Mirna (Adriatic Sea)

The Mirna (Italian: Quieto) is a river in Istria, Croatia. In ancient times it was called the Aquilis. It is Istria's longest and richest river, being 53 km (33 mi) long and having a basin covering an area of 458 km2 (177 sq mi).[1] It rises near Buzet, passes along Motovun and empties into the Adriatic Sea near Novigrad.[2]

Mirna river Croatia.jpg
The Mirna River in Istria, Croatia
Physical characteristics
 • location
Adriatic Sea
 • coordinates
45°18′59″N 13°35′41″E / 45.3164°N 13.5948°E / 45.3164; 13.5948Coordinates: 45°18′59″N 13°35′41″E / 45.3164°N 13.5948°E / 45.3164; 13.5948
Length53 km (33 mi)[1]
Basin size458 km2 (177 sq mi)[1]
Another Image of the Mirna River


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