Ministry of Finance of the Russian Empire

Ministry of Finance — one of the Russian Empire's central public institutions, in charge of financial and economic policy.

Ministry of Finance of the Russian Empire
Russian: Министерство финансов Российской империи
ministry of finance overview
FormedSeptember 8, 1802 (1802-09-08)
Preceding ministry of finance
  • Order of the Great Treasury
DissolvedMarch 3, 1917 (1917-03-03)
Superseding agency
  • Ministry of Finance of the Provisional Government
Jurisdiction Russia

The ministry was established on 8 September 1802, and reorganized in 1810–11. By the end of the 19th century, it consisted of a:

  • Ministerial Council
  • General and Special Offices for Crediting
  • Department of the State Treasury - controlling the movement of the funds and keeping the account for all the treasuries
  • Department of Assessed contributions - for taxes and Zemstvo duties
  • Department of Customs Duties
  • Department of Railway Affairs
  • Department of Unassessed taxes and for State sales of Spirits
  • Central Weights and Measures Board
  • number of permanent Committees and Councils.

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