Minister of Foreign Affairs of South Yemen

The Minister of Foreign Affairs (Arabic: وزارة الخارجية) was a government minister in charge of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of South Yemen (common name for the People's Democratic Republic of Yemen), in what is now southern Yemen. The Minister was responsible for conducting foreign relations of the country.

Minister of Foreign Affairs of South Yemen
Arabic: وزير خارجية اليمن الجنوبي
Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Member ofGovernment
Reports toThe Prime Minister
AppointerThe President
Term lengthNo fixed term
Formation1967; 56 years ago (1967)
First holderSaif Ahmad al-Dali
Final holderAbdul Aziz al-Dali
Abolished1990; 33 years ago (1990)

List of ministers edit

The following is a list of foreign ministers of South Yemen from 1967 until the unification in 1990:[1]

Term Name Portrait
1967–1969 Saif Ahmad al-Dali
1969 Faysal al-Shaabi  
1969–1971 Ali Salem al Beidh  
1971 Muhammad Ali Haitham
1971–1973 Muhammad Saleh al-Awlaqi
1973–1979 Muhammad Saleh Muti
1979–1982 Salim Saleh Muhammad
1982–1990 Abdul Aziz al-Dali

For ministers of foreign affairs of unified Yemen after 1990, see Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Yemen).

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