Mingyi Swa of Prome

Mingyi Swa of Prome (Burmese: မင်းကြီးစွာ, pronounced [mɪ́ɴdʑí zwà]; c. 1435–1482) was viceroy of Prome from 1446 to 1482 during the reigns of kings Narapati I, Thihathura I and Minkhaung II of Ava.

Mingyi Swa
Viceroy of Prome
PredecessorSaw Shwe Khet (as governor)
SuccessorThado Minsaw (as king of Prome)
Bornc. 1435
Prome (Pyay)
Ava Kingdom
Prome (Pyay)
Ava Kingdom
SpouseSaw Myat Lay
daughter of Minye Kyawhtin of Toungoo
among others...
Min Hpone Gyi
Shwe Zin Gon
FatherNarapati I of Ava
MotherAtula Thiri Maha Yaza Dewi of Ava
ReligionTheravada Buddhism


He was born Min Hsin-Mya (မင်းဆင်များ[1] or မင်းဆင်မြား[2]) to Viceroy Thihathu of Prome and his chief queen Atula Thiri Maha Yaza Dewi in Prome (Pyay).[3] He was probably born c. 1435.[note 1] He was the fourth of the couple's eight children. He had one elder brother, two elder sisters, one younger brother and three younger sisters.[4] In April 1442, the family moved to Ava (Inwa) when Thihathu succeeded the Ava throne as Narapati I of Ava.[5]

His stay at Ava was short. In January 1446,[note 2] Narapati I appointed his second son, then no older than 11 years of age, the viceroy of Prome, the second most important city in the kingdom.[2] He was a loyal son throughout his father's 26-year reign. But in 1472, he tried to revolt against his elder brother King Thihathura I by getting into a league with his younger brother Thado Minsaw, governor of Tharrawaddy. But the planned rebellion never panned out and both brothers submitted to the king in February 1473.[note 3] Thihathura forgave his brothers and appointed them to their former position.[6] He gave no more trouble when his nephew Minkhaung II became king of Ava in 1480. In return, the new king kept Mingyi Swa at his post.

Swa died in 1482.[7] Thado Minsaw of Tharrawaddy seized Prome, and revolted against Minkhaung II. The rebellion succeeded, and Prome became independent.[8]


Swa and his principal wife Saw Myat Lay had 11 children (four sons and seven daughters).[9] He was also married to the daughter of Minye Kyawhtin of Toungoo and Princess of Yamethin.[10]

Wife Rank Issue Reference
Saw Myat Lay Vicereine of Prome Pyu Saw
Khin Hpone Gyi, queen consort of King Minkhaung II
Mingyi Yaukkhamadaw (daughter)
Minye Kyawswa
Soe Min (daughter)
Khin Hpone Htut, wife of Minye Kyawswa II of Kalay
Min Taya Hnamadaw
Minye Theingathu of Kandwin, husband of Mi Hpone Gyi and Mibaya Khaung Medaw of Tharrawaddy
Min Hla Myat, wife of Minye Nawrahta of Tharrawaddy
Mingyi Khamedaw, husband of Bodaw Hnamadaw
Shwe Zin Gon, Queen of Prome



  1. ^ Chronicles do not explicitly mention his birth date. His eldest sibling Thihathura was born on 1 May 1431. He had two elder sisters in between him and Thihathura, meaning he could have been born no earlier than 1434. Moreover, because he was appointed viceroy in early 1446, he must have been at least around 10. It is probable that he was born around 1435.
  2. ^ Standard chronicles (Maha Yazawin Vol. 2 2006: 78; Hmannan Vol. 2 2003: 86) say that King Narapati made new appointments in Toungoo (Taungoo) and Prome (Pyay) following the death of Tarabya of Toungoo in 807 ME (29 March 1445 to 28 March 1446). According to the Toungoo Yazawin chronicle (Sein Lwin Lay 2006: 30–31), Tarabya died on 2 January 1446 (5th waxing of Tabodwe 807 ME). It means the appointments were made sometime between 2 January 1446 and 28 March 1446, and most probably in January 1446.
  3. ^ (Hmannan Vol. 2 2003: 102): Tabaung 834 ME = 28 January 1473 to 26 February 1473


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Mingyi Swa of Prome
Born: c. 1435 Died: 1482
Royal titles
Preceded by
Saw Shwe Khet
as governor
Viceroy of Prome
Succeeded by
Thado Minsaw
as king