Missouri Route 32

Route 32 is a highway in Missouri. Its eastern terminus is at the Mississippi River near Ste. Genevieve; its western terminus is at U.S. Route 54 in El Dorado Springs. It is currently one of the longest highways in the state. Most of the highway east of Lebanon is hilly and curvy, passing through a large part of the Missouri Ozarks.

Route 32 marker

Route 32
Route information
Maintained by MoDOT
Length285 mi (459 km)
Major junctions
East endEnd of State Maintenance in Ste. Genevieve
 US 61.svg US 61 in Ste. Genevieve
I-55.svg I-55 in New Offenburg
US 67.svg US 67 in Farmington
MO-21.svg Route 21 in Caledonia
MO-5.svgMO-72.svg Route 19 / Route 72 in Salem
US 63.svg US 63 in Licking
MO-5.svg Route 5 in Lebanon
I-44.svg I-44 in Lebanon
US 65.svg US 65 in Buffalo
MO-13.svg Route 13 in Bolivar
West endUS 54.svg US 54 in El Dorado Springs
Highway system
Route 31Route 33
Route 66MO-66 (1948).svgUS 67

Route 32 is one of the original Missouri highways from 1922. It originally ran only from Licking to Flat River (now Park Hills). Other portions were defined as Route 66 (El Dorado Springs to Fair Play), Route 13 (Fair Play to Buffalo), and Route 68 (Farmington to Ste. Genevieve). Route 66 replaced Route 13 to Buffalo in 1926, but by 1927 it became part of US 54. Route 32 also absorbed Route 68 in 1926 or 1927. Route 64, which had been designated in 1922 between Collins and Preston (now US 54), was extended east to Lebanon in the early 1930s, and by 1935 it had swapped alignments with US 54, becoming the El Dorado Springs-Lebanon route that now mostly carries Route 32. Route 32 was extended west to Lebanon by 1946, and it was later extended west, leaving only the Louisburg-Lebanon section of Route 64, which has since been extended west.

Route descriptionEdit

Route 32 leaves Interstate 44 Business and joins Route 5/Route 64 in Lebanon.

The highway begins at the beginning of state maintenance, at a point in the 300 block of 4th Street in Ste. Genevieve. City streets connect to a ferry providing passage across the Mississippi River to Illinois. Just before leaving the city, the route comes to an intersection with U.S. Route 61. Six miles further west is an interchange with Interstate 55 and eleven miles (18 km) west of the interstate is the northern junction of Route 144. At Farmington, the highway joins U.S. Route 67 for seven miles (6 km), then it exits at Leadington and turns into four lane to Saint Joe State Park U.S. Route 67 Business.

At Caledonia, the highway turns south and forms a four-mile (6 km) concurrency with Route 21, then turns west and enters the Mark Twain National Forest. In the national forest, the highway forms a six-mile (10 km) concurrency with Route 49. As the highway nears the western boundary of the Mark Twain National Forest, the highway joins Route 72, the two highways will be united to the west side of Salem. Nine miles west of Salem is the northern terminus of Route 119.

At Licking is the northern terminus of Route 137 and an intersection with U.S. Route 63. West of Licking, Route 32 enters another section of the Mark Twain National Forest. At Success, Route 32 turns north, joining Route 17 for four miles (6 km) then turns west again at Roby. At Lynchburg is the northern terminus of Route 95 and Route 32 turns north. Three miles northwest of Falcon, the highway leaves the Mark Twain National Forest.

At Lebanon, Route 32 joins Route 5 and has an interchange with Interstate 44, which also serves as the eastern terminus of Route 64. In Lebanon, the highway turns southwest and leaves the concurrency with Route 5 and Route 64.

At Buffalo, Route 32 forms a brief concurrency with Route 73, which it joins to the terminus of Route 73 at U.S. Route 65. The road then continues west, forming the main highway between the two county seats of Buffalo and Bolivar. At Bolivar, the highway intersect Route 83, and then intersects Route 13.

At Fair Play, Route 32 briefly joins Route 123 and begins a northwest route to the north side of Stockton Lake where the highway passes over the dam. At Stockton, it joins Route 39 briefly and continue west eventually reaching the northern terminus of Route 97. At this intersection, the highway turns due north for five miles (8 km) before reaching U.S. Route 54 and ending in eastern El Dorado Springs.

Major intersectionsEdit

CedarEl Dorado Springs  US 54 – Nevada, Collins
  Route 97 south – Jerico Springs
   Route 39 north to US 54west end of Route 39 overlap
Stockton  Route 39 south – Greenfieldeast end of Route 39 overlap
  Route 245 south – Bona
PolkFair Play  Route 123 north – Dunneganwest end of Route 123 overlap
  Route 123 south – Aldricheast end of Route 123 overlap
Bolivar  Route 13 – Humansville, Springfieldinterchange; west end of Route 13 Bus. overlap
   Route 83 north (North Main Avenue) to US 54west end of Route 83 overlap
   Route 83 south / Route 13 Bus. south (South Springfield Avenue)
east end of Route 83 overlap
DallasBuffalo  US 65 (Ash Street) – Louisburg, Preston, Fair Grove, Springfield
LacledeLebanon   BL I-44 west / Historic US 66 west (Elm Street)west end of I-44 Bus. / Historic US 66 overlap
     BL I-44 east / Historic US 66 east (Elm Street) / Route 5 north / Route 64 west (Jefferson Avenue) – Waynesville, Camdentoneast end of I-44 Bus. / Historic US 66 overlap; west end of Route 5 / Route 64 overlap
  I-44 – Rolla, St. Louis, SpringfieldI-44 exit 129; east end of Route 64 overlap
  Route 5 south – Hartvilleeast end of Route 5 overlap
Lynchburg  Route 95 south – Manes
TexasRoby  Route 17 north – Fort Leonard Wood, Waynesvillewest end of Route 17 overlap
Success  Route 17 south – Houstoneast end of Route 17 overlap
Licking  US 63 – Rolla, Houstonwest end of Route 137 overlap
  Route 137 southeast end of Route 137 overlap
Dent  Route 119 south – Montauk, Montauk State Park
Salem  Route 72 west – Rollawest end of Route 72 overlap
  Route 19 (Main Street) – Steelville, Eminence, Downtown Salem
  Route 72 east – Bunkereast end of Route 72 overlap
IronBixby  Route 49 north – Viburnum, Dillard Mill State Historic Sitewest end of Route 49 overlap
  Route 49 southeast end of Route 49 overlap
  Route 21 south – Belleviewwest end of Route 21 overlap
WashingtonCaledonia  Route 21 north – Potosieast end of Route 21 overlap
St. Francois 
  Route 32 Bus. east – Park Hills
  Route D south – Doe Run
   Route 32 Bus. west to US 67 Bus. – Park Hills
   US 67 Bus. north / Route O north (Woodlawn Drive) – Business District
west end of US 67 Bus. overlap
  US 67 north – Collegeinterchange; east end of US 67 Bus. overlap; west end of US 67 overlap
Park HillsFairgrounds Drive - Park Hills, Leadingtoninterchange
Farmington  US 67 south – Fredericktowninterchange; east end of US 67 overlap
    Route OO west / Route W south to Route 21 – Fredericktown, Historic Downtown Farmington
Ste. GenevieveMillers  Route 144 east – Hawn State Park
  I-55 – St. Louis, PerryvilleI-55 exit 150
Ste. Genevieve  US 61 – Bloomsdale, St. Mary
South Fourth Street - Ferry Crossingeast end of state maintenance
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi