Minye Kyawhtin

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Minye Kyawhtin (Burmese: မင်းရဲကျော်ထင်, pronounced [mɪ́ɰ̃jɛ́ tɕɔ̀dɪ̀ɰ̃]; also transliterated as Minyekyawdin 1651–1698) was king of Toungoo dynasty of Burma (Myanmar) from 1673 to 1698. Minye Kyawhtin, governor of Pindale, was elected by the ministers of the court over several elder princes as king after his step-brother King Narawara's sudden death in 1673. The group of nobles that had supported the king gained power and purged other groups of the nobles and royalties. The power of the kingdom gradually declined during his quarter-century rule.[5] Burma was attacked by Siam during his reign.[6]:278

Minye Kyawhtin
King of Burma
Reign27 February 1673 – 4 May 1698
Bornc. April 1651
(Tuesday born)[1]
Died4 May 1698 (aged 47)
Sunday, 11th waning of Kason 1060 ME[1]
Ava (Inwa)
Burial5 May 1698
ConsortAtula Thiri[2]
Sanda Dewi[3]
Yaza Dewi[1]
IssueSanay Min
Full name
Thiri Pawara Ti-Bawana Thiha Thura Agga Panita Maha Dhamma Yaza[1]
FatherNe Myo Ye Kyaw of Pindale[4]
MotherKhin Ma Min Sit[4]
ReligionTheravada Buddhism

It was in his reign that Zatadawbon Yazawin, formerly a simple constantly updated list of regnal dates of all Burmese dynasties, was made into a full chronicle.[7]

Early lifeEdit

The future king was born to Ne Myo Ye Kyaw, a minor prince, and his half-sister Khin Ma Min Sit c. April 1651.[note 1] Both of his parents were children of King Thalun by different minor queens,[8] and the two siblings were married in Waso 1010 ME (10 June 1649 to 9 July 1649).[4] Minye Kyawhtin was given Yamethin, a key city in central Burma, in fief by his grandfather king. He was given the title "Minye Kyawhtin" on 1 May 1672 (5th waxing of Kason 1034 ME) by his step-brother King Narawara at his coronation ceremony.[9]

Minye Kyawhtin was elected to be king about 11 months later when King Narawara suddenly died without leaving an heir. The court, led by minister Sithu Nawrahta, decided on Minye Kyawhtin over several elder and more senior princes, some of whom were sons of King Pye, thinking that they could control him. The court and the young king killed off two elder princes who refused to take the oath of loyalty, and fought off assassination attempts by King Pye's sons, who were Minye Kyawhtin's uncles.[10]


  1. ^ Based on Hmannan's reporting (Hmannan Vol. 3 2003: 321), the king was born on a Tuesday between 7 March 1651 and 9 May 1651. (Hmannan Vol. 3 2003: 321): Minye Kyawhtin came to power at age 21 (his 22nd year), and died at age 47 (48th year). Since he came to power on 12th waxing of Tabaung 1034 ME (27 February 1673), and he died on 11th waning of Kason 1060 ME (4 May 1698), he must have been born some time between 13th waxing of Tabaung 1012 ME (4 March 1651) and 10th waning of Kason 1013 ME (14 May 1651). Because Hmannan also says he was born on a Tuesday, he was born between 7 March (the first Tuesday in the range) and 9 May of 1651 (the last Tuesday).


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Minye Kyawhtin
Born: c. April 1651 Died: 4 May 1698
Regnal titles
Preceded by
King of Burma
27 February 1673 – 4 May 1698
Succeeded by
Preceded by
Governor of Yamethin
1660s – 1673
Succeeded by