Missouri House of Representatives

The Missouri House of Representatives is the lower chamber of the Missouri General Assembly. It has 163 members, representing districts with an average size of 37,000 residents. House members are elected for two-year terms during general elections held in even-numbered years.

Missouri House of Representatives
Missouri General Assembly
Coat of arms or logo
Term limits
4 terms (8 years)
New session started
January 4, 2023
Dean Plocher (R)
since January 4, 2023
Speaker Pro Tempore
Mike Henderson (R)
since January 4, 2023
Majority Leader
Jonathan Patterson (R)
since January 4, 2023
Minority Leader
Crystal Quade (D)
since January 9, 2019
Political groups
  •   Republican (111)


Length of term
2 years
AuthorityArticle III, Missouri Constitution
Salary$35,915/year + per diem[1]
Last election
November 8, 2022
(163 seats)
Next election
November 5, 2024
(163 seats)
RedistrictingLegislative Control
Meeting place
House of Representatives Chamber
Missouri State Capitol
Jefferson City, Missouri
Missouri House of Representatives
Rules of the House of Representatives of the 102nd General Assembly

Missouri's house is the fourth largest in the United States even as the state ranks 18th in population. The only states with a larger lower house in the United States are New Hampshire (400), Pennsylvania (203) and Georgia (180).[2][3] Republicans have controlled the State House since 2003.[4]

The next election will be held in 2024.



The Missouri House of Representatives meets annually beginning on the Wednesday after the first Monday in January.[5] A part-time legislature, it concludes session business by May 30. To serve in the chamber, an individual must have attained the age of 24 and have resided in their district for a period of one year preceding the election. State representatives are paid $36,813 per year, with a per diem of $121 per day. The Speaker of the House is the most powerful individual in the chamber, elected by all members of the House. The Speaker makes an additional $2,500 per year in accordance with state law. Representatives are term-limited to a maximum of four terms, or eight years, in the chamber.

Members confirm officers of the House every two years when organizing as a new General Assembly, which include the Chief Clerk, the Sergeant-At-Arms, the Chaplain, and the Doorkeeper.[6] The Chief Clerk has the added responsibility of serving as House Administrator and is responsible for supervising the work of eight non-partisan staff. The current Chief Clerk and House Administrator is Dana Miller.[6]

Affiliation Party
(Shading indicates majority caucus)
Republican Democratic Ind Vacant
End of previous session 114 47 0 161 2
Start of 2021 session 114 48 0 162 1
After April 6 special election[7] 114 49 0 163 0
Beginning of 2022 session[8][9][10] 108 49 0 157 6
Start of 2023 session[11] 111 52 0 163 0
April 17, 2023[12] 111 51 0 162 1
Latest voting share 68.5% 31.5%


Position Name Party District
Speaker of the House Dean Plocher Rep 89
Speaker Pro Tempore Mike Henderson Rep 117
Majority Leader Jonathan Patterson Rep 30
Assistant Majority Floor Leader Jamie Burger Rep 148
Majority Whip Hardy Billington Rep 152
Majority Caucus Chair Chris Dinkins Rep 144
Minority Leader Crystal Quade Dem 132
Assistant Minority Floor Leader Richard Brown Dem 27
Minority Whip Ashley Aune Dem 14
Minority Caucus Chair Ingrid Burnett Dem 19


List of current representatives

District Representative Party Since Residence Counties represented
1 Jeff Farnen Republican 2023 Stanberry Atchison, Gentry, Holt, Nodaway
2 Mazzie Boyd Republican 2023 Hamilton Caldwell, Daviess, Grundy, Harrison, Worth
3 Danny Busick Republican 2019 Newtown Adair, Mercer, Putnam, Sullivan
4 Greg Sharpe Republican 2019 Ewing Adair, Clark, Knox, Lewis, Monroe, Schuyler, Scotland, Shelby
5 Louis Riggs Republican 2019 Hannibal Marion, Ralls
6 Ed Lewis Republican 2021 Moberly Macon, Randolph
7 Peggy McGaugh Republican 2017 Carrollton Carroll, Linn, Livingston, Ray
8 Josh Hurlbert Republican 2021 Smithville Clay, Clinton
9 Dean Van Schoiack Republican 2021 Savannah Andrew, Clinton, DeKalb
10 Bill Falkner Republican 2019 St. Joseph Buchanan
11 Brenda Shields Republican 2019 St. Joseph Buchanan
12 Jamie Johnson Democratic 2023 Kansas City Platte
13 Sean Pouche Republican 2021 Kansas City Buchanan, Platte
14 Ashley Aune Democratic 2021 Kansas City Platte
15 Maggie Nurrenbern Democratic 2021 Kansas City Clay
16 Chris Brown Republican 2021 Kansas City Clay
17 Bill Allen Republican 2023 Kansas City Clay
18 Eric Woods Democratic 2023 Kansas City Clay
19 Ingrid Burnett Democratic 2017 Kansas City Jackson
20 Aaron McMullen Republican 2023 Independence Jackson
21 Robert Sauls Democratic 2019 Independence Jackson
22 Yolanda Young Democratic 2020 Kansas City Jackson
23 Michael Johnson Democratic 2021 Kansas City Jackson
24 Emily Weber Democratic 2021 Kansas City Jackson
25 Patty Lewis Democratic 2021 Kansas City Jackson
26 Ashley Bland Manlove Democratic 2019 Kansas City Jackson
27 Richard Brown Democratic 2017 Kansas City Jackson
28 Jerome Barnes Democratic 2017 Raytown Jackson
29 Aaron Crossley Democratic 2023 Independence Jackson
30 Jonathan Patterson Republican 2019 Lee's Summit Jackson
31 Dan Stacy Republican 2017 Blue Springs Jackson
32 Jeff Coleman Republican 2019 Grain Valley Jackson
33 Chris Sander Republican 2021 Lone Jack Jackson
34 Kemp Strickler Democratic 2023 Lee's Summit Jackson
35 Keri Ingle Democratic 2019 Lee's Summit Jackson
36 Anthony Ealy Democratic 2023 Grandview Jackson
37 Mark Sharp Democratic 2020 Kansas City Jackson
38 Chris Lonsdale Republican 2023 Liberty Clay
39 Doug Richey Republican 2019 Excelsior Springs Clay
40 Chad Perkins Republican 2021 Bowling Green Lincoln, Pike
41 Doyle Justus Republican 2023 Troy Lincoln
42 Jeff Myers Republican 2023 Warrenton Montgomery, Warren
43 Kent Haden Republican 2019 Mexico Audrain, Callaway, Monroe
44 Cheri Toalson Reisch Republican 2017 Hallsville Boone
45 Kathy Steinhoff Democratic 2023 Columbia Boone
46 David Tyson Smith Democratic 2021 Columbia Boone
47 Adrian Plank Democratic 2023 Columbia Boone
48 Tim Taylor Republican 2021 Bunceton Chariton, Cooper, Howard, Randolph
49 Jim Schulte Republican 2023 New Bloomfield Callaway
50 Doug Mann Democratic 2023 Columbia Boone
51 Kurtis Gregory Republican 2021 Marshall Lafayette, Saline
52 Brad Pollitt Republican 2019 Sedalia Pettis
53 Terry Thompson Republican 2021 Lexington Lafayette, Ray
54 Dan Houx Republican 2017 Warrensburg Johnson
55 Mike Haffner Republican 2019 Pleasant Hill Cass
56 Michael Davis Republican 2021 Kansas City Cass
57 Rodger Reedy Republican 2019 Windsor Benton, Johnson, Pettis
58 Willard Haley Republican 2021 Eldon Cooper, Moniteau, Morgan
59 Rudy Veit Republican 2019 Wardsville Cole
60 Dave Griffith Republican 2019 Jefferson City Cole
61 Bruce Sassmann Republican 2021 Bland Gasconade, Miller, Montgomery, Osage
62 Sherri Gallick Republican 2023 Belton Bates, Cass
63 Tricia Byrnes Republican 2023 Wentzville St. Charles
64 Tony Lovasco Republican 2019 O'Fallon St. Charles
65 Wendy Hausman Republican 2023 St. Peters St. Charles
66 Marlene Terry Democratic 2021 St. Louis St. Louis County
67 Chantelle Nickson-Clark Democratic 2023 Florissant St. Louis County
68 Jay Mosley Democratic 2017 Florissant St. Louis County
69 Adam Schnelting Republican 2019 St. Charles St. Charles County
70 Gretchen Bangert Democratic 2017 Florrissant St. Louis County
71 LaDonna Appelbaum Democratic 2019 St. Louis St. Louis County
72 Doug Clemens Democratic 2019 St. Ann St. Louis County
73 Raychel Proudie Democratic 2019 Ferguson St. Louis County
74 Kevin Windham Jr. Democratic 2019 Hillsdale St. Louis County
75 Alan Gray Democratic 2017 Black Jack St. Louis County
76 Marlon Anderson Democratic 2021 St. Louis St. Louis City
77 Kimberly-Ann Collins Democratic 2021 St. Louis St. Louis City
78 Vacant St. Louis City
79 LaKeySha Frazier-Bosley Democratic 2019 St. Louis St. Louis City
80 Peter Merideth Democratic 2017 St. Louis St. Louis City
81 Steve Butz Democratic 2019 St. Louis St. Louis City
82 Donna Baringer Democratic 2017 St. Louis St. Louis City
83 Sarah Unsicker Democratic 2017 Shrewsbury St. Louis County
84 Del Taylor Democratic 2023 St. Louis St. Louis City
85 Yolonda Fountain Henderson Democratic 2023 St. Louis St. Louis County
86 Joe Adams Democratic 2021 University City St. Louis County
87 Paula Brown Democratic 2019 Hazelwood St. Louis County
88 Holly Jones Republican 2023 Eureka St. Louis County
89 Dean Plocher Republican 2016 St. Louis St. Louis County
90 Barbara Phifer Democratic 2021 St. Louis St. Louis County
91 Jo Doll Democratic 2021 Webster Groves St. Louis County
92 Michael Burton Democratic 2021 Lakeshire St. Louis County
93 Bridget Walsh Moore Democratic 2021 St. Louis St. Louis County
94 Jim Murphy Republican 2019 St. Louis St. Louis County
95 Michael O'Donnell Republican 2019 St. Louis St. Louis County
96 Brad Christ Republican 2023 St. Louis St. Louis County
97 David Casteel Republican 2023 High Ridge Jefferson
98 Deb Lavender Democratic 2023 Manchester St. Louis County
99 Ian Mackey Democratic 2019 St. Louis St. Louis County
100 Philip Oehlerking Republican 2023 Ballwin St. Louis County
101 Ben Keathley Republican 2023 Chesterfield St. Louis County
102 Richard West Republican 2021 Wentzville St. Charles
103 Dave Hinman Republican 2023 O'Fallon St. Charles
104 Phil Christofanelli Republican 2017 St. Peters St. Charles
105 Adam Schwadron Republican 2021 St. Charles St. Charles
106 Travis Wilson Republican 2023 St. Charles St. Charles
107 Mark Matthiesen Republican 2023 O'Fallon St. Charles
108 Justin Hicks Republican 2023 Lake St. Louis St. Charles
109 Kyle Marquart Republican 2023 Washington Franklin
110 Justin Sparks Republican 2023 Wildwood St. Louis County
111 Gary Bonacker Republican 2023 House Springs Jefferson
112 Renee Reuter Republican 2023 Imperial Jefferson
113 Phil Amato Republican 2023 Arnold Jefferson
114 Ken Waller Republican 2023 Herculaneum Jefferson
115 Cyndi Buchheit-Courtway Republican 2021 Festus Jefferson
116 Dale Wright Republican 2019 Farmington Madison, St. Francois
117 Mike Henderson Republican 2017 Bonne Terre St. Francois
118 Mike McGirl Republican 2019 Potosi Franklin, Washington
119 Brad Banderman Republican 2023 St. Clair Franklin
120 Ron Copeland Republican 2021 Salem Crawford, Dent
121 Bill Hardwick Republican 2021 Waynesville Pulaski
122 Tara Peters Republican 2023 Rolla Phelps
123 Lisa Thomas Republican 2021 Lake Ozark Camden
124 Don Mayhew Republican 2019 Crocker Miller, Pulaski
125 Dane Diehl Republican 2023 Butler Bates, Cedar, Vernon
126 Jim Kalberloh Republican 2021 Lowry City Henry, Hickory, St. Clair
127 Ann Kelley Republican 2019 Lamar Barton, Cedar, Dade, Jasper
128 Mike Stephens Republican 2017 Bolivar Hickory, Polk
129 John Black Republican 2019 Marshfield Webster
130 Bishop Davidson Republican 2021 Republic Greene
131 Bill Owen Republican 2021 Springfield Greene
132 Crystal Quade Democratic 2017 Springfield Greene
133 Melanie Stinnett Republican 2023 Springfield Greene
134 Alex Riley Republican 2021 Springfield Greene
135 Betsy Fogle Democratic 2021 Springfield Greene
136 Stephanie Hein Democratic 2023 Springfield Greene
137 Darrin Chappell Republican 2023 Rogersville Greene
138 Brad Hudson Republican 2019 Cape Fair Christian, Stone
139 Bob Titus Republican 2023 Billings Christian
140 Jamie Gragg Republican 2023 Ozark Christian
141 Hannah Kelly Republican 2017 Mountain Grove Douglas, Laclede, Webster, Wright
142 Jeff Knight Republican 2018 Lebanon Camden, Dallas, Laclede
143 Bennie Cook Republican 2021 Houston Maries, Phelps, Texas
144 Chris Dinkins Republican 2018 Annapolis Bollinger, Iron, Madison, Reynolds, Shannon, Washington, Wayne
145 Rick Francis Republican 2017 Perryville Perry, Ste. Genevieve
146 Barry Hovis Republican 2019 Whitewater Cape Girardeau
147 John Voss Republican 2023 Cape Girardeau Cape Girardeau
148 Jamie Burger Republican 2021 Benton Scott
149 Donnie Brown Republican 2023 New Madrid Mississippi, New Madrid, Pemiscot
150 Cameron Parker Republican 2023 Deering Butler, Dunklin, Pemiscot
151 Herman Morse Republican 2018 Dexter Bollinger, Cape Girardeau, Stoddard
152 Hardy Billington Republican 2019 Poplar Bluff Butler
153 Darrell Atchison Republican 2021 Williamsville Carter, Howell, Oregon, Ripley, Shannon, Wayne
154 David Evans Republican 2019 West Plains Howell
155 Travis Smith Republican 2021 Dora Douglas, Ozark, Stone, Taney
156 Brian Seitz Republican 2021 Branson Taney
157 Mitch Boggs Republican 2021 La Russell Lawrence
158 Scott Cupps Republican 2020 Shell Knob Barry, McDonald
159 Dirk Deaton Republican 2019 Noel McDonald, Newton
160 Ben Baker Republican 2019 Neosho Newton
161 Lane Roberts Republican 2019 Joplin Jasper
162 Bob Bromley Republican 2019 Carl Junction Jasper
163 Cody Smith Republican 2017 Carthage Jasper

Standing committees


These are the yearly recurring committees that hold hearings on legislation filed by Representatives. Once filed, legislation is assigned to one of the following committees by the Missouri Speaker of the House. Legislation is typically assigned to the committee whose province envelopes the subject matter of the bill. However, there are frequently multiple relevant committees to which a bill can be assigned, and it is at the Speaker's discretion to choose which committee receives the bill. Politics can also play a part, as the Speaker may assign a bill to a committee with an unfriendly chair or membership, or may select a more friendly committee.

The partisan makeup of each committee is intended to reflect as closely as possible the partisan makeup of the entire House. Each Party caucus selects which of its members will serve on the Standing Committees, and the chair of each committee is chosen by the Speaker of the House.

Standing Committee List
Committee[14] Chair Vice-chair
Administration and Accounts Jason Chipman Peggy McGaugh
Agriculture Policy Don Rone Rick Francis
Budget Cody Smith Dirk Deaton
Children and Families Mary Elizabeth Coleman Dottie Bailey
Conference on Budget Cody Smith Vacant
Consent and House Procedure Sara Walsh Craig Fishel
Conservation and Natural Resources Randy Pietzman Don Mayhew
Corrections and Public Institutions Andrew McDaniel Chris Dinkins
Crime Prevention Lane Roberts Barry Hovis
Downsizing State Government Ben Baker Adam Schnelting
Economic Development Derek Grier Louis Riggs
Elections and Elected Officials Dan Shaul Peggy McGaugh
Elementary and Secondary Education Chuck Bayse Mike Haffner
Emerging Issues Aaron Griesheimer Jonathan Patterson
Ethics Travis Fitzwater Mark Ellebracht
Financial Institutions Rick Francis Michael O'Donnell
Fiscal Review Travis Fitzwater Doug Richey
General Laws Curtis Trent Alex Riley
Health and Mental Health Policy Mike Stephens Cyndi Buchheit-Courtway
Higher Education Brenda Shields John Black
Insurance Policy Justin Hill Jeff Porter
Judiciary David Evans Rudy Viet
Local Government Vacant Bill Falkner
Legislative Review Dan Houx Ron Hicks
Pensions Patricia Pike Rusty Black
Professional Registration and Licensing Jeff Coleman Chris Dinkins
Public Safety Shane Roden Andrew McDaniel
Rules – Administrative Oversight J. Eggleston Becky Ruth
Rules – Legislative Oversight Phil Christofanelli Doug Richey
Rural Community Development Brad Pollitt Greg Sharpe
Transportation Becky Ruth Jeff Porter
Utilities Bill Kidd Bob Bromley
Veterans Dave Griffith Herman Morse
Ways and Means Wayne Wallingford Mike McGirl
Workforce Development Mike Henderson Kurtis Gregory

Budget committee and subcommittees


Tradition in the Missouri General Assembly is that all appropriations bills initiate in the Missouri House rather than the Senate. So each year, the chair of the House Budget Committee files legislation establishing the spending plan for the state of Missouri. This plan, which in 2007 exceeded $20 billion, may differ greatly from the Governor's budget recommendations, issued at the State of the State address given in late January.

The budget legislation is assigned to the House Budget Committee, which then assigns each bill to its respective subcommittee. After the subcommittee makes its recommendations, the full Budget Committee runs through the entire appropriations package, makes its desired changes, and sends the bill to the full House for consideration.[14]

Committee Chair Vice-chair
Joint Committee on Legislative Research – Oversight Subcommittee Dan Hegeman Denny Hoskins
Joint Committee on Legislative Research – Revision Subcommittee Cody Smith Vacant
Appropriations – Agriculture, Conservation, Natural Resources, and Economic Development Scott Cupps David Evans
Appropriations – Education Rusty Black Brenda Shields
Appropriations – General Administration Brad Hudson Don Mayhew
Appropriations – Health, Mental Health, and Social Services Kirk Deaton Peggy McGaugh
Appropriations – Public Safety, Corrections, Transportation and Revenue Sara Walsh Lane Roberts

Joint committees


Joint Committees contain members from both the Missouri House and Senate. These committees may be permanent and study ongoing issues, or may be temporary and intended to come up with suggested legislation to address a one-time issue. The Chair of these committees typically alternates annually between a Representative and a Senator to prevent unfairness to one chamber.[14]

  • Joint Committee on Administrative Rules
  • Joint Committee on Capitol Security
  • Joint Committee on Child Abuse and Neglect
  • Joint Committee on Disaster Preparedness and Awareness
  • Joint Committee on Education
  • Joint Committee on Government Accountability
  • Joint Committee on the Justice System
  • Joint Committee on Legislative Research (three subcommittees)
  • Joint Committee on the Life Sciences
  • Joint Committee on Public Assistance
  • Joint Committee on Public Employee Retirement
  • Joint Committee on Tax Policy
  • Joint Committee on Transportation Oversight

Term limits


In 1992 Missouri voters approved a constitutional amendment placing term limits on the Missouri House of Representatives. A Representative can serve no more than four two-year terms in the house. The first time term limits prevented someone from running again was in 2002.

Political party strength


Since 2003, the Republican Party has held this chamber of the Missouri General Assembly.

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