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Ministry of Social and Family Development

The Ministry of Social and Family Development (Abbreviation: MSF; Malay: Kementerian Pembangunan Sosial dan Keluarga; Chinese: 社会及家庭发展部) is a ministry of the Government of Singapore focusing on nurturing resilient individuals, strong families and a caring society in Singapore.

Ministry of Social and Family Development, Singapore
MSF(SG) logo.jpg
Logo of MSF
Agency overview
Formed 1 November 2012
Preceding agency
Jurisdiction Government of Singapore
Headquarters MSF Building, 512 Thomson Road, Singapore 298136
Ministers responsible
Agency executives
  • Chan Heng Kee, Permanent Secretary
  • Lee Tung Jean, Deputy Secretary
Child agency

MSF was formed on 1 November 2012, after it was announced on 31 July 2012 that the Ministry of Community Development, Youth and Sports would be restructured. Several portfolios, including youth and sports development, charity governance and REACH, the Government's feedback unit, were taken over by two other new Ministries - Ministry of Culture, Community and Youth and Ministry of Communications and Information.[2]

Priorities and goalsEdit

One of MSF's immediate priorities was to re-examine public policies to help get Singaporeans to marry and have their first child earlier. In addition, MSF would work on strengthening the social safety net to better help those in need, especially those who are at risk.[3]


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