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The Mississippi Humanities Council is a private not-for-profit corporation funded by the United States Congress and the National Endowment for the Humanities.[1] Its mission is "to provide public programs in traditional liberal arts disciplines to serve nonprofit groups in Mississippi."[2] The Mississippi Humanities Council belongs to a group of 55 other such state and territorial humanities councils that receive Federal support.[3] The MHC was founded in 1972.[4]

Mississippi Humanities Council
Registration no.64-0561264
HeadquartersJackson, MS
Official language
Executive Director
Dr. Stuart Rockoff
Assistant Director
Mrs. Carol Andersen
Budget (2013)
WebsiteMississippi Humanities Council

The Mississippi Humanities Council sponsors a number of programs annually. These include awards recognizing post-secondary educators in the humanities.[5] Other "public humanities" awards recognize citizens who advance the study and understanding of humanities among the citizens of Mississippi.[6]

The MHC also supports adult and family literacy programs.[7]



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