Misasagi Station

Misasagi Station (御陵駅, Misasagi-eki) is a train station in Yamashina-ku ward, city of Kyoto, Kyoto Prefecture, Japan.

Misasagi Station

Misasagi Station entrance, June 2009
LocationMisasagi-Haranishicho, Yamashina, Kyoto, Kyoto
Coordinates34°59′46.04″N 135°48′5.84″E / 34.9961222°N 135.8016222°E / 34.9961222; 135.8016222Coordinates: 34°59′46.04″N 135°48′5.84″E / 34.9961222°N 135.8016222°E / 34.9961222; 135.8016222
Operated by
Platforms2 island platforms (1 on each level)
Tracks4 (2 on each level)
Other information
Station codeT08
  • 16,054 daily (Subway, FY2016)[1]
  • 6,197 daily (Keihan, FY2015)[2]



Platforms 1 and 2 of the station

The station is a cross-platform interchange between the Tōzai Line and the Keihan Keishin Line, with two tracks and one island platform on both the second and third basement levels. The westbound platform (which is used for trains to Uzumasa Tenjingawa) is stacked above the eastbound platform (which is used for trains to Rokujizō and Hamaōtsu).[3]

2nd basement
1  Kyoto Subway Tōzai Line from Rokujizō for Kyōto Shiyakusho-mae, Karasuma Oike and Uzumasa Tenjingawa
2  Kyoto Subway Tōzai Line from Hamaōtsu for Kyōto Shiyakusho-mae, Karasuma Oike and Uzumasa Tenjingawa
3rd basement
3  Kyoto Subway Tōzai Line for Yamashina and Rokujizō
4  Keihan Railway Keishin Line for Shinomiya and Hamaōtsu


The station originally opened on 15 August 1912 as an at-grade railway station on the Keihan Keishin Line. On 12 October 1997, the at-grade station was replaced with an underground station when the first phase of the Tōzai Line opened.

Adjacent stationsEdit

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