Mill Creek Canyon Earthworks

The Mill Creek Canyon Earthworks is a public park, storm water detention dam and Modernist "masterpiece" of environmental art located in Kent, Washington, United States.[1] The earthworks was created by Bauhaus artist Herbert Bayer in 1982 and designated a landmark by King County Landmarks Commission in 2008.[2] The earthworks site covers 2.5 acres (1.0 ha).[3][4]

Mill Creek Earthworks Park
TypePublic park
LocationKent, Washington, Washington, United States
Coordinates47°22′59″N 122°13′26″W / 47.383°N 122.224°W / 47.383; -122.224Coordinates: 47°22′59″N 122°13′26″W / 47.383°N 122.224°W / 47.383; -122.224
Area2.5 acres (1.0 ha)

In 2008, the earthworks was upgraded to handle a 10,000-year flood by raising the dam approximately 2 feet (0.61 m).[5]

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