Ministry of Emergency Management

The Ministry of Emergency Management (Chinese: 中华人民共和国应急管理部) is a cabinet-level executive department of the State Council that is responsible for emergency management, work safety, and emergency rescue. It is the result of a merger from emergency management departments in various ministries due to a state council reform in 2018.[1] In addition, it took over the functions of the former paramilitary Firefighting Corps of the People's Armed Police, which is today China Fire and Rescue.

Ministry of Emergency Management of the People's Republic of China
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Agency overview
Formed19 March 2018; 3 years ago (2018-03-19)
Jurisdiction China
Minister responsible
Parent agencyState Council
Chinese name
Traditional Chinese中華人民共和國應急管理
Simplified Chinese中华人民共和国应急管理


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