Mineski is an esports organization established on February 14, 2004 in the Philippines.[2] It is the largest esports organization in Southeast Asia, with over a hundred branches across the region, including a professional Dota 2 team, an internet café chain, and an esports-focused online news site. Mineski formerly owned a professional League of Legends team, which qualified for the Season 3 World Championship in 2013.

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DivisionsDota 2
FoundedFebruary 14, 2004; 17 years ago (2004-02-14)
Based inQuezon City, Philippines[1]
LocationSoutheast Asia
CEORonald "Rhom" Robins
Head coachYap "Kenchi" Chee Loong
ManagerZak "DashOCE" Holman
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Mineski was founded on February 14, 2004 by a group of gamers and close friends in Manila, Philippines.[2] In 2011, Mineski was invited by Valve to compete with fifteen other teams in the first ever The International.[3][4]

Mineski expanded out of the Philippines in 2012, when it acquired a South Korean Dota roster. The team is no longer active.[5]

Mineski qualified for the 2015 Frankfurt Major by winning the Southeast Asia qualifier tournament.[6]

Mineski won the Philippine Qualifier for ESL One Manila in 2016.[7] Mineski also won the SEA Qualifier for the Manila Majors.

In 2017, Mineski came close to winning the first tournament of the DPC 2017-2018 Season by achieving second place in the third season of the StarLadder i-League Invitational, they went on to win the next tournament, PGL Open Bucharest.[8]

In 2018, Mineski won their first major tournament, Dota 2 Asia Championships 2018, with this achievement they also became the first team from the Southeast Asia region to win a major tournament.[9] With this win, they secured enough DPC points to secured their slot for The International 2018, though they finished in 9-12th place as well as The International 2019. With no major achievements in DPC 2018-2019 Season, the team disbanded.[10]


As of May 19, 2020, Mineski have no active Dota 2 roster.


Sources: Mineski's Facebook page, GosuGamers, and Yahoo Esports[11][12][13][better source needed]

2013 achievements

Placement Competition
  Netolic Pro League Online September
  GEST Dota2 August
  Neolution GosuCup August
  Gigabyte Mineski Pro-Gaming League 5-8 Dota2 (LAN)
  GEST Dota2 July
  Gigabyte Mineski Pro-Gaming League 5-7 Dota2 (LAN)
  Neolution GosuCup June
  Gigabyte Mineski Pro-Gaming League 5-6 Dota2 (LAN)
  E2Max L33t Championship PH Qualifier
  Gigabyte Mineski Pro-Gaming League 5-5 Dota2 (LAN)
  TNC Cup Dota2
  BluDOTA OGM Dota2 SEA Open
  Gigabyte Mineski Pro-Gaming League 5-4 Dota2 (LAN)
  Tide's Wrath Online Dota2 Tournament
  TheNet.Com Dota2 Tournament Online
  Gigabyte Mineski Pro-Gaming League 5-3 Dota2 (LAN)
  Ledion Mini tournament Dota2
  MSI Revolution Dota2 (LAN)
  Gigabyte Mineski Pro-Gaming League 5-2 Dota2 (LAN)

2012 achievements

Placement Competition
  Power Cup Dota2 Tournament
  SMM 2012 Malaysia
  Gigabyte GEST DotA Cup November (Online)
  GPPC Dota2 Tournament November
  Gigabyte GEST DotA Cup August (Online)
  Davao Cyber Expo
  MIOT Legarda Dota2
  Alodia's Birthday Bash Dota1
  Gigabyte Mineski Pro-Gaming League 4-3 DotA (LAN)
  Ledion Dota Tournament: Big Dog J Birthday Celebration (LAN)
  Razer Dota 2 Tournament Singapore
  Gigabyte GEST DotA Cup February (Online)
  Gigabyte Mineski Pro-Gaming League 4-1 DotA (LAN)
  Pacific Dota Tournament Philippines, January (LAN)
  Thailand Game Show (LAN)- DotA

2011 achievements

Placement Competition
  Asian Cyber Games Dota 2 Malaysia Invitational
  Sendi Mutiara Multimedia Grand Final
  PCXpress Gaming Expo
  WCG Asian Championship Dota 2
  WCG Asian Championship WC3 Dota
  Mineski Pro-Gaming League Grand Final
  TheGamesXpo (TGX) Singapore
  Mineski Pro-Gaming League 3-9
  Mineski Pro-Gaming League 3-8
10th The International
  Mineski Pro-Gaming League 3-7 (TGX PH Qualifiers)
  Mineski Pro-Gaming League 3-6
  Mineski Pro-Gaming League 3-6
  Mineski Pro-Gaming League 3-4
  D-Six Dota Tournament
  Mineski Pro-Gaming League 3-3
  Mineski Pro-Gaming League 3-2
  Mineski Pro-Gaming League 3-1

2010 achievements

Placement Competition
10th Sendi Mutiara Multimedia Grand Final
  Gamepod DotA Tournament
  Pacific 2nd Battle of the Champions Tournament
  Alienware Mineski Pro-Gaming League 2-5
  Alienware Mineski Pro-Gaming League 2-4
  Alienware Mineski Pro-Gaming League 2-3
  Pacific 1st Battle of the Champions Tournament
  Alienware Mineski Pro-Gaming League 2-1
  Alienware Mineski Pro-Gaming League 1-5
  Alienware Mineski Pro-Gaming League 1-3
  Cubizone DotA Tournament

2009 achievements

Placement Competition
10th Sendi Mutiara Multimedia (SMM) Grand Final
  Mineski Dota Tournament 4 (MSDT-4)
  Mineski Dota Tournament 3 (MSDT-3)
  Mineski Dota Tournament 2 (MSDT-2)
  Mineski Dota Tournament 2 (MSDT-1)
  PSW4 Dota Tournament
  Paradigm DotaPH EyeBall
  New England College Dota Tourney (NEC)
  Batlle of the Kriss 3
  World GameMasters Tournament Philippines

2008 achievements

Place Competition
  Battle of the Kriss 2
Participant ASIAN CYBERGAMES SG PH Representatives
Participant Asian Dota Championships 2008 Philippine Team
  WCG DotA Philippines
  Cyberzone Cyber Games
  Battle of the Kriss
  Pdip 2008
  Wired Lounge Tournament
4th Asian Dota Championships
  Philippine Regional War

2005–2007 achievements

Placement Competition
  Asian Dota Championships Philippines
  DLST 5
  Paradigm TSEI Warm Up Tourney
  I-hooked Tournament
  Digital Affinity Tournament
  Super Tournament
  Y2k Tournament
  Eaglepoint Tournament
  E.G.G. Market! Market!
  Tribu ni Misu Tournament
  Katips DotA Tournament
  1st La Salle DotA Tournament


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