Miss Susan Gay's Falmouth chronology

A chronology of the town of Falmouth was described by Miss Susan E. Gay in Old Falmouth (1903), pages 230–238.

Falmouth Church of St. Charles, view from Events Square

Before the eighteenth century edit

Eighteenth century edit

Nineteenth century edit

1801–1810 edit

1811–1820 edit

1821–1830 edit

1831–1840 edit

1841–1850 edit

1851–1860 edit

1861–1870 edit

1871–1880 edit

1881–1890 edit

1891–1900 edit

Twentieth century edit

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References edit

  1. ^ Miss Gay probably means James Hamilton (1606–1649), 1st Duke of Hamilton
  2. ^ This would have been the 18th Baron Clinton.
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  4. ^ E.I.C.= East India Company
  5. ^ Falmouth Packet and Cornish Herald = a newspaper
  6. ^ The Poor Law Unions were bodies representing a group of Parishes, set up to run a "Union Workhouse" to deal with the poor of those parishes. Budock Hospital (recently closed: 2007) was formerly the Union Workhouse.
  7. ^ HMS Astraea was a 36-gun fifth rater launched in 1810, on harbour service from 1823 and broken up in 1851.
  8. ^ The mine, opened in 1852, was a lead mine. Subsequently, the works was used for processing arsenic. Archived 30 August 2011 at the Wayback Machine
  9. ^ The Falmouth Packet newspaper, started 1855, is still in publication (2008).
  10. ^ The National Maritime Museum Cornwall opened a permanent display on the effects of the telegraph on Falmouth: "Falmouth for orders" in 2008.
  11. ^ So named in memory of action of the Portuguese ship Maria Camilla, which rescued 17 British seamen from a foundering ship. see The Times 13 March 1862; pg. 5; col B
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  15. ^ 1873 Quaker Meeting House in Gyllyng lane, now sold and divided into apartments.
  16. ^ After a period of inoccupancy, the Drill Hall was sold in November 2007, for conversion to a cinema, according to The West Briton, 22 November 2007.
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