Millville Public Schools

Millville Public Schools is a school district that serves students in pre-kindergarten-twelfth grade from the city of Millville, in Cumberland County, New Jersey, United States. The district is one of 31 former Abbott districts statewide,[3] which are now referred to as "SDA Districts" based on the requirement for the state to cover all costs for school building and renovation projects in these districts under the supervision of the New Jersey Schools Development Authority.[4][5]

Millville Public Schools
110 North Third Street
Millville, NJ 08332
District information
SuperintendentDr. Shelly Schneider (Interim)
Business administratorRichard Davidson
Affiliation(s)Former Abbott district
Students and staff
Enrollment5,521 (as of 2017-18)[1]
Faculty499.1 FTEs
Student-teacher ratio13:1 Student to Teachers
Other information
District Factor GroupA
Ind. Per pupil District
%± vs.
1ATotal Spending$18,37247$18,891−2.7%
1Budgetary Cost14,5985514,783−1.3%
2Classroom Instruction8,197308,763−6.5%
6Support Services2,972892,39224.2%
8Administrative Cost1,535681,4853.4%
10Operations & Maintenance1,683561,783−5.6%
13Extracurricular Activities20233268−24.6%
16Median Teacher Salary59,4962664,043
Data from NJDoE 2014 Taxpayers' Guide to Education Spending.[2]
*Of K-12 districts with more than 3,500 students. Lowest spending=1; Highest=103

As of the 2017-18 school year, the district's 10 schools had an enrollment of 5,521 students with a student–teacher ratio of 13:1.[6]

The district is classified by the New Jersey Department of Education as being in District Factor Group "A", the lowest of eight groupings. District Factor Groups organize districts statewide to allow comparison by common socioeconomic characteristics of the local districts. From lowest socioeconomic status to highest, the categories are A, B, CD, DE, FG, GH, I and J.[7]

The district has high school sending/receiving relationships with Commercial Township, Lawrence Township and Maurice River Township.[8][9] Students from Woodbine had attended the district's high school programs until a July 2013 ruling by the New Jersey Department of Transportation under which Woodbine students would start attending Middle Township High School as of September 2014, while Woodbine students who had already started attendance in Millville would be allowed to graduate.[10]


Schools in the district with 2017-18 enrollment data from the NJ School Performance Report[11]) are:


Child Family Center[12]

Enrollment | 614 students

The Child Family Center is a fully inclusive public preschool with certified LEAP teachers. All teachers have been trained in inclusion protocol & Creative Curriculum. Family engagement is a focus of the Child Family Center. This focus supports young learners and their families in the acquisition of knowledge, skills, and emotional well being necessary for a successful school and life experience.[13]

  • JoAnn Deckert Burns - Principal
  • Chris Barlas - Vice Principal

Primary Schools (K-5)Edit

R.M. Bacon Elementary School[14]

Enrollment | 303 students

Bacon Elementary School is home of the Bacon Bears. RM Bacon has earned numerous awards for their dedication to providing an learning environment that promotes a healthy lifestyle, including the earned national distinction as a Healthy School through the Alliance for a Healthier Generation. In addition, RM Bacon has won Silver and Bronze Medals for their dedication to providing healthy snacks, exercise, and healthy information to the community and received the 2015 Let's Move! Active Schools National Award from the White House.

Bacon is proud of their commitment to providing students access to technology. The school is nearing a 1:1 with technology access and each classroom is home to a SmartBoard.

  • Michael Coyle - Principal
Holly Heights Elementary School [15]

Enrollment | 533 students

Holly Heights Elementary School is home to the Hawks. The students and staff at Holly Heights are committed to working together in order to create a safe, kind, and caring school. As a Holly Heights Hawk, students can look forward to monthly Hawk Pride assemblies to honor fellow students of the months. Among the strong traditions at Holly Heights, students assist with monarch butterflies and diamondback terrapin turtles each year. The school also proudly assists the New Jersey Blue Bird Society in banding fledglings that have hatched from boxes on our site.

  • Stephen Saul - Principal
  • Patricia Tyszka - Vice Principal
Mt. Pleasant Elementary School [16]

Enrollment | 239 students

Mt. Pleasant is home of the Panther and Panther Pride! Mt. Pleasant continues invest in technology centered classroom opportunities, including access to Accelerated Reader equipped technology centers in each classroom. Among the traditions that Panthers can look forward to are the Read Across America Festivities each year.

  • Arlene Jenkins - Principal
Rieck Avenue Elementary School[17]

Enrollment | 493 students

Rieck Avenue is home of the Jets! Rieck Avenue is proud to offer their students arts-infused curriculum which enhances the Common Core curriculum. Each year, the third grade students have the opportunity to work with Young Audiences of New Jersey for eight weeks. In addition, students whose native language is Spanish are eligible to receive bilingual instruction in academic subjects.

Rieck Avenue Jets can look forward to participating in monthly Jet Pride assemblies which celebrate Citizens of the Month. Citizens of the Month are chosen to celebrate a monthly character trait.

  • Dr. Brian Robinson - Principal
  • Dannette Boone - Vice Principal
Silver Run Elementary School[18]

Enrollment | 555 students

Silver Run Elementary School is home of the Sharks. Silver Run's school community seeks to create an environment that supports students academic, social, emotional, and behavioral growth. Morning mindful practices and breakfast in the classroom ensure students start the day with success in mind.[19]

  • Eric Reissek - Principal
  • John Newsome, Sr. - Vice Principal

Middle Schools (Grades 6 -8)Edit

Lakeside Middle School[20]

Enrollment | 1,058 students

Lakeside Middle School seeks to create a caring environment where everyone feels safe and secure. Our school promotes a challenging learning environment that engages students with real-life and real-world student-centered instruction. All students are expected to strive for excellence and to achieve their highest potential.

Lakeside Middle School is proud to be a National Demonstration School for the AVID (Advancement Via Individualized Determination) Program.

Students at Lakeside Middle School have an opportunity to participate in diverse selection of after school clubs. Among the available choices are Math Club, Lego Club, Stage Crew, Soccer, Cross Country, Basketball, Wrestling, Yearbook, Student Council, Honor Society, and more...

  • Spike Cook - Principal
  • Scott Godfrey - Vice Principal - 6th Grade
  • Ishmael Jimenez - Vice Principal - 7th Grade
  • Amanda Gaunt- Vice Principal - 8th Grade

High Schools (Grades 9 - 12)Edit

Millville High SchoolEdit

Millville High School is home of Thunderbolt and #BoltPride.

Currently Millville High School includes Millville Memorial High School, Millville Senior High School, and the Thunderbolt Academy. Currently, Millville Senior High School is undergoing a major expansion. When completed, the Senior High School will include 230,000 square feet of additions and 58,000 square feet of renovations that will increase student capacity to accommodate more than 2,000 students in 9th - 12th grade.[21]

Students at Millville have a variety study choices available to them. Students have many choices available to them in choosing their pathway including Career and Technical Education Programs, college preparedness courses, and advanced placement courses. In addition, students at Millville High School have an opportunity to participate in the Early College High School partnership with Rowan College of South Jersey - Vineland Campus where students can take college courses while still attending the high school.

  • Stephanie DeRose - Principal
Memorial High School [22]

Grades | 9 and partial 10

Enrollment | 754 students

  • Robert Domico - Vice-Principal, 9th Grade
  • Steve Platt - Vice-Principal, 10th Grade
  • Zach Wurcel - Support Services
Millville Senior High School[23]

Grades | 10-12 Enrollment | 915 students

  • Jason Kessler - Vice-Principal
  • Kristin McManus - Vice Principal
  • Jaime Sutton - Vice Principal
Thunderbolt Academy [24]

The Thunderbolt Academy is a partnership between Millville Public Schools and Camelot Education. Camelot serves communities requiring a best in class alternative setting for students facing behavioral, emotional or academic obstacles. [25]

    • Harry Drew - Principal


Core members of the district's administration are:[26][27]

  • Dr. Shelly Schneider, Interim Superintendent
  • Richard Davidson, Business Administrator / Board Secretary


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