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Mississippi Delta (disambiguation)

  Mississippi Delta, part of the Mississippi embayment
  Mississippi embayment (also includes the lime-green Mississippi Delta)

Mississippi Delta may refer to:

  • Mississippi Alluvial Plain, the entire alluvial plain of the Mississippi River, from the river mouth to southern Illinois
    • Mississippi embayment, the upper two-thirds of the Mississippi Alluvial Plain, between central Louisiana and southern Illinois
      • Mississippi Delta, a distinct cultural area in northwest Mississippi state; part of the Mississippi embayment
    • Mississippi River Delta, most of the southern half of the state of Louisiana, whose land was enriched over the centuries by sediment deposits in the floodplain of the Mississippi River. (Note: The linked article defines an area which is at least slightly smaller; the southwestern edge is in Vermilion Parish, whereas the inset map here extends it to the Texas border.)
  • Mississippi Delta AVA [not outlined on the inset map], an American Viticultural Area including portions of Louisiana, Mississippi, and Tennessee

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