Mindy Newell

Mindy Newell (born October 24, 1953)[1] is an American comic book writer and editor, best known for her work with DC Comics.

Mindy Newell
Born (1953-10-24) October 24, 1953 (age 66)
Area(s)Comics Writer, Illustrator, Editor
Notable works
Catwoman, Lois Lane, Wonder Woman, Jenesis, Night Mare

Early LifeEdit

Born in Brooklyn, New York, Newell graduated from high school in 1971[2]. She then attended the Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center to study nursing. Following her nursing schooling, Newell enrolled at Quinnipiac University and studied biology while working as a nurse.


A longtime fan of comics, particularly of Marvel's Spider-Man, Mindy Newell sent submissions to DC Comics in 1983 at a time when the company was actively looking for new talent. Her first professional work was her creation of the character Jenesis, which appeared in three issues of New Talent Showcase.[3] Editor Karen Berger called her in for an interview four days after DC received her submission.

Hired by editors Dick Giordano and Karen Berger, Newell wrote fill-in issues for Legion of Super-Heroes and Action Comics.[4] While working as part of the new talent program, Newell became the writer of Wonder Woman.[5] She was the first credited woman to write the Wonder Woman series in an ongoing capacity[5] but was limited in what she could write due to editorial mandates.[5] In 1986, Newell and artist Gray Morrow collaborated on a Lois Lane limited series which dealt with the subject of missing children.[6] In addition, Newell wrote Wonder Woman and Her Sister's Keeper, a seminal Catwoman limited series.[7] Newell also briefly worked on First Comics's American Flagg and Eclipse Comics's The New Wave.[4]

Newell has always maintained a career as a nurse while writing comics, and has since returned to that occupation full-time.[5]

Personal lifeEdit

Newell is a full-time nurse and mother, while still contributing to comics and other projects. Her former husband, John Higgins, is a British comic book writer, illustrator, and letterer.[8]



Angry Isis PressEdit

  • Choices: A Pro-Choice Benefit Comic Anthology for the National Organization for Women #1 (1990)

DC ComicsEdit

Eclipse ComicsEdit

  • Miracleman #8 (The New Wave preview) (1986)
  • The New Wave #1–13 (1986–1987)
  • The New Wave vs. the Volunteers #1–2 (1987)
  • Tales of Terror #3 (1985)

First ComicsEdit

IPC MagazinesEdit

Last GaspEdit

Marvel ComicsEdit


Marvel ComicsEdit


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