Mirigama (also spelled Meerigama) (Sinhala: මීරිගම; Tamil: மீரிகம) is a town in Gampaha District, Sri Lanka. It is located 57 km (35 mi) from Colombo, 46 km (29 mi) from Kurunegala and 34 km (21 mi) from Negombo.

Mirigama is located in Sri Lanka
Location of Mirigama
Coordinates: 7°14′29″N 80°7′57″E / 7.24139°N 80.13250°E / 7.24139; 80.13250
CountrySri Lanka
ProvinceWestern Province, Sri Lanka
districtGampaha District, sri lanka

Mirigama is the hometown of Sri Lanka's first Prime Minister, D. S. Senanayake[1] and former speaker of the Parliament of Sri Lanka Karu Jayasuriya.[2]


Mirigama is a derivation of mihiri-gama which means sweet place. According to local mythology King Walagamba had heard his win against a local ruler when he was in the area, so he named the village, Mirigama, as that's where he heard the (apparently sweet) good news.[citation needed]


Mirigama is an economic hub in the region and is a popular shopping centre. It also has a large number of businesses and public institutions, which results in a large population and a large number of people commuting to and from the city on a daily basis.


The majority of people in the town are Sinhalese , with a Muslim, Tamil and Malay minorities. Buddhism is the main religion with small minorities of Roman Catholics and Muslims.


mirigama grama niladhari division
Total Population 620
Sinhalese 611
Sri Lankan Tamil 3
Indian Tamil 0
Moor 6
Burgher 0
Malay 0
Chetty 0
Bharatha 0
Other 0
walawwaththa grama niladhari division
Total Population 1202
Sinhalese 1187
Sri Lankan Tamil 9
Indian Tamil 0
Moor 0
Burgher 1
Malay 0
Chetty 0
Bharatha 5
Other 0
mugurugampola grama niladari division
Total Population 1680
Sinhalese 1679
Sri Lankan Tamil 0
Indian Tamil 1
Moor 0
Burgher 0
Malay 0
Chetty 0
Bharatha 0
Other 0
wilwaththa grama niladhari division
Total Population 1354
Sinhalese 1341
Sri Lankan Tamil 8
Indian Tamil 0
Moor 0
Burgher 0
Malay 1
Chetty 0
Bharatha 0
Other 4


otal Population 620
Buddhist 611
Hindu 1
Islam 6
Roman Catholic 2
Other Christian 0
Other 0
Total Population 1202
Buddhist 1182
Hindu 10
Islam 0
Roman Catholic 10
Other Christian 0
Other 0
Total Population 1680
Buddhist 1670
Hindu 1
Islam 0
Roman Catholic 9
Other Christian 0
Other 0
Total Population 1354
Buddhist 1289
Hindu 10
Islam 0
Roman Catholic 54
Other Christian 1
Other 0


The town situated in a undulating plain with surrounding hills.[citation needed]


The town is located on the AB29, which connects the A1 Colombo - Kandy road with the B322 Ja-Ela - Kurunegala road. The B324 (Mirigama - Negombo road) is one of the main roads that originate from the town. Mirigama - Kotadeniyawa road and Mirigama - Nalla road are another roads linked to Mirigama. Mirigama is connected to Warakapola in Kegalle district. Mirigama - Danowita and Mirigama - Weweldeniya roads are connected road of Colombo to Kandy. The city center is 32 km (20 mi) (approximately one hour) from the Bandaranaike International Airport. Mirigama Railway Station is a major railway station on the Main Line and has frequent rail connections to Colombo, Badulla, Hatton, Kandy, Maho, Polgahawela and Rambukkana among others. A regular train trip from Mirigama to Colombo takes approximately 1 hour 20 mins. An express train ride from Mirigama to Colombo roughly takes about 1 hour. The proposed electric rail system is expected to cut this time down to 25 mins. bus services connect the town to several other towns. destinations are negombo, giriulla, divulapitiya and warakapola.

The Central Expressway (under construction as of June 2018) includes two interchanges serving Mirigama: Mirigama North and Mirigama South.[4]


  • SLAF Mirigama
  • The Mirigama Super Race Track (commonly known as the Kanway Autodrome) - national-level race track, 1.4 km (0.87 mi) in length.[5]
  • Sri Lanka Army Base, Ambepussa[6]


  • D.S.Senanayake Central College Mirigama( national school) ,www.facebook.com/DsSenanayakaCollegeMirigama. ,https://www.facebook.com/groups/mirigamaDS/
  • Bandaranayake Maha Vidyalaya
  • Bothale Kanishta Vidyalaya
  • Dudley Senanayake Adarsha Maha Vidyalaya
  • Henepola Kanishta Vidyalaya
  • Kaleliya Maha Vidyalaya
  • Kandangamuwa Maha Vidyalaya ( national school)
  • Keenadeniya Maha Vidyalaya
  • Pallewela Maha Vidyalaya
  • Sri Vimalawansha Kanishta Vidyalaya
  • aligarh maha vidyalaya , kal eliya
  • thilinagama kanishta vidyalaya
  • kandangamuwa primary school

Religious placesEdit

  • Shashanawardana piriven viharasthanaya
  • Sri ambarukkarama viharasthanaya (Buddhist temple)
  • St. Patrick's church (Catholic church)


Mirigama has been identified as one of the major industrialised towns in Sri Lanka from as far as the 1980s. This is primarily due to its location in a slightly hilly countryside, the presence of a Board Of Investment and an Industrial Zone and its proximity to the Bandaranayake International Airport. The factories as of January 2019 are;

  • Cargills - Magic Ice Cream Factory
  • Damro - Innovex Machinery Factory
  • Damro - Furniture Factory
  • Damro - Daxer Polymer Factory
  • Brandix - Textile Manufacturing Facility
  • Courtaulds - Textile Manufacturing Facility
  • SilverMill - International Exporter in Organic Products
  • Tamasha - International Exporter in Organic Sauces
  • Aussie Oats Milling[7] - International Food Processing Company
  • Lalan Rubbers - Rubber Processing Plant
  • Ceylon Shell Flour - Flour Processing Plant
  • Amtrad - International Concrete Exporter
  • DR Exports - Furniture Manufacturer
  • Etna Rubber Exports - Rubber Exporter

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