Ministry of Social Development (Uruguay)

The Ministry of Social Development of Uruguay (MIDES) is the ministry of the Government of Uruguay that is responsible for proposing, generating and activating national social policies.[1] It is headquartered in the 18 de Julio Avenue in Barrio Cordón, Montevideo. The current Minister of Social Development is Martín Lema, who has held the position since May 3, 2021, after Pablo Bartol was removed from office by the President.[2]

Ministry of Social Development
Ministerio de Desarrollo Social
Ministry overview
Formed21 March 2005 (2005-03-21)
JurisdictionGovernment of Uruguay
Minister responsible
WebsiteSocial Development

It was created on March 21, 2005, by Emergency Law No. 17,866, 20 days after President Tabaré Vázquez took office. The first minister appointed by the president was Marina Arismendi.[3]

List of ministers of social development edit

 Minister Term start Term end Party
Marina Arismendi 2005 2010 Broad Front (PCU)
Ana María Vignoli 2010 2011 Broad Front (PCU)
Daniel Olesker 2011 2015 Broad Front (PS)
Marina Arismendi 2015 2020 Broad Front (PCU)
Pablo Bartol 2020 2021 National
Martín Lema 2021 Incumbent National

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