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The Ministry of the Interior of Peru is charged with administrating the interior government of Peru as well managing National Police of Peru. The present minister is Mauro Medina.

Ministry of the Interior of Peru
Ministerio del Interior de Peru
Gran Sello de la República del Perú.svg
Seal of Peru
Agency overview
FormedApril 30, 1873; 146 years ago (1873-04-30)
JurisdictionGovernment of Peru
Agency executive


  • To plan, formulate, direct, control, and evaluate the policy of the sector
  • To direct, conduct, coordinate, and supervise the actions of the interior government and immigration and naturalization as well as to control security services, weapons, munitions, and civil-use explosives
  • To maintain and establish internal order and public order
  • To prevent and combat delinquency, and to investigate crimes
  • To ensure the vigilance and integrity of the nation's borders as well as to protect and maintain custody over public and private heritage
  • To realize intelligence activities within the scope that the law entails
  • Other functions that the law entails


To be a competent sector and to maintain levels of high productivity, to guarantee the populace freedom to exercise their fundamental rights and liberties, to protect democratic internal order, public order and the safety of the citizen, promoting the values of democracy, of culture, peace, and human rights.

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