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Min Kyung-hoon (Korean민경훈; born October 6, 1984) is a South Korean singer. He is the lead vocalist of the rock band Buzz and one-half of the duo Universe Coward with Kim Heechul. His first solo album, Im·pres·sive, was released on December 5, 2007. His second solo album, Picnic, was released on June 27, 2011.[1]

Min Kyung-hoon
Min Kyung-Hoon.jpg
Min in 2015
Native name
Born (1984-10-06) October 6, 1984 (age 35)
Seoul, South Korea
  • Singer
  • entertainer
Musical career
Years active2003–present
LabelsSanta Music
Associated acts
  • Buzz
  • Universe Cowards
Korean name
Revised RomanizationMin Gyeong-hun
McCune–ReischauerMin Kyǒnghun


Audition-related and trainee daysEdit

During his early childhood, Min never thought that he would become an entertainer. Once he entered high school, Min worked with a group of peers who liked to sing. While continuing to sing and perform, Min realized that being a singer who sang in a café next to the Han River suited him better than becoming a famous celebrity. In his third year of high school, Min was recommended to audition for an entertainment company as he was famous among students for both his strong vocals and "flower boy" visuals.

Min went to the audition for AYON Entertainment along with a friend without thinking seriously about it. When Min first entered AYON Entertainment, he was hesitant to trust them immediately because he thought that the company workers were frauds.[citation needed] He auditioned for the company, which would later become Buzz's first agency, in a karaoke room. Once the company heard him sing, they liked him and wanted to immediately sign a contract with him.[2] Min would then record songs under this agency and become a singer.

He signed a contract with a company in late spring 2002 and gave up on both sports and school to focus on singing. Min joined Buzz in June 2002 as the group's vocalist. Buzz's members practiced instruments together for two years. Min, having been added to the band later, often had to stay up at nights and practice his vocals without rest.[3]

2003-2007: Buzz activity daysEdit

Buzz made their official debut with "Morning Of Buzz" on October 11, 2003.[4] Their second studio album "Effect" included songs like "Coward", "Thorn", and "Travel to Me" that gained extreme popularity. In their third album "Perfect", the song "You Don't Know Men" was well received.[5][6][7][8] On May 17, 2007, Buzz disbanded temporarily as the members, with the exception of Min, began their mandatory military service.[9] Min was confirmed to continue solo activities while the members are serving the military.[10] On June 25, 2007, Buzz released the single, "Love Is My Heart, Part 2".[11]

2007-2014: Solo activity and Military lifeEdit

On December 4, 2007, Min released his first solo album "Im · pres · sive", with the advice of Buzz members and the solicitation of his former agency.[12] The album was not well-praised and was not that popular. On December 12, 2008, he released the digital single, "Day", which was also not received very well.[13] Until 2009, Min and Buzz took a hiatus. During this time, Min hardly left his house and suffered from severe depression and weight gain. He claims that during this "slump", he drank alcohol as soon as he woke up, and drank again to fall asleep.[14]

Min was able to get back on his feet and return to music thanks to help from a fellow acquaintance. On February 4, 2010, the mini album "Reunion" was announced officially. The title song "I Love You" is one of the most popular solo songs. Min released his digital single "It's Alright" (March 29, 2010) and the soap opera My Life Is Beautiful OST "My Eternal Love", but there was no follow-up activity. In October and November 2010, he participated as a guest vocalist by singing his digital single "Wounded" and "Buzz 2" album "Fuzz-Buzz".

On June 27, 2011, he released his 2nd album "Picnic", but he did not see any big success. It was an album that had a lot of new attempts such as changing the existing songs of Min’s rock ballad. However, Shin Jung-hwan's controversy about the gambling in the Philippines and the controversy over the entry of MC Mong that involved him had an adverse effect on the album promotion. Because of the controversy, the existing fan base left the fandom and the sales was lower than the previous album.

On March 6, 2012, after the release of his digital single "Look Back" on March 2,[15] Min suddenly began his military service.[16] He joined the Uijeongbu 306 supporters and served for 21 months.[17][18] While Min was serving in the military band, he performed military band performances and concert train performances.[19] On December 5, 2013, Min finished his military service and fans and Buzz members gathered and congratulated him.[20]

2014-present: Buzz re-union, Knowing Bros and Universe CowardsEdit

On April 8, 2014, Min returned to Buzz's vocals after Buzz announced their comeback.[21][22]

In December 2015, he joined JTBC's new variety show, Knowing Bros, as a cast member along with comedians Kang Ho-dong and Lee Soo-geun.[23] Min's unique personality, a persona that was fresh in Korean entertainment at the time, enabled him to see a resurgence of popularity.

In fall 2016, Min and Super Junior member Kim Hee-chul released a duet titled "Sweet Dream". The two stars are known as "Universe Cowards" when they promote music, which is a name they came up with for a Knowing Bros project group.[24] The song proved successful, topping the South Korean Gaon Digital Chart, an achievement known as "all-kill".[25] In 2017, "Sweet Dream" won a Best Rock Song at the MelOn Music Awards.[26]

Following the success of "Sweet Dream", in February 2018, Universe Cowards returned with "Falling Blossoms". It was composed by Lee Sang-joon and Cha Jil-won and features lyrics written by Min,[27] which peaked at number 15 on Gaon Digital Chart. Billboard described it as "soft pop-rock tune that grows to a soaring, emotional cacophony" and complimented how their music video was one of the most inclusive music videos South Korea’s seen in some time.[27]

Starting from November 2018, Min became a fixed cast member of the weekly variety show Problem Child in House after successful pilot episodes.[28]


Studio albumsEdit

Title Album details Peak chart positions Sales
  • Released: December 4, 2007
  • Label: A1 People
  • Formats: CD
Track listing
  1. "Im·pres·sive"
  2. "슬픈 바보" (Sad Fool)
  3. "오늘만 울자"
  4. "모래성"
  5. "죽어도 나 죽어도"
  6. "선인장"
  7. "벙어리"
  8. "나쁜 사랑"
  9. "왜..."
  10. "Hool-Hool"
Picnic (소풍)
  • Released: June 27, 2011
  • Label: IS Entermedia Group
  • Formats: CD, digital download
Track listing
  1. "Nightmare" (악몽)
  2. "One Single Word" (짧은 한마디)
  3. "I Didn't Cheat On You" (바람피지 않았어)
  4. "She"
  5. "Lay (Heaven Belong To You)" (빛 (Heaven Belong To You))
  6. "Happy Time"
  7. "It's You (I Got Your Love)" (너니까 (I Got Your Love))
  8. "How Do I Do" (어떡하죠 난) (feat. Lee Seok-hun of SG Wannabe)
  9. "Loving U"
  10. "Habit" (습관)

Extended playsEdit

Title Album details Peak chart positions Sales
Reunion (재회)
  • Released: February 4, 2010
  • Label: IS Entermedia Group
  • Formats: CD, digital download
Track listing
  1. "It's Love Coz It Hurts" (아프니까 사랑이죠)
  2. "I Love You" (사랑해)
  3. "There are No Same Goodbyes" (똑같은 이별은 없다)
  4. "Deleted." (삭제되었습니다.)
  5. "Just... Tears" (그저... 눈물만)
4 N/A


Title Year Peak chart positions Sales Album
As lead artist
"Sad Fool" (슬픈 바보) 2007 N/A N/A Im·pres·sive
"Cry Only Today" (오늘만 울자)
"One Day" (하루) 2008 Non-album single
"It's Love Coz It Hurts" (아프니까 사랑이죠) 2010 4 Reunion
"It's Alright" 21 Non-album singles
"Wounded" (상처투성이) 22
"She" 2011 18 Picnic
"Look Back" (돌아보다) 2012 31 Non-album singles
"The Way to Meet You" (널 만나러 가는 길) 2019 N/A
"Sweet Dream" (나비잠)
with Kim Hee-chul
2016 1 SM Station Season 1
"Falling Blossoms" (후유증)
with Kim Hee-chul
2018 15 N/A Non-album single
"—" denotes release did not chart.

Soundtrack appearancesEdit

Title Year Album
"Climax" 2008 The Lawyers of The Great Republic Korea OST
"Life is Beautiful" 2010 Life Is Beautiful OST
"Hero" 2015 SPY OST
"Love You" 2016 The K2 OST
"Here I am" 2017 Live Up to Your Name OST
"Waiting here for you" 2018 Money Flower OST
"Forever Love" 2019 Kill It OST
"Welcome 2 Life" Welcome 2 Life OST



Year Title Role Network Notes[37] Ref.
2015–present Knowing Bros Cast JTBC [23]
2017 Girl Group Battle Co-Host KBS2 Lunar New Year Special
I Came Alone Chuseok Pilot Special (2 Episodes)
What Shall We Eat Today? Cast O'live
2018 Human Intelligence Users JTBC On 18 & 23 November - 2 Parts
2018–present Problem Child in House Cast KBS2 [28]
2019 Stories of Two Cities - Sokcho & Wonsan (Season 2) Narrator JTBC Lunar New Year Special (2 Episodes)
Interference with the shop (Season 1, 2) Cast KBS Joy
Hon-Life Cast JTBC

Awards and nominationsEdit

Year Award Category Nominated work Result Ref
2016 5th JTBC Awards Best Duo Award with Kim Hee-chul Knowing Bros Won [38]
2017 6th Gaon Chart Music Awards Song of the Year (November) with Kim Hee-chul "Sweet Dream" Nominated [39]
9th Melon Music Awards Best Rock Song with Kim Hee-chul Won [26]
2018 10th Melon Music Awards "Falling Blossoms" Won [40][41]
2019 8th Gaon Chart Music Awards Song of the Year (February) with Kim Hee-chul Nominated [42]


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