Ministry of National Defence (Portugal)

The Ministry of National Defence (Portuguese: Ministério da Defesa Nacional or MDN) is a Portuguese government ministry, which is responsible for preparing and executing the national defense policy, within the scope of its powers, as well as ensuring and supervising the administration of the Portuguese Armed Forces.[3]

Ministry of National Defence
Ministério da Defesa Nacional
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Ministry overview
Formed1950 (1950)
JurisdictionGovernment of Portugal
Minister responsible
Ministry executive


  • Participate in the definition of the national defense policy and elaborate and execute the policy related to its military component;
  • Ensure and supervise the administration of the Armed Forces;
  • Ensure the preparation of the means available to the Armed Forces and monitor and inspect their use;
  • Define, execute and coordinate human, material and financial resources policies;
  • Coordinate and guide actions related to the satisfaction of military commitments arising from international agreements, as well as relations with international organizations of a military nature, without prejudice to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs' own attributions;
  • Prepare the Ministry's budget and guide the drafting of draft proposals for the Military Programming Law (LPM), coordinating and supervising the respective execution;
  • Support the financing of actions, through the attribution of subsidies and the execution of transfers within the scope of the programs that are committed to it;
  • To promote and dynamize the study, investigation, technological development and dissemination of matters of interest to national defense;
  • Provide, in order to guarantee, the security of classified matters, either in Portugal or in national representations abroad;
  • Perform the functions assigned to it within the scope of the Information System of the Portuguese Republic;
  • Provide technical and administrative support to the Superior Council for National Defense and the Prime Minister, in the exercise of their functions, in matters of national defense and the Armed Forces.


Portuguese Ministry of National Defense Headquarters.
The flag of the Ministry of National Defence of Portugal.

The Ministry of National Defense is structured as follows:[4]

  • Central services integrated in the direct administration:
    • General secretary:
    • Directorate-General for National Defense Policy;
    • Directorate-General for National Defense Resources;
    • General Inspection of National Defense;
    • National Defense Institute;
    • Military Judicial Police.
  • Authorities:
  • Commissions:
    • Coordinating Committee for the Evocation of the Centenary of World War I;
    • Portuguese Military History Commission.


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