheelbase2,900 mm (114.2 in)
Length4,945 mm (194.7 in)
Width1,845 mm (72.6 in)
Height1,500 mm (59.1 in)
Curb weight1,720–1,820 kg (3,790–4,010 lb)
Mitsubishi Proudia

Announced in early 2012, Mitsubishi Motors is cooperating with Nissan to sell their own version of the Nissan Fuga Y51 under the Proudia name after an 11-year hiatus,[5] and sales of the Nissan Fuga-based Proudia started July 26, 2012, replacing the discontinued Mitsubishi Galant.[6] A stretched wheelbase version is also sold as the Dignity.[7]

Compared to its predecessor, the height is slightly higher; however the length and width have been reduced, resulting in reduced weight. In addition, all models are now in compliance with Japanese Government 2005 emission standards, resulting in a 75% reduction level over the previous model. The Mitsubishi trim packages are aligned with their Nissan Fuga counterparts. The Proudia "250 A" is the equivalent of the Fuga "250 GT," the "Proudia 250 VIP" to the "Fuga 250 VIP," and the "Proudia 370 VIP" to the "Fuga 370 VIP."[8] The "Proudia 370 4WD" is the equivalent to the "Fuga 370 GT Four," the first time the Proudia has been offered with all-wheel-drive. The hybrid engine option offered on the Fuga is not offered on the Proudia, and is only available on the longer Dignity limousine. The term "VIP" reflects a high status car in Japan.

The Proudia is cosmetically different from the Fuga, using a Mitsubishi specific grille and appearance items. Many of the items in the Fuga are also available in the Proudia, to include the pollen filter, Nissan’s “Safety Shield” packages, such as intelligent cruise control, ECO pedal, intelligent brake assist, with optional items on Nissan-branded products also available on equivalent Proudia trim packages. Nissan’s Garnet Black Pearl paint is not offered on the Proudia, with Mitsubishi offering a different color. Some of the optional interior equipment includes heated and ventilated front seats, power reclining rear seats, power ottoman for the rear passenger opposite the driver, and HDD navigation combined with a telematics subscription service called "CarWings" in Japan.

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