The Miss Universe Albania (also known Miss Albania Organization) is a national Beauty pageant in Albania. The pageant was founded as Miss Albania in 2002, until rebranding as Miss Universe Albania in 2006.

Miss Albania Organization
Formation2006; 18 years ago (2006)
TypeBeauty pageant
Official language
Eduart Dedaj & Labinot G. Sashi


The beauty pageants in Albania are run by two different organizers: Vera Grabocka organized the Miss Albania competition in 1991, while Petri Bozo and his Deliart Association organize the Miss Shqiperia election. The finalists take part in the Miss Europe election, and since 2002 also for Miss World and Miss Universe.

Albanian women from Kosovo can also take part in the Miss Albania competition: Venera Mustafa became Miss Kosovo and Miss Albania in 1999. In the same year, she took part in the Miss Europe election for Albania. Agnesa Vuthaj was elected Miss Kosovo in 2003 and Miss Albania in 2004 and was a candidate for Miss World in 2004 and Miss Universe in 2005.

Miss Universe Albania was created in 2002 to determine the participants for the international Miss Universe competition.

Albania debuted at Miss Universe in 2002 with the Miss Albania organization as the official franchise holder. The organization held a national pageant yearly up to 2006. Beginning in 2007, the franchise license was given to the then-official photographer of Miss Universe, Fadil Berisha who happened to be from Albania. At this point, Fadil created the "Miss Universe Albania" organization and would hold occasional yearly national pageant or in some cases, designate a participant to represent Albania at Miss Universe. Fadil would continue to be the national director until 2013.

Since 2005, Enkeleid Omi and his agency Alba-Media have organized the competition for Miss Earth Albania (formerly Miss Shqiptarja), the winners of which take part in Miss Earth. Here too, Albanians from Kosovo have been able to stand for candidacy so far: The 2007 winner, Shpresa Vitia, comes from there

In 2014 Eduart Deda acquired the Miss Universe franchise license in Albania and in Kosovo in 2018. The company would hold yearly national pageants where two winners were crowned to compete at Miss Universe and Miss World until 2017.

National Directors

  • Vera Grabocka Flloko (2002–2005)
  • Fadil Berisha (2006–2011)
  • Eduart Dedaj & Labinot G. Sashi (2012–present)


Year Miss Universe Albania Municipality
2006 Eralda Hitaj[1] Tirana
2007 Sadina Alla[2] Tirana
2008 Matilda Mecini[3] Tirana
2009 Hasna Xhukiçi[4] Fier
2010 Angela Martini[5] Shkodër
2011 Xhesika Berberi Tirana
2012 Adrola Dushi[6] Lezhë
2013 Fioralba Dizdari Tirana
2014 Zhaneta Byberi[7] Tirana
2015 Megi Luka Fushë-Krujë
2016 Lindita Idrizi[8] Elbasan
2017 Blerta Leka[9] Tirana
2018 Trejsi Sejdini[10] Elbasan
2019 Cindy Marina[11] Shkodër
2020 Paula Mehmetukaj[12] Tirana
2021 Ina Dajci[13] Tirana
2022 Deta Kokomani[14] Durrës
2023 Endi Demneri Tirana
2024 Franceska Rustem Durrës

Titleholders under Miss Universe Albania

Miss Universe Albania

  •   : Ended as one of the finalists or semifinalists
  •   : Ended as special awards winner
The main winner of Miss Albania now called Miss Universe Albania represents Albania at Miss Universe pageant. If the main winner cannot fulfill the winners's duties, the runner-up will take over.
Year Hometown Titleholder Age[a] Placement Special awards Notes
2024 Durrës Franceska Rustem[15] 19 TBA
2023 Tirana Endi Demneri[16] 25 Unplaced
2022 Durrës Deta Kokomani[14] 22 Unplaced
2021 Tirana Ina Dajci[17] 27 Unplaced
2020 Tirana Paula Mehmetukaj[12] 23 Unplaced
2019 Shkodër Cindy Marina[11] 21 Top 20 Marina is an Albanian American from Temecula, California. Shkodër is her ancestral home.
2018 Elbasan Trejsi Sejdini[10] 18 Unplaced
2017 Tirana Blerta Leka[9] 19 Unplaced
2016 Elbasan Lindita Idrizi[8] 20 Unplaced
  • Miss Photogenic
2015 Fushë-Krujë Megi Luka 19 Unplaced
2014 Tirana Zhaneta Byberi[7] 19 Unplaced
2013 Tirana Fioralba Dizdari[18] 19 Did not compete Bakiu did not compete at Miss Universe 2013 due to being underage and was replaced by Dizdari. But Dizdari did not compete in Miss Universe 2013 after Albania decided to withdraw from the competition, due to the host country, Russia, not allowing Kosovo to compete in the competition.[18]
Kolonjë Kristina Bakiu 18
2012 Lezhë Adrola Dushi[6] 19 Unplaced
2011 Tirana Xhesika Berberi 20 Unplaced
2010 Shkodër Angela Martini[5] 24 Top 10
2009 Fier Hasna Xhukiçi[4] 21 Top 15
2008 Tirana Matilda Mecini[3] 19 Unplaced
  • Best National Costume (Top 10)
2007 Tirana Sadina Alla[2] 18 Unplaced
2006 Tirana Eralda Hitaj[1] 19 Unplaced
2005 Istog Agnesa Vuthaj[19] 19 Unplaced Vuthaj is a Kosovan Albanian, whose hometown is in Kosovo, not Albania.
2004 Did not compete
2003 Peshkopi Denisa Kola 20 Unplaced
2002 Tirana Anisa Kospiri[20] 19 Top 10

Miss World Albania

The Miss Universe Albania took over the Miss World license began in 2012. The Miss World Albania has often been selected by designation process. Sometimes, a runner-up or another candidate from Miss Universe Albania will go to Miss World pageant.
Year Titleholder Age[a] Hometown Placement Special awards Notes
2025 Elona Ndrecaj 22 Krujë TBA
2024 No competition held
2023 Elona Ndrecaj[21] 22 Krujë Did not compete Miss World Albania 2022, Angela Tanuzi did not compete at Miss World. Elona Ndrecaj replaced her as the new Miss World Albania 2023. But Ndrecaj withdrew after that and she allocated to Miss World 2025.
Angela Tanuzi 20 Krujë
2022 Miss World 2021 was rescheduled to 16 March 2022 due to the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak in Puerto Rico, no edition started in 2022
2021 Amela Agastra[22] 18 Tirana Unplaced Miss World Albania 2021, Joanna Kiose did not compete at Miss World. Amela Agastra replaced her as the new Miss World Albania 2021.
Joanna Kiose 24 Berat Did not compete
2020 Due to the impact of COVID-19 pandemic, no competition held
2019 Atalanta Kërçyku 20 Tirana Unplaced
2018 Nikita Preka 22 Lezhë Unplaced
2017 Joana Grabolli[23] 20 Fier Unplaced
2016 Ëndrra Kovaçi[24] 21 Tirana Unplaced
2015 Kristina Bakiu[25] 20 Kolonjë Unplaced Kristina Bakiu was designated as Miss World Albania 2015 by the local franchisor as a replacement for Daniela Pajaziti.[25] She won Miss Universe Albania 2013 but she was unable to compete at Miss Universe 2013 in Russia.
Daniela Pajaziti 18 Durrës Did not compete
2014 Xhensila Pere 25 Korçë Unplaced
2013 Ersela Kurti 22 Tirana Unplaced Ersela Kurti won Miss World Albania in 2012. She allocated to Miss World 2013 in Indonesia.

Miss Grand Albania

Began in 2022 Miss Universe Albania took the Miss Grand International franchise.
Year Titleholder Age[a] Municipality Placement Special awards Notes
2023 Angela Tanuzi[26] 20 Krujë Unplaced Angela Tanuzi was designated as Miss Grand Albania 2023 by the local franchisor. She won Miss World Albania 2022 but she was replaced by a new Miss World Albania.

Past titles under Miss Universe Albania

Miss Earth Albania

Began in 2021 Miss Universe Albania took the Miss Earth franchise and the third winner or 2nd Runner-up will be representing Albania at Miss Earth. Began 2023 the license of Miss Earth had moved on Miss Shqiperia.
Year Titleholder Age[a] Municipality Placement Special awards Notes
2022 Rigelsa Cybi[27] 25 Tirana Unplaced
2021 Ornella Karruku 23 Tirana Did not compete


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