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Poland's Ministry of Finance (Polish: Ministerstwo Finansów), headed by the Minister of Finance (Minister Finansów), is part of the government of Poland. Among its powers and responsibilities it drafts the national budget, deals with taxes, financing of the local self-governments and issues related to public debt.

Ministry of Finance
Ministerstwo Finansów
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Official governmental wall plaque
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Ministerial logotype
Agency overview
Headquartersul. Świętokrzyska 12, Warsaw
Agency executive
Parent agencyCouncil of Ministers

In the area of taxation, the ministry oversees a system of local and regional tax offices. A local tax office is called urząd skarbowy ("tax office"[1]), while a higher-level office is called izba administracji skarbowej ("revenue administration regional office"[1]). There are approximately 400 of the former throughout the country, and 16 of the latter, one in each voivodeship (province). In each voivodeship there is also one "customs and tax control office"[1] (urząd celno-skarbowy).

The Ministry of Finance existed alongside the Ministry of the Treasury, which was responsible mainly for the management of nationally owned assets, and the Ministry of the Economy.


The Ministry of Finance building is located in the quarter of Świętokrzyska, Czackiego, Traugutta and Krakowskie Przedmieście streets in Warsaw

Building of the Ministry of Finance

It is an example of socialist realist architecture. In 2012, it was entered in the register of monuments.

The building was erected in 1953-1956 for the Ministry of Treasury. It was designed by Stanisław Bieńkuński and Stanisław Rychłowski.

The architecture combines the features of modernism with the canons of socialist realism style, while applying the palace assumptions of the Renaissance and Baroque period.

List of ministersEdit

Below is a list of Finance Ministers of Poland.

Second RepublicEdit

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Polish People's Republic (1947–1989)Edit

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Third Republic (since 1989)Edit

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