Ministry of the Interior (Czech Republic)

The Ministry of the Interior of the Czech Republic (Czech: Ministerstvo vnitra České republiky) is a government ministry tasked with responsibilities in public and internal security, citizenship, identity cards and social security numbers, as well as travel, border, immigration control and civil service among others. The ministry has under its jurisdiction police, Office for Foreign Relations and Information (ÚZSI), fire department and Czech Post.

Ministry of the Interior
Czech Republic
Ministerstvo vnitra České republiky
Agency overview
HeadquartersNad Štolou 3, 170 34, Prague 7
Agency executive
Headquarters of the Ministry of the Interior in Prague.

The current Minister of the Interior is Jan Hamáček, in office since 27 June 2018.


  • internal security
  • citizenship, identity cards, social security numbers
  • public archives and collections
  • firearms regulation
  • fire services
  • travel, border, immigration control

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