Minority Floor Leader of the House of Representatives of the Philippines

The Minority Floor Leader of the House of Representatives of the Philippines, or simply the House Minority Floor Leader, is the leader elected by the minority bloc of the House of Representatives of the Philippines that serves as their official leader in the body. He also manages the business of the minority party in the Senate. He is expected to be vigilant in the defense of the minority's rights. It is his function and duty to criticize constructively the policies and programs of the majority, and to this end employ parliamentary tactics and give close attention to all proposed legislation.

Minority Floor Leader of the House of Representatives of the Philippines
Benny Abante

since July 22, 2019
StyleThe Honorable
AppointerAffirmed by the House of Representatives
Inaugural holderVicente Singson Encarnacion
WebsiteHouse of Representatives of the Philippines

Traditionally, the defeated contender in the speakership election becomes the minority leader, but the rules were amended for the 17th Congress and now the minority bloc elects their minority leader among themselves.

List of Minority Floor LeadersEdit

# Name Party District Legislature Term of office Era
1 Eugenio P. Pérez NP Pangasinan–2nd First 1945 Commonwealth
2 Cipriano P. Primicias, Sr. Pangasinan–4th Second 1946–1949 Third Republic
3 Jose Laurel, Jr. Batangas–3rd Second 1950–1953
(1) Eugenio Perez LP Pangasinan–2nd Third 1954–1957
4 Cornelio Villareal Capiz–2nd Fourth 1958–1961
Fifth 1962–1962
5 Daniel Romualdez NP Leyte–4th 1962–1965
(3) Jose Laurel, Jr.
(2nd time)
Batangas–3rd Sith 1966–1969
6 Justiniano Montano Liberal Cavite Seventh 1970–1972
7 Ramon Mitra, Jr. Palawan
8 Ramon Felipe, Jr. Camarines Sur–1st
9 Hilario Davide, Jr. Pusyon Bisaya Region VII Interim 1978–1984 Fourth Republic
(3) Jose Laurel, Jr.
(3rd time)
UNIDO Batangas Regular 1984–1986
10 Rodolfo Albano NP Isabela–1st Eighth 1987–1989 Fifth Republic
11 Mohammed Ali Dimaporo KBL Lanao del Sur–2nd 1989–1990
12 Salvador Escudero Nacionalista Sorsogon–1st 1990–1991
13 Victor Ortega La Union–1st 1991–1992
14 Hernando Perez LDP Batangas–2nd Ninth 1992–1995
15 Ronaldo Zamora NPC San Juan/Mandaluyong Tenth 1992–1995
16 Feliciano Belmonte, Jr. Lakas Quezon City–3rd Eleventh 1998–2001
17 Arnulfo Fuentebella NPC Camarines Sur–3rd 2001
18 Carlos M. Padilla LDP Nueva Vizcaya Twelfth 2001–2004
19 Francis Escudero NPC Sorsogon–1st Thirteenth 2004–2007
(15) Ronaldo Zamora
(2nd time)
San Juan Fourteenth 2007–2010
20 Edcel Lagman Lakas-Kampi Albay–1st Fifteenth 2010–2012
21 Danilo Suarez Quezon–3rd 2012–2013
(15) Ronaldo Zamora
(3rd time)
Nacionalista/Magdiwang San Juan Sixteenth 2013–2016
(21) Danilo Suarez
(2nd time)
Lakas Quezon–3rd Seventeenth 2016–2019
22 Bienvinido M. Abante Jr.
Asenso Manileño Manila–6th Eigteenth 2019–present

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