Minister-President of Flanders

The Minister-President of Flanders (Dutch: Minister-president van Vlaanderen) is the head of the Flemish Government, which is the executive branch of the Flemish Region and Flemish Community.[2]

Minister-President of Flanders
Minister-president van Vlaanderen
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Jan Jambon
since 2 October 2019
Executive branch of the Flemish Government
Member ofFlemish Government
ResidenceErrera House
Koningsstraat 14
Brussels, Belgium
SeatMartyrs' Square 19
Brussels, Belgium
AppointerKing of the Belgians
Term lengthFive years
Constituting instrumentConstitution of Belgium
PrecursorPresident of the Flemish Executive
Inaugural holderGaston Geens
Formation22 December 1981
DeputyHilde Crevits
Bart Somers
Ben Weyts
Salary€253,000 annually[1]

The incumbent officeholder is Jan Jambon, who took over from Liesbeth Homans, the interim minister-president, following the 2019 Belgian regional elections. A new agreement to form a government between the three same parties, the New Flemish Alliance (N-VA), Christian Democratic and Flemish (CD&V) and the Open Flemish Liberals and Democrats (Open Vld), was obtained on 30 September 2019. The ministers were sworn in on 2 October 2019. The government consists of nine ministers, four for the N-VA, three for CD&V and two for the Open Vld.


Following the election of the Flemish Parliament, a Flemish Government is formed with a maximum of eleven ministers. The largest party in the government coalition may choose the minister-president. Following the oath of office of all ministers before the Flemish Parliament, the minister-president alone takes the oath of office before the King as well.

Regional elections are held every 5 years. The Flemish Parliament was elected directly for the first time in 1995. Prior to 1995, the members of the Flemish Parliament were the members of the Dutch language group of the Federal Parliament of Belgium.

List of officeholdersEdit

No. Portrait Name
Elected Term of office Political


Took office Left office Time in office
1 Gaston Geens
1981 22 December 1981 21 January 1992 10 years 30 days CVP Geens I CVP, PVV, SP, VU
1985 Geens II CVP, PVV
1987 Geens III CVP, PVV
2   Luc Van den Brande
(born 1945)
1991 21 January 1992 13 July 1999 7 years,

174 days

CVP Van den Brande I CVP, SP
Van den Brande II CVP, SP, VU
Van den Brande III CVP, SP, VU
1995 Van den Brande IV CVP, SP
3   Patrick Dewael
(born 1955)
1999 13 July 1999 5 June 2003 3 years,

327 days

VLD Dewael VLD, SP, Agalev, VU-ID
4   Bart Somers
(born 1964)
11 June 2003 20 July 2004 1 year,

39 days

VLD Somers VLD, sp.a, Groen!, Spirit
5   Yves Leterme
(born 1960)
2004 20 July 2004 28 June 2007 2 years,

342 days

CD&V Leterme CD&V, sp.a-Spirit, VLD-Vivant, N-VA
6   Kris Peeters
(born 1962)
28 June 2007 25 July 2014 7 years,

27 days

CD&V Peeters I CD&V, sp.a-Spirit, VLD, N-VA
2009 Peeters II CD&V, sp.a, N-VA
7   Geert Bourgeois
(born 1951)
2014 25 July 2014 1 July 2019 4 years,

350 days

N-VA Bourgeois N-VA, CD&V, Open Vld
8   Liesbeth Homans
(born 1973)
2 July 2019 1 October 2019 91 days N-VA Homans N-VA, CD&V, Open Vld
9   Jan Jambon
(born 1960)
2019 2 October 2019 Incumbent 3 years, 169 days N-VA Jambon N-VA, CD&V, Open Vld


Jan JambonLiesbeth HomansGeert BourgeoisKris PeetersYves LetermeBart SomersPatrick DewaelLuc Van den BrandeGaston Geens

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