Mikhail Mikhailovich Golitsyn (Field Marshal)

Prince Mikhail Mikhailovich Golitsyn or Galitzin (Russian: Михаи́л Миха́йлович Голи́цын, tr. Michaíl Michájlovič Golícyn; 1 November 1675 in Moscow – 10 December 1730) was a Russian Imperial field marshal (1725) and a president of the College of War (1728—1730). He was also known as a governor of Finland (1714–1721) during the "Great Discord". From 1728 he was a member of the Supreme Privy Council.[1] He was the son of Mikhail Andreyevich Golitsyn and spouse of Tatyana Borisovna Golitsyna.

Mikhail Mikhailovitch Golitsyn

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  • Asteroid 7161 Golitsyn was named after him.
  • A park in Moscow, established on the site of Golitsyn's city mansion and public garden.


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