Mimí Bechelani is a Mexican screenwriter. She has spent her entire career writing for Televisa. Bechelani has also been a radio announcer, as well as a writer of poetry, novels, dramas, films, and theater scripts.


Although her father died when she was young, Bechelani received a good education, studying painting, English, French, history and theater. She accompanied Amparo Villegas to New York to dub English films in Spanish. There, she also worked as a theater actress. In 1952, she worked at Radio Femenina. Bechelani worked as a school teacher. She married a doctor, but they had no children.

Bechelani has written extensively, creating more than 200 works for radio and television.[1] She is best known for being the author of the 1959 telenovela, Teresa. It was made into a film in 1961 (starring Maricruz Olivier) and was remade into four telenovelas, three with that title.[2]

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  • (1970) Fuego al sol; poemas eróticos


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