Ministry of Finance and Treasury (Turkey)

The Ministry of Treasury and Finance (Turkish: T.C. Hazine ve Maliye Bakanlığı) is a government ministry office of the Republic of Turkey, responsible for finance and tax affairs in Turkey. The current minister is Berat Albayrak since 2018.[1]

Ministry of Treasury and Finance
Hazine ve Maliye Bakanlığı
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Agency overview
JurisdictionGovernment of Turkey
Minister responsible


The following departments are subordinate to the Ministry of Finance:[2]

  • Tax Inspection Board
  • Strategy Development Unit
  • Directorate General of Budget and Fiscal Control
  • Directorate General of Revenue Policies
  • Department of the European Union and Foreign Affairs
  • Ministry of Finance Centre for Higher Training
  • Financial Crimes Investigation Board
  • Chief Legal Advisory and Directorate General of Proceedings
  • Directorate General of Public Accounts
  • Directorate General of National Property
  • Directorate General of Personnel
  • Department of Administrative and Financial Affairs

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