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Ministry of the Interior (Croatia)

The Ministry of the Interior of the Republic of Croatia (Croatian: Ministarstvo unutarnjih poslova Republike Hrvatske or MUP RH) is the ministry in the Government of Croatia which is in charge of state security among other roles. Croatian Police is a public service of the Ministry of the Interior.

Ministry of the Interior of the
Republic of Croatia
Ministarstvo unutarnjih poslova
Republike Hrvatske
MUP RH.svg
Agency overview
JurisdictionGovernment of Croatia
HeadquartersUlica grada Vukovara 33, Zagreb
45°47′59″N 15°57′50″E / 45.7998525°N 15.9638857°E / 45.7998525; 15.9638857Coordinates: 45°47′59″N 15°57′50″E / 45.7998525°N 15.9638857°E / 45.7998525; 15.9638857
Employees25,641 (2015)[1]
Annual budgetIncrease[2] HRK 4.818 billion (2015)[3]
Minister responsible

List of ministersEdit

Minister Party Term start Term end Days
in office
Josip Boljkovac HDZ 30 May 1990 2 July 1991 398
Onesin Cvitan HDZ 2 July 1991 17 July 1991 15
Ivan Vekić HDZ 17 July 1991 15 April 1992 273
Ivan Jarnjak HDZ 15 April 1992 16 December 1996 1,706
Ivan Penić HDZ 16 December 1996 27 January 2000 1,137
Šime Lučin SDP 27 January 2000 23 December 2003 1,426
Marijan Mlinarić HDZ 23 December 2003 17 February 2005 422
Ivica Kirin HDZ 17 February 2005 12 January 2008 1,059
Berislav Rončević HDZ 12 January 2008 10 October 2008 272
Tomislav Karamarko Ind. [nb 1] 10 October 2008 23 December 2011 1,169
Ranko Ostojić SDP 23 December 2011 22 January 2016 1,491
Vlaho Orepić MOST 22 January 2016 27 April 2017 462
Davor Božinović HDZ 9 June 2017 Incumbent 917


The Ministry of the Interior deals with administrative and other tasks related to the following:[4]

  • policing and criminal police activities that involve protection of life and personal security of people and property and the prevention and detection of crime;
  • tracing and capturing of perpetrators of criminal offences and their bringing before the competent authorities;
  • maintaining of public order and the protection of particular persons, citizens, facilities and premises;
  • conducting of technical crime investigations and expert analysis;
  • road traffic safety;
  • state border protection;
  • movement and stay of aliens and their admission;
  • travel documents for crossing the state border;
  • safeguarding at public gatherings;
  • nationality affairs;
  • issuing of identity cards and the registration of residence and sojourn;
  • issuing of driving licences and the registration of motor vehicles;
  • procurement, keeping and carrying of weapons and ammunition;
  • explosive devices and substances;
  • protection of the constitutional order;
  • special police force tasks and the supervision over security agencies.

The Ministry is also responsible for the following: keeping the records and statistics concerning the internal affairs, the internal affairs information system and the education and training of the Ministry’s officers.


Ministry headquarters in Zagreb
  • Minister's Cabinet (Kabinet ministra)
  • General Police Directorate (Ravnateljstvo policije)
  • Material and Financial Affairs Directorate (Uprava za materijalno financijske poslove)
  • Directorate for Development, Equipment and Support (Uprava za razvoj, opremanje i potporu)
  • Legal Affairs and Human Resources Directorate (Uprava za pravne poslove i ljudske potencijale)
  • Administrative and Inspection Affairs Directorate (Uprava za upravne i inspekcijske poslove)
  • European Integration and International Affairs Directorate (Uprava za europske integracije i međunarodne odnose)
  • Special Security Affairs Directorate (Uprava za posebne poslove sigurnosti)

General Police DirectorateEdit

The General Police Directorate is in charge of the national police. There are twenty geographical commands,[5] and the national body is organised as follows:[6]

Police Directorate
  • Public Order Department
  • Command of Intervention Police
  • Department for Road Traffic Safety
  • Bomb Disposal Department
Criminal Police Directorate
  • General Crime Department
  • Anti-terrorism and War Crime Department
  • Organised Crime Department
  • Economic Crime and Corruption Department
  • Drugs Department
  • Special Criminal Investigations Department
  • Criminal Intelligence Analysis Department
  • Protection Unit
  • International Police Co-operation Department
Border Police Directorate
  • Neighbouring Countries Department
  • State Border Protection Department
  • Maritime and Airport Police Department
  • Illegal Migration Department
  • Centre for Training of Dog Handlers and Dog Dressure
  • Reception Centre for Foreigners
  • Mobile Unit for Static Border Control

The following units exists at the same level:

  • Operational Police Communication Centre
  • Forensic Centre
  • Police Academy


nb 1. ^ Karamarko was appointed in the HDZ-dominated Sanader cabinet as a non-party minister. In 2009 he continued to serve in the Kosor cabinet and formally joined HDZ in September 2011.[7]


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