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Miroč[1][2] (Serbian Cyrillic: Мироч) is a mountain in eastern Serbia, between the towns of Donji Milanovac and Tekija. Its highest peak Štrbac has an elevation of 768 meters (2,520 ft) above sea level. Along with Liškovac, it is part of the Iron Gate gorge of the Danube river. It is located in the Đerdap national park.

Miroč is located in Serbia
Location in Serbia
Highest point
Elevation768 m (2,520 ft) [1]
Coordinates44°35′31″N 22°16′45″E / 44.59194°N 22.27917°E / 44.59194; 22.27917Coordinates: 44°35′31″N 22°16′45″E / 44.59194°N 22.27917°E / 44.59194; 22.27917
LocationEastern Serbia
Parent rangeSerbian Carpathians

In Serbian folklore, it is considered a mystical mountain with magic herbs to heal all wounds of haiduks, and the specific above of Vila Ravijojla (cf. the article on Vilas), the blood sister of Prince Marko.[3] According to legend, after the Battle of Rovine (in which historical Marko Kraljević was killed), heavily wounded Marko swam across the Danube on his horse Šarac and reached the Koroglaš locality. Vila Ravijojla collected medicinal herbs from the Miroč mountain and treated his wounds. Koroglaš Monastery was built on the location in the 14th century.[4]

The mountain is known for its quality honey. Surrounding area is rich in animal life, especially deer and wild boar, and there are protected hunting, like Vratna and Ploče.[4]


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