Milliyet Çocuk was a Turkish language children's magazine which existed between 1972 and 1990 with one-year hiatus.

Milliyet Çocuk
CategoriesChildren's magazine
Final issue1990
Based inIstanbul

History and profile edit

Milliyet Çocuk was launched in 1972.[1] The magazine was part of Milliyet group which was owned by Karacan family and produced Milliyet newspaper.[2] Milliyet Çocuk was a supplement to Milliyet until 1974 when it became an independent publication.[2] It featured several cartoon serials such as Larry Yuma by Carlo Boscarato and Claudio Nizzi and Lucky Luke by Morris and René Goscinny.[2] The magazine folded in 1976 due to the low circulation levels.[2] Next year Milliyet Çocuk was restarted as a weekly magazine, and the founding editor-in-chief was a Turkish poet, Ülkü Tamer.[2] The magazine became a success soon after its restart and sold nearly 100,000 copies.[2] In the second period Milliyet Çocuk featured work by significant literary figures.[3] The magazine folded in April 1989.[4]

Milliyet Çocuk was restarted on 5 January 1990, but it permanently ceased publication only after two issues.[4]

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