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The Ministry of Interior (Persian: وزارت کشور‎) of the Islamic Republic of Iran is in charge of performing, supervising and reporting elections, policing, and other responsibilities related to an interior ministry.

Ministry of Interior
وزارت کشور
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Agency overview
JurisdictionIslamic Republic of Iran
HeadquartersToopkhaneh, Tehran
Employees31,188 (2019)[1]
Minister responsible
WebsiteOfficial Website
The current minister, Abdolreza Rahmani Fazli (right), and his predecessor, Mostafa Mohammad-Najjar


  • To provide and protect domestic security and establishment of peace and order across the country and coordination between intelligence, disciplinary, and military organs and protecting borders
  • To manage police affairs
  • To make an effort to achieve and develop political and social freedoms according to the constitution and other laws of the country and providing sustainable political and social development and promotion of public participation
  • To protect and preserve the achievements of I.R. of Iran through public participations
  • To provide conditions of appropriate practice of political and nongovernmental parties and formations and supervision on their activities
  • To guide, lead and support of Islamic councils and supervision on their activities
  • To establish desirable discipline in national divisions
  • To coordinate and lead province governor generals to fulfill general policies and governmental plans
  • To make policy, lead and supervise on affairs related to foreign nationals and emigrants
  • To implement general policies of the government in order to make progress in social , economical and developmental plans
  • To plan for elections affairs
  • To coordinate for development of rural and urban development affairs and technical- executive guidance and support of municipalities and rural districts managers and supervision on execution of rules and regulations thereto
  • To plan and manage to overcome crises resulted from natural disasters and unforeseen accidents
  • To identify Iranian identities
  • To supervise and manage affairs of regions across the country by governor generals, governors, governors of districts and rural district managers [2]

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