Ministry of Economy, Entrepreneurship and Crafts (Croatia)

The Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development of the Republic of Croatia (Croatian: Ministarstvo gospodarstva i održivog razvoja) is the ministry in the Government of Croatia which is in charge of the development of the economy, and conducting administrative and other tasks related to:

  • industry, except food and tobacco industry, shipbuilding, energy, mining, trade, cooperatives, other than agricultural, small and medium businesses, trade, trade policy, and policy to protect domestic production; economic cooperation with foreign countries,
  • involvement in European economic integration, the harmonization of activities in conjunction with the Croatian membership in the World Trade Organization and participation in multilateral trade negotiations in the framework of this organization,
  • promotion of exports and foreign investment, the establishment and operation of free zones, systematic stimulation of entrepreneurship, state of market, supplies and prices, consumer protection, strategic stockpiles, the privatization of shares and stakes in the state owned companies, restructuring and rehabilitation of legal entities,
  • safety at work.
Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development
Ministarstvo gospodarstva i održivog razvoja
Ministry of Economy (Croatia) logo.png
Agency overview
JurisdictionGovernment of Croatia
HeadquartersUlica Grada Vukovara 78, Zagreb, Croatia
45°47′59″N 15°58′38″E / 45.799747°N 15.977114°E / 45.799747; 15.977114Coordinates: 45°47′59″N 15°58′38″E / 45.799747°N 15.977114°E / 45.799747; 15.977114
Employees362 (2015)[1]
Annual budgetDecrease[2] HRK 1.567 billion (2015)[3]
Minister responsible

List of ministersEdit

Minister Party Term start Term end Days
in office
Ivan Čermak HDZ 20 May 1993 12 October 1993 145
Nadan Vidošević HDZ 12 October 1993 18 September 1995 706
Zlatko Mateša HDZ 18 September 1995 7 November 1995 50
Davor Štern HDZ 7 November 1995 14 April 1997 524
Nenad Porges HDZ 14 April 1997 27 January 2000 1,018
Goranko Fižulić HSLS 27 January 2000 21 March 2002 784
Hrvoje Vojković HSLS 21 March 2002 30 July 2002 131
Ljubo Jurčić Ind. 30 July 2002 23 December 2003 511
Branko Vukelić HDZ 23 December 2003 12 January 2008 1,481
Damir Polančec HDZ 12 January 2008 30 October 2009 657
Đuro Popijač HDZ 19 November 2009 23 December 2011 764
Radimir Čačić HNS-LD 23 December 2011 14 November 2012 327
Tamara Obradović-Mazal (acting) Ind. 14 November 2012 16 November 2012 2
Ivan Vrdoljak HNS-LD 16 November 2012 22 January 2016 1,162
Tomislav Panenić Most 22 January 2016 19 October 2016 271
Martina Dalić HDZ 19 October 2016 14 May 2018 572
Darko Horvat HDZ 25 May 2018 23 July 2020 790
Tomislav Ćorić HDZ 23 July 2020 Incumbent 69

Ministers of Crafts, Small and Mid-sized Entrepreneurship (2000–2003)Edit

Minister Party Term start Term end Days
in office
Željko Pecek HSS 27 January 2000 23 December 2003 1,426

Ministers of Entrepreneurship and Crafts (2011–2016)Edit

Minister Party Term start Term end Days
in office
Gordan Maras SDP 23 December 2011 22 January 2016 1,491
Darko Horvat HDZ 22 January 2016 19 October 2016 271


The Ministry of Economy was not included as such in the first four Croatian Governments. The Cabinet of Stjepan Mesić and the Cabinet of Josip Manolić included the minister for social planning (Croatian: društveno planiranje; post held by Stjepan Zdunić) and the minister of energy and industry (Croatian: energetika i industrija; Božo Udovičić). In the Cabinet of Franjo Gregurić, the former minister became the minister of economic development (Croatian: gospodarski razvitak), and there was also a minister of trade (Croatian: trgovina; Petar Kriste, Branko Mikša). The Cabinet of Hrvoje Šarinić in turn included the minister of industry, shipbuilding and energy (Croatian: industrija, brodogradnja i energetika; Franjo Kajfež) and the minister of tourism and trade (Croatian: turizam i trgovina; Branko Mikša).

In the Cabinet of Zlatko Mateša, the prime minister also talked of renaming the ministry of economy back into the ministry of industry and energy.[4] In the Cabinet of Andrej Plenković in October 2016 the Ministry of Economy was merged with the Ministry of Entrepreneurship and Crafts into the Ministry of Economy, Small and Medium Entrepreneurship and Crafts.


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