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Ministry of Maritime Affairs, Transport and Infrastructure

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The Ministry of Maritime Affairs, Transport and Infrastructure of the Republic of Croatia (Croatian: Ministarstvo pomorstva, prometa i infrastrukture Republike Hrvatske, MPPI RH) is a ministry in the Government of Croatia.

Ministry of Maritime Affairs, lalu Transport and Infrastructure
Ministarstvo pomorstva, prometa i infrastrukture
Agency overview
JurisdictionGovernment of Croatia
HeadquartersPrisavlje 14, HR-10000 Zagreb, Croatia
Employees668 (2015)[1]
Annual budgetDecrease[2] HRK 5.927 billion (2015)[3]
Minister responsible


List of ministersEdit

Minister Party Term start Term end Days
in office
Josip Božičević HDZ 25 July 1990 12 August 1992 749
Ivica Mudrinić HDZ 12 August 1992 5 February 1996 1,272
Željko Lužavec HDZ 5 February 1996 4 August 1999 1,276
Ivan Pavlović HDZ 4 August 1999 27 January 2000 176
Alojz Tušek HSLS 27 January 2000 21 March 2002 784
Mario Kovač HSLS 21 March 2002 30 July 2002 131
Roland Žuvanić LIBRA 30 July 2002 23 December 2003 511
Božidar Kalmeta HDZ 23 December 2003 23 December 2011 2,922
Zlatko Komadina SDP 23 December 2011 4 April 2012 103
Zdenko Antešić (acting) SDP 4 April 2012 18 April 2012 14
Siniša Hajdaš Dončić SDP 18 April 2012 22 January 2016 1,374
Oleg Butković HDZ 22 January 2016 Incumbent 1,268


The Ministry of Maritime Affairs, Transport and Infrastructure deals with administrative and other tasks related to the following:[4]

  • Measures for the protection of the Adriatic sea, islands and coastal regions and their sustainable development, including the establishment of an integrated system for the planning, management and financing of development projects, traffic, utilities and social infrastructure, analysis and management of marine resources, coastal land and other natural resources.
  • Control over business concessions for domestic and international marine, boating, road, rail, air, postal and telecommunications and river transport;
  • Strategy for development of all forms of transport ;
  • Protection of the sea from pollution from ships ;
  • Seaports, maritime domain and establishing maritime boundaries, marine insurance and maritime agencies;
  • Ports on the inland waterways;
  • Inland freight-transportation centers;
  • Airports;
  • Vehicles other than those activities falling within the jurisdiction of other ministries;
  • Telecommunications and post;
  • Development of technical terms and conditions of use of facilities, technical equipment and installation of telecommunications and radio communications;
  • Enactment of legislation on concessions for services in public telecommunications;
  • Transmission and distribution of radio or TV programs;
  • International coordination of the use of radio frequencies, the use of radio frequencies;
  • Issuing licenses for radio stations to domestic and foreign entities; Inspections;
  • Navigational safety at sea, internal and international road traffic and road operations except from the scope of the Ministry of Interior, railway safety, safety of air navigation, safety of navigation on inland waterways, telecommunications and mail, internal and international postal and telecommunications traffic and monitoring of radio frequencies;
  • The organization of strategic infrastructure projects and investment programs of special importance for the Republic of Croatia;
  • Organization of major infrastructure investment projects in building construction and equipment of water management of transport infrastructure, except for reconstruction and maintenance, and other relevant major infrastructure works of significance for the sustainable development of Croatia, which are wholly or substantially financed by state funding, and align activities of other entities in the construction of such facilities and monitors and controls the investment, and performs professional tasks related to the initiation, coordination and monitoring of certain laws and regulations governing the development of the island and coastal regions.

The Ministry is also responsible for the maintenance of records and statistics concerning sea, transport and infrastructure, the information system and for the education and training of the Ministry’s officers.

The ministry's Accident Investigation Board investigates aviation accidents.[5]


The Ministry of Sea, Transport and Infrastructure has a total of 1127 staff (as of December 2009[6]), working in the following departments:

Department Croatian language Staff
Cabinet of the Minister Kabinet Ministra 14
Secretariat Tajništvo 109
Public Relations Department Samostalni odjel za odnose s javnošću 10
Internal Revision Service Služba za unutarnju reviziju 8
Department for Financial Management, Internal Revision and Control Samostalni odjel za financijsko upravljanje, unutarnji nadzor i kontrolu 4
Department for Investigation of aircraft accidents Samostalni odjel za istraživanje ugrožavanja sigurnosti zrakoplova, nesreća i ozbiljnih nezgoda zrakoplova 4
Department for Investigation of Railway Accidents Samostalni odjel za istraživanje željezničkih nesreća 3
Department for European Integration and Transport Policy Samostalni odjel za europske integracije i prometnu politiku 13
Directorate for Maritime Policy Uprava pomorskog prometa, pomorskog dobra i luka 52
Directorate for Inland Waterway Navigation Uprava unutarnje plovidbe 17
Directorate for Seafaring and Inland Waterway Navigation Safety and Sea and River Protection Uprava za sigurnost plovidbe, zaštitu mora i unutarnjih voda 557
Directorate for Island and Coastal Development Uprava za otočni i priobalni razvoj 31
Directorate for Road Transport Uprava cestovnog prometa 42
Railways Directorate Uprava željezničkog prometa 42
Civil Aviation Authority Uprava zračnog prometa 25
Directorate for Electronic Communications and Postal Service Uprava elektroničkih komunikacija i pošte 30
Directorate for Transport Inspection Uprava prometne inspekcije 96
Budget and Finance Directorate Uprava za proračun i financije 48
Directorate for Strategic Infrastructural Objects Uprava za strateške infrastrukturne objekte 22


Currently serving officials at the Ministry (as of May 2010[7][8])



  • Maja Markovčić-Kostelac, Director, Directorate for Maritime Traffic, Maritime Domain and Ports (v. d. Ravnateljica Uprave pomorskog prometa, pomorskog dobra i luka)
  • Capt. Janko Brnardić, Director, Directorate for Inland Waterway Navigation (Ravnatelj Uprave za unutarnju plovidbu)
  • Capt. Joško Nikolić, Director, Directorate for Seafaring and Inland Waterway Navigation Safety and Sea and River Protection (Ravnatelj Uprave za sigurnost plovidbe, zaštitu mora i unutarnjih voda)
  • Danijel Krakić, Director, Directorate for Railway Traffic (Ravnatelj Uprave za željeznički promet)
  • Krešo Antonović, Director, Directorate for Electronic communications and Postal Services (Ravnatelj Uprave za elektroničke komunikacije i poštu)
  • Katarina Čop Bajde, Director, Directorate for the Infrastructural Objects (Ravnateljica Uprave za strateške infrastrukturne objekte)
  • Jure Šarić, Director, Directorate for Air Traffic (Ravnatelj Uprave za zračni promet)
  • Josip Borić, Assistant Minister for Islands (Pomoćnik ministra za otočni i priobalni razvoj)
  • Ante Nevešćanin, Directorate for Road Traffic (v. d. Ravnatelj Uprave za cestovni promet)
  • -, Directorate for Road Inspections (Uprava za prometnu inspekciju)
  • -, Directorate for Budget and Finance (Uprava za proračun i financije)

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