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Miss World Australia is a national beauty pageant that selects Australia's representative to the Miss World pageant since 2002. The current Miss World Australia is Sarah Marschke from Sydney, New South Wales.[1] Two Australian representatives have won the Miss World title, in 1968 and 1972.

Miss World Australia
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Miss World Australia holds an annual pageant to identify young Australian women who exemplify beauty, talent, intelligence and compassion. It aims to create and empower role models who will serve as ambassadors to charity, enrich the perception of beauty, and enhance a new strength, energy and spirit for the advancement of women, while positively impacting their communities.

In 2006 the national contest was cancelled and Sabrina Houssami was controversially crowned the winner and placed second runner up at Miss World. In 2012, Jessica Kahawaty also placed second runner up. Australia has been crowned Queen of Oceania each year since 2013. Penelope Plummer became Australia's first Miss World in 1968. Belinda Green became Miss World in 1972. Before the Miss World Australia contest was instituted in 2002, Australian representatives to the international Miss World pageants were chosen from candidates at the Miss Australia pageant.


In February 2016, was announced that the pageant has a new owner: Deborah Miller. She was the former Miss Universe Australia owner.[2]


Color key
  •   Declared as Winner
  •   Declared as a Titleholder
  •   Ended as one of the finalists or semi-finalists

Below are the winners of Miss World Australia their special awards received and their final placements in the global beauty competition are also displayed.

Year Miss World Australia City Region Placement Special Awards
2002 Nicole Ghazal Gold Coast   Queensland Top 10
2003 Olivia Stratton Adelaide   South Australia Top 20 People's Choice Award
2004 Sarah Janette Davies Sydney   New South Wales Top 15 Miss Contestant's Choice, 1st Runner-up Miss World Beach Beauty, 1st Runner-up Miss World Sport, Top 20 Miss World Talent
2005 Dennae Brunow Albury   New South Wales Miss World Sport
2006 Sabrina Houssami Sydney   New South Wales 2nd Runner Up Queen of Asia-Pacific
2007 Caroline Pemberton Sydney   New South Wales Top 18 Miss World Talent, Top 21 Miss World Beach Beauty
2008 Katie Richardson Albion Park   New South Wales Top 25 Miss World Beach Beauty
2009 Sophie Lavers Sydney   New South Wales 3rd Runner-up Miss World Talent, Top 12 Miss World Sport
2010 Ashleigh Francis Sydney   New South Wales Top 10 Miss World Talent, Top 20 Miss World Beach Beauty, Top 20 Miss World Sport
2011 Amber Greasley Melbourne   Victoria Top 20 Top 20 Miss World Top Model, Top 24 Miss World Sport
2012 Jessica Kahawaty Sydney   New South Wales 2nd Runner Up 1st Runner-up Beauty with a Purpose, 4th Runner-up Miss World Top Model, Top 10 Miss World Beach Beauty, Top 16 Interview, Top 24 Miss World Sport, Top 25 Miss World Talent
2013 Erin Holland Cairns   Queensland Top 10 Queen of Oceania, 1st Runner-up Beauty with a Purpose, 1st Runner-up Miss World Talent, Top 11 Interview
2014 Courtney Thorpe Brisbane   Queensland Top 5 Queen of Oceania, Top 5 Miss World Top Model, Top 10 People's Choice, Top 10 Interview, Top 23 Beauty with a Purpose, Top 24 Miss World Sport
2015 Tess Alexander Brisbane   Queensland Top 10 Queen of Oceania, Top 24 Miss World Sport, Top 13 Miss World Talent, Top 25 Peoples Choice
2016 Madeline Cowe Tully   Queensland Top 20 Queen of Oceania, Top 24 Beauty with a Purpose
Top 24 Miss World Sport
2017 Esma Voloder Melbourne   Victoria Top 20 Beauty with a Purpose
2018 Taylah Cannon Melbourne   Victoria Top 32 Miss World Top Model
2019 Sarah Marschke Sydney   New South Wales Top 40 Top 40 at Miss World Top Model
Top 27 Miss World Talent
2020 Due to the impact of COVID-19 pandemic, no pageant in 2020

Australian representatives at Miss World pageant before 2002

Color key
  •   Declared as Winner
  •   Ended as runner-up
  •   Ended as one of the finalists or semifinalists
Year Miss World Australia Placement at Miss World
1955 Beverly Prowse Top 8 Semi-finalist
1957 June Finlayson
1958 Astrid Tanda Lindholm
1964 Maria Luyben
1965 Jan Rennison
1967 Judy Lockey
1968 Penelope Plummer Miss World 1968
1969 Stefane Meurer
1970 Valli Kemp Top 15 Semi-finalist
1971 Valerie Roberts Top 15 Semi-finalist
1972 Belinda Green Miss World 1972
1973 Virginia Radinas
1974 Gail Margaret Petith 3rd Runner-up
1975 Anne Davidson Top 15 Semi-finalist
1976 Karen Jo Pini 1st Runner-up
1977 Jaye-Leanne Hopewell Top 7 Finalist
1978 Denise Ellen Coward 2nd Runner-up
1979 Jodie Anne Day 3rd Runner-up
1980 Linda Leigh Shepherd
1981 Melissa Hannan Top 7 Finalist (Queen of Oceania)
1982 Catherine Anne Morris Top 15 Semi-finalist (Queen of Oceania)
1983 Tanya Bowe (Queen of Oceania)
1984 Lou-Anne Caroline Ronchi 2nd Runner-up (Queen of Oceania)
1985 Angelina Nasso
1986 Stephanie Eleanor Andrews
1987 Donna Thelma Rudrum
1988 Catherine Bushell Top 10 Semi-finalist (Queen of Oceania)
1989 Natalie McCurry Top 10 Semi-finalist (Queen of Oceania)
1990 Karina Brown
1991 Leanne Buckle 1st Runner-up (Queen of Asia-Oceania)
1992 Rebecca Simic
1993 Karen Ann Carwin
1994 Skye Edwards
1995 Melissa Porter Top 10 Semi-finalist
1996 Nicole Smith
1997 Laura Csortan Top 10 Semi-finalist
1998 Sarah Jane St.Clair
1999 Kathryn Hay
2000 Renee Henderson
2001 Eva Milic


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