Ministry of Economy, Development and Tourism (Chile)

The Ministry for the Economy, Development, and Tourism (Spanish: Ministerio de Economía, Fomento y Turismo de Chile) is a Chilean state ministry in charge of planning and executing the flow of policies and projects of the Chilean government. The ministry aims to generate feasible and sustainable economic development, with stable progressive equality in the allocation of economic interests. The current Minister of Economy, Development, and Tourism is Nicolás Grau.

Nicolás Grau, the current Minister of Economy, Development and Tourism.


The groundwork for the ministry were established in the 1930s—a period that saw the creation of the Subsecretary of Commerce that was dependent on the Ministry of Foreign Relations of that era. But the actual ministry itself was realized in October 1941 as Ministry of Commerce and Supply, and by 1942 it was ratified as the Ministry of Economy and Commerce. Subsequently, it was renamed to Ministry of Economy (1953–1960), and hitherto the Ministry of Economy, Development, and Reconstruction.


The Ministry for the Economy, Development, and Reconstruction is divided into three organizations headed by sub-secretaries:

  • Economy Under-Secretariat
  • Fisheries Under-Secretariat
  • Tourism Under-Secretariat

Government organisations related to, dependent, or under supervision of the Ministry of Economy, Development, and Reconstruction include:

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