Ministock (New Zealand)

Ministocks are a class of car raced at many New Zealand speedway tracks. Ministocks are primarily youth grade but at some tracks are raced as an adult class. Ministocks are not currently a 'recognized' class in New Zealand; this means they are not able to run big championships in the North, South, and New Zealand Championships. In the youth grade drivers are aged from 1 to 5and are taught to focus on how to handle a car on the racing track, learn racing rules and various sorts of tactics. Once the drivers are at the stage of moving up a level (this is when they reach the age of 17 they must stop racing youth Ministocks immediately), they are able to keep their existing cars and race in Adult Ministocks, or move into another class, i.e. Streetstocks, Stockcars, Superstocks, Modifieds, Midgets, Three Quarter Midgets, Saloons, Super Saloons, Production Saloons, Minisprints or Sprintcars.

Adult MinistocksEdit

This class is not raced on many tracks in the North Island but are more popular in the South Island, some South Island tracks also allow youth Ministocks to race on all their tracks.


Ministocks are built to resemble New Zealand Stockcars, but unlike Stockcars, Ministocks are a non contact class. The engines in them are from Datsun 1200s and also Toyota 3K Engines. Datsun engines are the most popular with the Ministock class, but with donor cars slowly disappearing, more Toyotas are being used. These light weight cars can go as fast as 100 km/h (60 mph).


(Around New Zealand)

A=Auckland (Waikaraka Park) H=Huntly (Huntly Speedway) R=Rotorua (Paradise Valley Raceway) AS=Ashburton (Ashburton Speedway) C=Christchurch (Woodford Glen) B=Hawkes Bay (Meeanee Speedway) S=Stratford (Stratford Speedway) DV=Dargaville (Finlayson Park) C=Christchurch (Ruapuna Speedway) I=Invercargill (Riverside Speedway) T=Cromwell (Central Motor Speedway) F=Egmont Village (Ferndene Park Speedway) D=Dunedin (Island Park) K=Kihikihi (Kihikihi Speedway) V=Wanganui (Oceanview Speedway) EM=Ellesmere Raceway (Ellesmere Motor Racing Club ) E=Blenheim (Eastern States) M=Mt Maunganui (Baypark Speedway) W=Wellington (Upper Hutt Family Speedway ) KK=Kaikohe (Kaikohe Speedway) G=Gisborne (Gisborne Speedway) N=Nelson (Nelson Speedway) A=Western Springs (Springs Speedway) MM=Meremere (Meremere Raceway) GM=Greymouth (Greenstone Park) P=Palmerston North (Palmerston North Speedway) Y=Westport (Sunset Speedway) OX=Oxford (Oxford Speedway) RV=Waharoa (Range View Speedway) TP=Taipa (Taipa Speedway) WK=Waiuku (Waiuku Dirt Track Club) WR=Whangarei (Whangarei Speedway)


Ministocks were first started at the Wanganui Speedway By Daryl Taylor on 6 January 1996.

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