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Minister of Foreign Affairs (North Korea)

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Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (commonly known as North Korea) is a government minister in charge of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, responsible for conducting foreign relations of the country.

The following is a list of foreign ministers of North Korea since its founding in 1948:[1]

No. Name
Portrait Tenure
1 Pak Hon-yong
Pak Hon yong.jpg 1948–1953
2 Nam Il
Nam il sg28917.jpg 1953–1959
3 Pak Song-chol
No image.png 1959–1970
4 Ho Dam
(c. 1929–1991)
No image.png 1970–1983
5 Kim Yong-nam
(born 1928)
Kim Yong-nam in Moscow.jpg 1983–1998
6 Paek Nam-sun
No image.png 1998–2007
Kang Sok-ju
Acting Minister
Kang Sok-ju.jpg 2007
7 Pak Ui-chun
(born 1932)
No image.png 2007–2014
8 Ri Su-yong
(born 1940)
Ri Su-yong.jpg 2014–2016
9 Ri Yong-ho
(born 1956)
Ri Yong-ho 2016.jpg 2016–present


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