Min'an Avenue station

Min'an Avenue is an interchange station of the Loop Line and Line 4 of Chongqing Rail Transit in Yubei District of Chongqing Municipality, China.[1][2]

Min'an Avenue

Chongqing Rail Transit
Exit 3B of Min'an Ave Station Line 4 and Loop Line.jpg
Exit 3B of the station
Operated byChongqing Rail Transit Corp., Ltd
Line(s) Loop   4 
Platforms4 (2 island platforms)
  • Bus interchange
Structure typeBelow ground
Disabled accessYes
Other information
Station code0/14 4/01
  • January 11th, 2019(Loop Line & Line 4)
Preceding station   Chongqing Rail Transit   Following station
Loop line
toward Erlang
TerminusLine 4
toward Tangjiatuo

It serves the area surrounding Min'an Avenue, including nearby office buildings and residential blocks.

The station opened on 11th of January, 2019.

Line 4 Platform

Station StructureEdit


1F Above ground Entrance/Exits, Accessible elavators
Entrance/Exit passageways Exits 1A, 1B
Exits 3A, 3B
B1  Loop  Line

& Line  4  Station Concourse

Ticket machines, Ticket gates, Customer service center, Accessible elevators
B2  Loop  Line

& Line  4  Platform

Loop Line Trains(Clockwise Loop)
B3  Loop  Line

& Line  4  Platform

Loop Line Trains(Counter-Clockwise Loop), Line 4 Trains(To Tangjiatuo)

Loop Line & Line 4 PlatformsEdit

Platform Layout

2 island platforms are built for Loop Line trains & Line 4 trains.

Platform on B2
To  4  Guihuayuan Track Reserved 4/01 Track Reserved
Island Platform

Doors open on the left

Clockwise Loop 0/14 To  Loop  Haixialu
Platform on B3
Train Terminates Here →← 4/01 →← To  4  Tangjiatuo & Shichuan
Island Platform

Doors open on the left

To Loop Chongqing Library 0/14 Anti-Clockwise Loop


There are a total of 4 entrances/exits currently in use for the station. Exits 2, 4A & 4B are under construction.

Exit To
1A Ren'he Avenue, Tianlong Road
1B Ren'he Avenue, West Taihu Road
3A Taishan Avenue, Yungang Road
3B Taishan Avenue, Yungang Road, Tongxing Primary School


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  • Min'an Avenue
  • Ren'he Avenue
  • Taishan Avenue
  • Tianlong Road
  • Yungang Road
  • Tongxing Primary School

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