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National Junior Hockey League

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The National Junior Hockey League (NMHL) (formerly Junior Hockey League Division B) is the second level of the Junior Hockey League, junior ice hockey league. The B division was established in 2011 and the inaugural season is the 2011–12 season. A promotion and relegation system is in place between the MHL and MHL-B, where the bottom 2 teams at the end of the season of MHL are relegated to MHL-B and 2 best MHL-B teams are promoted to MHL.

National Junior Hockey League
Junior Hockey League (Russia).svg
Sport ice hockey
Founded 2011
Inaugural season 2011–12
Director Dmitry Yefimov
Motto Лига сильных (Liga silnykh, The League of the strong)
No. of teams 31
Country  Russia (28 teams)
 Lithuania (1 team)
 Moldova (1 team)
 Belarus (1 team)
Most recent
HC Rossosh (1st title)
Most titles HC Rossosh, Berkuty Kubani, Junior Kurgan, Molot Perm (1)
Promotion to MHL-A (2 finalists)
Official website

The Regions Cup is awarded to the champion of the playoffs of the league.[1]


Generation CupEdit

The logo of Generation Cup

The Generation Cup (Russian: Кубок Поколения, Kubok Pokoleniya) is the all-star game of MHL-B and analog to the MHL's Challenge Cup. The first ever Generation Cup will take place on 23 February 2012 in Penza and will feature Team East against Team West.

Future CupEdit

The Future Cup (Russian: Кубок Будущего, Kubok Budushchego) is an exhibition game featuring under-18 players of MHL and MHL-B. The first ever Future Cup will take place on 13 March 2012 in Chelyabinsk and will feature players not born before 1 January 1994.

2012 expansionEdit

Seven new teams were confirmed for the 2012–13 season: MHC Dmitrov, Zauralie Kurgan, HC Ryazan, Buran Voronezh, HC Belgorod, Sputnik Nizhny Tagil and Platina Chișinău from Moldova.[2][3]

Teams in 2014–15Edit

Minor Hockey League - B
Eastern Conference
Team City Arena Affiliate Team Founded
Altayskie Berkuty Barnaul   Barnaul Titov Sports Palace Barnaul Altai Barnaul (RUS3) 2011
Angarsky Yermak   Angarsk Yermak Ice Stadium Yermak Angarsk (VHL) 2011
HC Batyr Neftekamsk   Neftekamsk Indoor Ice Rink Toros Neftekamsk (VHL) 2011
Dizelist Penza   Penza Temp sports ice palace Dizel Penza (VHL) 2011
HC Gornyak Uchaly   Uchaly Ice Arena Gornyak Uchaly None 2013
Kometa Samara   Samara CSK VVS Samara (VHL) 2014
Kristall-Yunior Saratov   Saratov HC Neftekhimik Nizhnekamsk (KHL) 2011
Krasnoyarskie Rysi   Krasnoyarsk Fakel Ice Palace Sokol Krasnoyarsk (VHL) 2011
Mechel Chelyabinsk   Chelyabinsk Mechel Ice Palace Traktor Chelyabinsk (KHL) 1949
Molot Perm   Perm Molot-Prikamye Perm (VHL) 2011
Progress Glazov   Glazov Progress Sports Palace HC Izhstal (VHL) 1954
Sputnik Almetievsk   Almetyevsk None 2011
Yunior-Sputnik Nizhny Tagil   Nizhny Tagil Sputnik Nizhny Tagil (VHL) 2012
Yuzhny Ural-Metallurg Orsk   Orsk Yuzhny Ural Orsk (VHL) 2014
Western Conference
Team City Arena Affiliate Team Founded
HC Belgorod   Belgorod Oranzevjy led None 1994
HC Bryansk   Bryansk Desna Stadium None 1957
Dinamo-Raubichi   Minsk Raubichi Ice Rink None 2013
Draguny Mozhaysk   Mozhaysk Ice Palace Bagration Mozhaysk None
Loko-Yunior Yaroslavl   Yaroslavl Lokomotiv Sports Complex Lokomotiv Yaroslavl (KHL)
Loko Yaroslavl (MHL)
MHC Dmitrov   Dmitrov Dmitrov Sports Palace None 2012
MHC Klin Sportivny   Klin Valeri Kharlamov Klin Ice Palace Titan Klin (VHL) 2011
Kristall Elektrostal   Elektrostal Ice Palace Kristall None 1949
Molniya Ryazan   Ryazan HC Ryazan (VHL) 2012
Platina Chișinău   Chișinău None 2010
HC Rossosh   Rossosh Buran Voronezh (VHL) 2012
Raketa Sarov   Sarov HC Sarov (VHL) 2012
SKA-Varyagi Vsevolozhski   Vsevolozhsk None 2014
Tverichi Tver   Tver THK Tver (VHL) 2012
HC Yelets   Lipetsk None 2013
HC Žalgiris   Vilnius Elektrėnai Ice Palace None 2014
MHK Zelenograd   Zelenograd Ice Arena Zelenogradsky JHC Spartak (MHL) 2011


Season Champion Finalist Series Eastern leader Central leader Western leader
2011–12 Oktan Perm Kristall Berdsk 3-1 Kristall Berdsk (30-2-0) Oktan Perm (31-5-0) MHK Zelenograd (25-10-1)
Season Champion Finalist Series Northwest leader Volga leader Ural-Siberia leader
2012–13 Junior Kurgan Batyr 3-1 HK Liepājas Metalurgs (32-6-2) Irbis Kazan (33-8-3) Junior Kurgan (36-7-0)
Season Champion Finalist Series Eastern leader Western leader
2013–14 Berkuty Kubani Krasnodar Loco-Junior Yaroslavl 3-1 Mechel Chelyabinsk (32-5-1) Berkuty Kubani Krasnodar (31-5-2)
2014–15 Rossosh Voronezh Gornyak Uchaly 3-2 Gornyak Uchaly (44-6-2) Rossosh Voronezh (51-9-4)
2015–16 Gornyak Uchaly Rossosh Voronezh 3-0 Gornyak Uchaly (28-10-2) Rossosh Voronezh (34-6-4)


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