Mitidja, (Arabic: متيجة, Berber: Mettijet ⵎⴻⵜⵙⵉⵛⵝ) is a plain stretching along the outskirts of Algiers in northern Algeria. It is about 100 km (62 mi) long, with a width of 5 to 20 km (3.1 to 12.4 mi). Traditionally devoted largely to agriculture and serving as the breadbasket of Algiers, the area has in recent decades become increasingly urbanized with the expansion of Algiers.

Arabic: متيجة
Berber: Mettijet ⵎⴻⵜⵙⵉⵛⵝ
Mitidja plain
Mitidja plain
Mitidja is located in Algeria
Coordinates: 36°36′0″N 2°54′0″E / 36.60000°N 2.90000°E / 36.60000; 2.90000
LocationAlgerian provinces of Tipaza, Blida, Algiers, Boumerdès, Médéa.



The Mitidja plain is bounded on the east by the Boudouaou River, on the west by the Nador River, on the north by the hills of the Algiers Sahel, and on the south by the Blidean Atlas [fr] range.[1] It stretches about 100 km (62 mi) from east to west, with a width varying from 5 to 20 km (3.1 to 12.4 mi)[2] At an average altitude of 50 m (160 ft), it slopes very slightly towards the sea.[1]

Its fertile soils enjoy a temperate Mediterranean climate with adequate rainfall,[1] and are devoted largely to the cultivation of citrus fruits in east and grapes in the west.[1]

From west to east, the plain traverses the wilayas (provinces) of Tipaza, Blida, Algiers, Boumerdès, and the north-eastern corner of Médéa. Four important urban centers are located along its edges: Algiers to the north, Blida to the south, Boumerdès to the east and Tipaza to the west, while Boufarik occupies the centre of the plain itself.[3]



This article uses material translated from the French Wikipedia article.

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