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The following table contains the Military ranks of the Hungarian Army. Both Land Forces and Air Force ranks are all the same. Hungary is a landlocked country and does therefore not possess a navy. Information taken from the Hungarian Ministry of Defence (HMoD).


Enlisted and non-commissioned officersEdit

NATO Code OR-9 OR-8 OR-7 OR-6 OR-5 OR-4 OR-3 OR-2 OR-1
Főtörzszászlós Törzszászlós Zászlós Főtörzsőrmester Törzsőrmester Őrmester Szakaszvezető Tizedes Őrvezető Közkatona
Literal translation Chief Staff Flagbearer, Chief Staff Ensign Staff Flagbearer, Staff Ensign Flagbearer, Ensign Chief Staff Guard-Master Staff Guard-Master Guard-Master Platoon-Leader Squad (leader), Decurion Guard-Leader,
Patrol Leader
English rank name Chief Warrant Officer Master Warrant Officer Warrant Officer Sergeant First Class Staff Sergeant Sergeant Corporal Private First Class Private (PV2) Private (PV1)


NATO code OF-10 OF-9 OF-8 OF-7 OF-6 OF-5 OF-4 OF-3 OF-2 OF-1 OF(D) Student officer
No equivalent                     No equivalent No insignia
Vezér­ezredes Altáb­ornagy Vezér­őrnagy Dandár­tábornok Ezredes Alezredes Őrnagy Százados Főhadnagy Hadnagy Honvéd­tisztje­lölt
Literal translation Chief Regiment (leader), Chief Regimental Commander Vice field marshal Leader Guard-Major Brigade-General Regiment (leader), Regimentist Junior Regiment (leader), Junior Regimentist Guard-Major Squadron (leader), Centurion Chief Military-Major Military-Major, Army-Major
English rank name General, Colonel General Lieutenant General Major General Brigadier General Colonel Lieutenant Colonel Major Captain First Lieutenant Second Lieutenant

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