Ministry of Culture (Denmark)

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The Ministry of Culture Denmark (Danish: Kulturministeriet) is a ministry of the Danish Government, with responsibility for culture, sport and media.

Headquarters of The Ministry of Culture Denmark


The Ministry is located at Gammel Strand on Nybrogade opposite Slotsholmen. Originally, it was a three-winged building. Construction started in 1729. In 1765, it was expanded with the complex with a new wing facing the canal which was designed was added by architect Philip de Lange (c. 1705-1766). The building served from 1759 to c. 1950 as site of the Royal Pawn (Det Kongelige Assistenshus).[1]

The Danish Ministry of Culture was founded in 1961 with Julius Bomholt as its first cultural minister. In 1962, the Ministry of Culture moved in after the building had undergone a thorough restoration.[2][3]

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