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Mikail (Mikhail) Safarbekovich Gutseriev (Russian: Михаи́л Сафарбе́кович Гуцери́ев; born 9 March 1958 in Akmolinsk, Kazakh SSR, Soviet Union) is an Ingush entrepreneur, Doctor of Economics, poet,[1] member of the Union of Writers of the Russian Federation. The major shareholder of the SAFMAR Group,[2][3] which includes PJSC "RussNeft", JSC Neftisa, JSC "Russian Coal", PJSC Mospromstroy,[4] A101 Group, JSC NPF Safmar, JSC Doveriye, NPF Mospromstroy-Fund, JSC "LC "Europlan", "VSK" insurance company and many others. He owns controlling stakes in the largest Russian retail companies – PJSC M.video and JSC Eldorado. He is the owner of a UK-based GCM Global Energy Inc., which produces crude oil in Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan.[5] He controls major real estate assets (including the National Hotel, Petrovsky Passage and Smolensky Passage shopping centres in Moscow, and many others). Mr. Gutseriev is a member of the Management Board of the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs.

Mikhail Gutseriev
Mikail (Mikhail) Safarbekovich Gutseriev

(1958-03-09) 9 March 1958 (age 62)
Alma materGubkin Russian State University of Oil and Gas
Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation
Known forchairman of the board of directors PJSC Russneft, owner
Net worthIncreaseUS$6.4 billion (March 2017)

Since 2002, he has been the permanent participant of the Forbes annual ranking of 200 richest Russians, where, as of 2017, he has taken 20th place with $ 6.4 billion. Since 2015, the Gutseriev family has been named №1 in the «The Richest Families of Russia» ranking (also by the Forbes magazine) with a total fortune of $ 9.91 billion (as of 2017)[6][7][8].


Saad Gutseriev, Commissary of Western Georgia and Sukhumi, 1908
Father, Safarbek Saadovich, 1973

His paternal grandfather, Saad Gutseriev, was born in 1882 in the outskirts of Vladikavkaz. At nine-years-old, he crossed the Cross Pass and moved to Tbilisi, Georgia. He completed a non-classical secondary school, was trained at the Special Gendarme Corps of the Russian Imperial Army, and subsequently was educated in law. Saad Gutseriev served as a Commissary of Western Georgia and Sukhumi. During this time, he moved to Vladikavkaz, where he ran a business, owning the starch and distilling factories. After the Russian Revolution, Saad Gutseriev occupied management positions in various enterprises under the Commissariat of Local Industry. In 1944 Saad was repressed, his house was confiscated and his whole family was exiled to Kazakhstan, where he remained until his death in 1948. Nowadays, the most contemporary and chic hotel in Astana, erected by funding from the Gutseriev family, bears the name of Gutseriev's grandfather – Saad-Mariott.

Mikhail Gutseriev`s father, Safarbek Saadovich, was born in 1920, graduated from Law School in 1941, and in 1971 graduated from the North Ossetian State University with a degree in Economics of Trade. During World War II, he served in the procuratorial offices and at the age of 23 headed the district prosecutor's office. After the deportation of Ingush people to Kazakhstan in 1944, Safarbek Gutseriev served as a senior investigator for special cases of the Akmolinsk Regional Administration of the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs. In 1948 he was illegally repressed and sentenced to 25 years imprisonment and a subsequent 5-year exile settlement, having been fully deprived of his rights. "For seven years, day by day, my father had been sending two letters to Stalin. One of them was written from his own name. The other one, signed by my mother, was composed by his friend, also a convict. My father sent over 5 000 letters in total", recalls Mikhail Gutseriev. Half a year after Stalin's death, Safarbek Gutseriev was freed, reinstated in the Party, and in 1955, he was fully rehabilitated. After the War, he took up various management positions of a regional level: Head of Production and Processing Equipment Agency of Tselinstroy, Head of Construction and Erection Directorate, and of number of other industrial and retail enterprises. He was given 11 state awards.

Gutseriev's mother, Marem Yakubovna Akhil`gova (1924—1998), was a housewife. She held an honorary title "Mother-heroine" for giving birth and educating 9 children.

Safmar, the name of the industrial and financial group, was composed of the letters of the names of his parents, Safarbek and Marem.


Mikhail Gutseriev was born on 9 March 1958 in a large Ingush family in Akmolinsk. His family was repressed and exiled to Kazakhstan. He finished high school No. 23 in Grozny, Checheno-Ingushskaya ASSR. The school, completely destroyed during the First Chechen War, in 2005 was rebuilt with Gutseriev`s financial support.[9][10][11][12]

In 1975 Gutseriev started his labor activity as a loader, working for an import company in Grozny. From 1976 he worked as a reel operator of a silkscreening workshop at the Dzhambul Factory of Folk Arts and Crafts, then till 1982 – as a supervising foreman of a sewing workshop at the same factory. Simultaneously he studied at the evening department of the Chemical Processing Faculty of the Institute of Technology, Dzhambul, Kazakh SSR, majoring in "Leather and Furs".

From 1982 Gutseriev worked as a process engineer, later on – as a senior process engineer of Grozny Production Association at the RSFSR Ministry of Local Industry, Grozny. It took him only four years to advance from a process engineer to the CEO of the Association, having become the youngest CEO among managers of manufacturing enterprises of the USSR.[13]

In 1988 Mikhail Gutseriev founded a Russian-Italian joint venture, the first one in the Northern Caucasus, the CHIITAL furniture factory. He also became a pioneer of private banking business in the USSR: in the same year, he founded "Kavkaz", one of the first cooperative banks in this country.[14] In 1991, Gutseriev was elected Chairman of Businessmen Association of Checheno-Ingush ASSR.

In 1992, when Dzhokhar Dudayev took power, Gutseriev had to leave his business and moved to Moscow, where he founded industrial and financial company "BIN" (Bank of Investments and Innovations), uniting industrial, trading and financial enterprises. In 1993 he founded and headed the Joint Stock Commercial Bank BIN.

1994 marked Gutseriev's development of the free economic zone for residents, the first one in the post Soviet countries, called the Zone of economic well-being Ingushetia" (ZEWI). On 19 June 1994 the Government of the Russian Federation issued Resolution No. 740 on establishing ZEWI and appointed Gutseriev as the Head of its Financial sector. Within 4 years, the Republic received investments exceeding 200 mln USD, started construction of Magas, the capital of the Republic, an airport, vehicle roads and railway stations, university, lyceum. It also established television and radio companies as well as many other infrastructure and producing objects.[15]

In 1995 he graduated from Finance Academy under the Government of Russian Federation, majoring in "Finance and Credits", Gubkin Russian State University of Oil and Gas, majoring in "Methods and Technology of Oil and Gas Engineering", St. Petersburg University of Law, majoring in "Civil Law" and Post graduate course at St. Petersburg University of Law, having received master's degree in "Criminal Procedural Law". Eventually he pursued Doctoral studies at the Plekhanov Russian University of Economics, majoring in "Free Economic Zones".

In 1996 he defended his PhD thesis on "Criminality in major cities: State of affairs and prevention problems on the materials of Moscow and Saint-Petersburg in Saint-Petersburg Law University, PhD in Law.[16]

In 1998 he defended his doctorate thesis on "Establishing and developing the zones of economic well-being: methodology and practice" in the Plekhanov Russian University of Economics, Doctor of Economics.

In 1995 he was elected as deputy to the State Duma, where he took up the post of Deputy chairman.[17] Due to his position, he sold a 100% stake of AKB B&N (BIN) and thus from the equity of the bank. In 1996 Mikhail Gutseriev initiated, developed and proposed for consideration of the State Duma a regulation on establishing a "Center for International Business", a standard offshore zone for non-residents. The State Duma approved the Federal Law on the ‘’Center for International Business" (No. 16-FZ), with the major provisions compiling with general regulations of the laws on international businesses. The president approved the Law on 30 January 1996. The Law was effective for 1 year and international non-residents started their registration. Unfortunately the economic crisis of 1998, a strong decline in the Ruble exchange rate, and further default made the government suspend the effect of the law which has been in a “sleeping mode” so far.

In 1999 for the second time Gutseriev was elected a State Duma Deputy for the Third Convocation of the Federal Assembly. However, on 14 January 2000, Gutseriev was elected as the President of Slavneft at the extraordinary meeting of shareholders of the Company and had to turn down the Deputy's mandate.

On 27 February 2001, Gutseriev was elected the Vice President of the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs.[18]

In February 2001, he was elected as the acting member of the public organization of the Russian Academy of natural sciences for an outstanding contribution into development of Economics and merits and influential role of oil the industry in Russia.

In 2002 the stocks of Slavneft were sold to Sibneft Consortium (now Gazpromneft) and Tyumen Oil Company for USD 1.86 bn, and Gutseriev established and became a head of OJSC NK “RussNeft” in 2002.

In September 2002, Gutseriev founded and ran RussNeft, the oil and gas company.

In 2007 he moved to London, due to fears of persecution and legal repercussions in Russia.

On 7 May 2010 Mikhail Gutseriev came back to Russia in order to visit the tombs of his parents and son[19][20][21].

Gutseriev is the biggest owner of the commercial real estate on Tverskaya Street in Moscow.[22]

In February 2015, bearing in mind massive expansion of the business of the two of his major oil companies JSC RussNeft and JSC Neftisa, he became the chairman of the board of directors both companies, having focused on the strategic management of his assets.[23]

Development of industrial companies owned by Mr. Gurtseriev allowed purchasing new assets leading to business great diversification. With the pursue of efficient management of the assets portfolio, the businessman established AO Safmar Group, a managing company. Mikhail Gutseriev became a head of the Group’s Board who defines the development strategy of the holding. Within the period from 2015 to 2020 Safmar was joined by M.Video, Eldorado, the leading retailers (Kuzbasskaya Toplivnaya Company, Krasnoyarskrayugol, etc.), oil producing assets (Sladkovsko-Zarechnoye located in Orenburg region), oil processing plants (Afipsky OPP), a number of construction and development holdings (A101), major logistics operators (MLP, etc.), non-government pension funds, leasing and insurance companies. Today Safmar is among Top-5 Russian major multi-sectoral holdings, its total revenue reached USD 1.5 tn, the number of staff exceeded 100 k people.

In 2017 Slavkaliy, another company owned by Gutseriev started to construct a potash complex in Belarus worth USD 2.1 bn. This is the greatest project being implemented by a private company in the CIS countries. The company owned by Gutseriev constructed Renaissance Hotel in Minsk. Mikhail Gutseriev also owns the business aviation terminal in the capital’s airport and former leisure center of the Presidents Administration Office “Krasnoselskoye”, transformed into the reception house.

In December 2017 Mikhail Gutseriev actively participated in approving the Decree No. 8 on the development of digital economy, which set a regulatory basis for a revolutionary IT development in the Republic of Belarus. The Decree included Innovative Laws, regulating in particular block chain and cryptocurrency technologies. Belarus became the first country in the world which legalized Smart contracts. In January 2019, the first cryptocurrency exchange in the CIS countries was launched in Belarus under the abovementioned Decree. Gutseriev was the major investor in the cryptocurrency exchange. The exchange allows trading and investing into traditional financial instruments using the cryptocurrencies Bitcoin and Ethereum. Currency.com, established together with Viktor Prokopenya, became the first professional player at the cryptocurrency market in Russia.[24][25]

In January 2020, during another “oil conflict” between Minsk and Moscow, Lukashenko called on Gutseriev to fix the deliveries of the Russian oil before signing the contracts with the major suppliers. Herewith with that the volume of oil deliveries to Belarus by the companies owned by Gutseriev exceeded 700 thous. tons monthly, that is to say 35% of the total volume of oil deliveries to the Republic of Belarus.

Mikhail Gutseriev is the author of a monograph and an array of research publications on free economic free economic zones and offshore business issues in Russia.[26]

Since childhood Gutseriev has played music (violin, piano), and currently writes verses.[5] He is fluent in English.


Mikhail Gutseriev is married and has a son and a daughter[27] [28][29]

His elder son Chingiz, born in 1986, graduated from Harrow School and later from Warwick University in England. Later on he continued his studies in Gubkin State University of Oil and Gas. He died after car accident in 2007.[30][31]

Said, the younger son of Mikhail Gutseriev (born 18 April 1988) was educated at Harrow School, UK, and graduated from Oxford University (Archeology and Geology) and Plymouth University (Oil and Gas Faculty). He holds the British Passport He is an entrepreneur, CEO of Forteinvest, one of the Russian leading [[Oil refinery|refinery] companies, a shareholder of the Non-state "European Pension Fund." He is a BoD member of all the companies, owned by his father.

On March 26, 2016 Said married Hadizha Uzhakhova a 20-year student of Medical and Dental University. The wedding was held in Safisa Restaurant in Moscow. 600 guests enjoyed the performance by Jennifer Lopez, Sting, Enrique Iglesias and Alla Pugacheva. The wedding dress of the bride weighted 25 kg and cost tens millions of rubles. The wedding spiked controversial opinions, some called a fairy tale, others said it was fiddling while Rome burned.

Khamzat, the elder brother of Mikhail, is a Police General–Lieutenant. Starting from 1985 he headed the Criminal Investigation office of the Police, from 1990 to 1995 he was Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs, the Head of Criminal Investigation Police of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in Ingushetia. In 1995 he started working in St. Petersburg Institute of Law, from 1998 to 1999 he was the Deputy Director of St. Petersburg Academy of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia, from 1999-2002 he occupied the post of Minister of Internal Affairs in Ingushetia. In 2002 he planned to participate in the presidential elections in the Republic, but his candidacy was dropped and he moved to Moscow. From 2004 to 2010 he used to be a member of the Federation Council from Aginsk Buryat Autonomous District.

The younger brother of Mikhail, Sait-Salam is also a prominent businessman, use to be a Deputy of the State Duma of the Third and Fourth Convocation.

RussNeft caseEdit

In the end of July 2007 Mikhail Gutseriev in an open letter announced that authorities made an unprecedented pressure on him, and he was forced to sell RussNeft to the Basic Element holding, owned by loyal to the Kremlin Oleg Deripaska. Gutseriev stepped down as a President of RussNeft and announced his suspension of entrepreneurial activity (apart from RussNeft he owned Russian coal and many other companies) and his decision to move on to scientific endeavor.[32][33]

On 28 August 2007 The Tverskoy court of Moscow issued arrest warrant in absentia for Gutseriev, meeting the request of the Investigative Committee under the Ministry of Internal Affairs. Russia issues an international arrest warrant for Gutseriev.[34][35] At that moment Gutseriev had already been in London, having got US$3 billion from Oleg Deripaska from the RussNeft sale.[36]

On 16 October 2007 Gutseriev applied for political asylum to the Border and Immigration Agency of the Home Office[37][38] but this information was officially refuted.[39]

Near the end of October 2010, the Investigative Committee varied the preventive measure for Gutseriev from arrest in absentia on undertaking not to leave his usual place of residence.[40]

In January 2010 Gutseriev regained his control over the 100% of the oil company. By the mid-April 2010 all the charges against Gutseriev were dropped, the criminal cases were dismissed. In April 2010 it was announced that Gutseriev has sold 49% of the company to Joint-Stock Financial Corporation Sistema and 2% more to Sberbank of Russia.[41]

In the summer of 2013 Mikhail Gutseriev once again became the sole owner of JSC RussNeft.[42]

Media BusinessEdit

In 2010 Mikhail Gutseriev became the key player in the broadcasting market of the Russian Federation, owning a total of eight Media and Radio stations.[43]

In June 2012 he acquired broadcasting stations "Просто Радио" (Moscow, 94 FM) and "Dobriye Pesni" (Moscow, 94.4 FM) from Alexander Lebedev.[44] Subsequently, on the first frequency there appeared the station "Vostok FM" and on the second frequency – "Vesna FM".

On 30 January 2013 it became known that 75% of the shares of Krutoy Media Holding (Love Radio, Radio Dacha and Taxi FM) were purchased by Mikhail Gutseriev`s structures, while the remaining 25% were kept by Igor Krutoy. At the moment of the transaction, Mikhail Gutseriev had already owned two broadcasting stations "Vostok FM" and "Vesna FM"and the new owners announced the preservation of the old program policy of holding the value of which was estimated then at USD 50–60 million.[45][46]

In November 2013 he acquired Finam FM Broadcasting station (Moscow, 99.6 FM),[47] which together with"Vostok FM" and "Vesna FM" formed Izyum Holding.[43]

For two years Mikhail Gutseriev managed to create a big media holding, occupying the leading positions in the Moscow Region by respect of the frequencies number (the second place after Gazprom-Media).[46]

In April 2015 Mikhail Gutseriev purchased 100% of "Radio Shanson". The transaction was estimated at US$50–60 million, while Gutseriev said it was 60 million. For three years Mikhail Gutseriev managed to create a big media holding, occupying the leading positions in the Moscow Region by respect of the frequencies number (the second place after Gazprom-Media).

In 2016 he purchased Russian Hit internet station, its format formed the basis for the future like-named radio station..[48]

In January 2017 Mikhail Gutseriev became an owner of Bridge Media Group, one of the largest television holdings of the country that includes number of the popular music channels.[49]

In November 2017 Mikhail Gutseriev purchased one more major Russian federal radio station, its name was not disclosed.

Poetry creationEdit

In 2013 the Litera literary club, popularizing poetry in the Internet, posted on the net the cycle of video clips where young Moscow and Saint Petersburg actors recite poems by Mikhail Gutseriev. In 2014 this initiative was further artistically elaborated by a well-known film and theatre director Mikhail Levitin Jr. From 2014 to 2018 he, together with Mosfilm Studio, made several video series, based on the poet`s works, which are of great popularity both in literary and artistic circles and in the media of Internet. Among them are the following:

  • 2014 – "Verses by Mikhail Gutseriev" video series, including 9 poems.
  • 2015 – two films " The Last Love" and "Seventeen Years and Seven Weeks", in which 20 works of Gutseriev have been presented.
  • 2016 – "This night is unforgettable" and "Me, from Disgrace to Thorns", which are based on 14 verses of the master.
  • 2018 – "One day before the final" series with 10 poems.

In those films that are an exponents of the new form of fusion between poetry and movie making, the Gutseriev`s verses are recited by outstanding actors, such as Valentin Gaft.

Шт 2015 - 2019 the poetic works by Mikhail Gutseriev have been published in leading literary and artistic periodicals of the country, namely ("Our Contemporary", "Moscow" and others).

Song creationEdit

Mikhail Gutseriev got involved with the poetry in his young days.[50]

Нis songs are performed by wide range of the Russian singers:[51] Joseph Kobzon,[52][53][54] Laima Vaikule, Nikolay Baskov, Sofia Rotaru, Grigory Leps, Valeriya, Stas Mikhaylov,[55] Irina Krug,[56] Avraam Russo, Kristina Orbakaite,[57] Alexander Buinov,[58][59][60] Nadezhda Kadysheva, Alexander Malinin, Taisia Povaliy, Philipp Kirkorov, Maksim Pokrovsky,[61][62][63][64][65] Mikhail Shufutinsky,[66][67] Stas Piekha,[68] Alexander Marshal, Natasha Koroleva, Slava, Denis Klyaver, Lyubov Uspenskaya, Mitya Fomin, Anastasia Stotskaya, Nikolay Rastorguev, Alsou, Zara, Turetsky Choir Art Group, Katya Lel, Batyrkhan Shukenov, Lara Fabian, Mark Tishman, Nikolay Trubach, Sergei Lubavin, Anzhelika Agurbash, Lyudmila Sokolova, Ani Lorak, Vlad Topalov, Vitas, Alla Pugacheva, Dima Bilan, Dmitry Malikov, Tatiana Bulanova, Anna Semenovich, Zheka, Natalya Vlasova, Yaseniya, Alexey Glyzin, Tamara Gverdtsiteli, Yuri Smyslov.

More than one hundred various types of works were written by Gutseriev together with composers Kim Breitburg, Igor Krutoy, Sergey Revtov, Igor Zubkov, Victor Drobysh, Sergey Bakumenko, Igor Azarov and others.

Three songs on the lyrics of Gutseriev have become laureates of "Song of the Year-2012" festival, namely<:[69][70][71][72] "Two lives", performed by Alexander Buinov, (lyrics – M. Gutseriev, music – A. Buinov), "Joke", performed by Stas Mikhaylov (lyrics – M. Gutseriev, music – Stas Mikhaylov) and "Habitat of Love", performed by Rada Rye (lyrics – M. Gutseriev, music – V. Klimenkov, A. Atash and S. Akalin).

At the traditionally held in Yurmala "Novaya Volna 2013" Music Contest, the songs by Mikhail Gutseriev were performed by Laima Vaikule ("A Wild Tango"), Kristina Orbakaite ("Disguise"), Joseph Kobzon ("Soul"), while at "Novaya Volna-2014" – by Denis Klyaver ("A Fanciful Dream"), Philipp Kirkorov ("A Loveless Idol"), Natasha Koroleva ("Apricot Dreams"), Nikolay Baskov ("Cherry-Blossom Love"). Conducted in Sochi city-resort, "Novaya Volna-2015" has hosted Nikolay Baskov with "Love is not just words', Valeriya ("The Formula of Happiness"), Alexander Kogan ("I'm waiting for your call"), Ani Lorak ("Autumn love"), Philipp Kirkorov ("Indigo") and Alla Pugacheva ("The heart pulls its hands"). The following songs by Mikhail Gutseriev were performed on the "Novaya Volna 2016": "Tea with milk" by Taisia Povaliy, "I'm tired of walking" by Natasha Koroleva, "I'll ascend after you to the heaven" by Tamara Gverdtsiteli, "For so many straight years" by Jaseniya, "I`ll give my love to you" by Nikolay Baskov, "Chimera" by Philipp Kirkorov, "Indivisible" by Dima Bilan, and "One Hundred Weeks" by Alexander Buinov. Novaya Volna 2017 witnessed performance of the new songs by Mikhail Gutseriev: "Stone on Heart" (Polina Gagarina), "I don't believe it" (Philipp Kirkorov), "We share insomnia" (Kristina Orbakaite), "Landmark of Love" (Tamara Gavrdtsetelli),"Autumn under my shoes" (Natasha Koroleva), "Early Winter" (Aleksandr Buinov), "Heart is the house of love" (Taisiya Povaliy), "Greyish Black Eyes" (Nikolai Baskov), "I miss the way we used to be" Grigoriy Leps.

In the number of songs Gutseriev also acted as a composer: it was, for instance, in the songs "About love sometimes they say ..."[73] performed by Alexander Malinin, "Do not judge me, sweetheart"[74] by Rada Rye, as well as "The Girl in White" by Lyudmila Sokolova.


The People`s Artist of Russia Joseph Kobzon sings "The Soul" and "Cherry-Blossom Love", which were presented as video in the end of May 2013.[52][53]

"Love Story" composition based on the verses of Mikhail Gutseriev and performed by Mikhail Shufutinsky gave the title to the concert of the singer, which was timed to coincide with his 65th anniversary and took place on 13 April 2013 in Moscow.[66]

Four of Gutseriev`s songs were included in the album by Maxim Pokrovsky: "Moscow Traffic Jams", 'Yellow Glasses", 'Eyes of Love" and "Asia 80".[61][75]

From 2010 to 2017 five albums of songs on the verses of Mikhail Gutseriev have been released: "Habitat of Love", "We are afraid to love", "A time to love", "The formula of happiness" and "Tea with milk".[76][77]

In December 2013 Mikhail Gutseriev received 8 diplomas of the annual music festival "Song of a year 2013" for the lyrics he wrote for the following songs: "A Wild Tango", performed by Laima Vaikule (music – Sergey Revtov), "A Fanciful Dream" by Denis Klyaver (music –Sergey Revtov), «Soul Chill" performed by Stas Mikhaylov (music – Stas Mikhaylov), «Cherry-Coloured Roses", performed by Joseph Kobzon (Music – Andrey Pryazhnikov), «Moscow Traffic Jams" performed by Maxim Pokrovsky (муз. Maxim Pokrovsky), "Fear of Loving" performed by Valeriya (Music – Dmitry Dubinsky), «Three Days" performed by Sofia Rotaru (Music-Oleg Makarevich), «Desguise" performed by Kristina Orbakaite (Music-Kim Breitburg).

On 7 December 2013 at the Music Festival "Song of a year 2013" Mikhail Gutseriev was awarded the Robert Rozhdestvensky Special Prize in nomination "Best Poet of the Year". He received 9 awards in total at this contest alone.[78]


In November 2014 Mikhail Gutseriev won the prestigious "Golden Gramophone" music contest. His songs "Fear of Loving" performed by Valeriya (music by D. Dubinsky) and "A fanciful Dream" (performed by Denis Klyaver, music by S. Revtov) were recognized as laureates of the contest.[79]

In December 2014, 12 songs composed on the lyrics of Gutseriev became the laureates of "Song of a year 2014" and the author himself was recognized as "Best poet of a year" for the second year straight: "A Loveless Idol", performed by Philipp Kirkorov (music by D. Kontopulos), "Cherry-Blossom Love" performed by Nikolay Baskov (music by I. Krutoy), "A Women`s fate – Men`s willpower" performed by Joseph Kobzon (music by M. Pokrovsky); "Московская осень" performed by Kristina Orbakaite (music by S. Revtov), «That time of love" performed by Valeriya (Music by I. Brylin), "Happiness above the Earth" Performed by Zara (music by Victor Drobysh, T. Leontiev), "Grief Does Not Matter" performed by Nepara duet (music by L. Molochnik, A. Zolotarev, R. Dzhanibekov), "Naughty because of you" performed by Natasha Koroleva and Alexander Marshal (music V. Kokhana), "Waiting for your call" performed by Alexander Kogan (music by V. Drobysh), "You are my happiness" performed by Alsou (music by I. Krutoy), "My mature one" performed by Slava (music by V. Kokhana), "Love of awairy swans" performed by Lara Fabian (music by I. Krutoy)[80].


In December 2015 Gutseriev once again was selected as the best author of "Song of a year"[74]. The following songs have become winners: "Warm mantle of your arms" performed by Taisia Povaliy (music by V. Kokhana), "Indigo" performed by Philipp Kirkorov (music by Tomislav Brkić, Zoran Savin), "Love is not just words" performed by Nikolay Baskov (music by I. Krutoy), "Formula of happiness" performed by Valeriya (music by S. Revtov), "Oughts and crosses" performed by Victor Rybin and Natalia Senchukova (music by A. Sokolov), "Incongruous love" performed by Stas Piekha (Music by Victor Drobysh and T. Leontiev), "One-woman man" performed by Slava (music by S. Revtov), "That year of Love" performed by Zara (music by V. Kokhana), "Bitter savour of elderberry" performed by Lyubov Uspenskaya (music by I. Azarov), "Autumn love" performed by Ani Lorak (music by A. Ronamof), "I promise I`ll be back to you" performed by Denis Klyaver (music by S. Bakumenko), "No word for "Me" ", performed by Natasha Koroleva (music by A. Pryazhnikov), "I understand, you are tired" performed by Stas Mikhaylov (music by S. Mikhaylov).


In April 2016 at the 15th anniversary "Сhanson of the Year" music festival conducted at the State Kremlin Palace 9 songs to Mikhail Gutseriev's verses were acknowledged as laureates of an authoritative contest, among them: "Habitat of Love", performed by Rada Rye ( music — V. Klimenkov, A. Atash and S. Akalin), "Chanel", performed by Irina Krug (music by D. Dubinsky), " Don't Be Afraid of Love"(Don't fear of Love) performed by Tatiana Bulanova (music by K. Kostomarov), "I just love in slow fashion", performed by Mikhail Shufutinsky (music by I. Zubkov), "Wild nights", performed by Alexander Marshal (music by Maxim Pokrovsky), "Your Hands Are Laying at the Colour Velvet" performed by Alexander Buinov (music by L. Molochnik, A. Zolotarev), " Warm mantle of your arms ", performed by Taisia Povaliy (music by V. Kokhana), "Rainbow, the smile of God" (Rainbow, Divine performed by "Turetsky Choir Art Group" (music by S. Revtov), "A Troublemaker", performed by Stas Mikhaylov (music by Stas Mikhaylov).

Again, in December 2016 Mikhail Gutseriev acknowledged as the best poet of the 45th "Song of a year" anniversary festival, he was honoured with the "Poet of the Year" statuette. The following songs to the verses of Mikhail Gutseriev were distinguished with the diplomas: "Don't call me" performed by Alla Pugacheva (music by A. Ktitarev), " I`ll give my love to you" performed by Nikolay Baskov (music by I. Krutoy), "Indivisible" performed by Dima Bilan (music by D. Kovalsky), "He and She" performed by Alexey Glyzin and Valeriya (music by D. Dvoretsky and V. Uslanov), " Chimera "performed by Philipp Kirkorov (music by O. Zholtikov), "One hundred weeks" performed by Alexander Buinov (music by Mikhail Gutseriev and Andrey Ktitarev), "Crazy Happiness" performed by Anita Tsoy (music by V. Kokhana), "I am tired of…" performed by Natasha Koroleva (music by M. Pokrovsky), "A dream where we are alone" performed by Stas Mikhaylov (music by Stas Mikhaylov), "Tea with milk" performed by Taisia Povaliy (music by V. Kokhana), "Rainbow, the smile of God" performed by "Turetsky Choir Art Group" (music by S. Revtov and M. Gutseriev), "I'll ascend after you to the heaven" performed by Tamara Gverdtsiteli (music by L. Molochnik and A. Zolotarev).

And in December 2016 Mikhail Gutseriev for the umpteenth time came out a winner of a Golden Gramophone prestigious prize. His song "Indivisible" performed by Dima Bilan (a composer D. Kovalsky) became a laureate.


In April 2017 at the "Сhanson of the Year" song contest at the State Kremlin Palace already 12 hits by Mikhail Gutseriev performed by Russian pop-stars were given the prestigious award-statuettes: "I Understand You Are Tired" performed by Stas Mikhaylov (music by Stas Mikhaylov), "Crazy Happiness" performed by Anita Tsoy (music by V. Kokhana), "Bitter cure" performed by Rada Rye (music by Rashit Kiyamov), "Forgotten one" performed by Alexander Ivanov (music by S. Revtov [ru]), "Tea with milk" performed by Taisia Povaliy (music by V. Kokhana), "My heart is a shelter for love", performed by Taisia Povaliy (music by V. Kokhana), " I'll ascend after you to the heaven (barefooted)" performed by Tamara Gverdtsiteli (music by Leonid Molochnik and Alexey Zolotarev), "You do know that…" performed by "Turetsky Choir Art Group" (music by Andrey Ktitarev), "He and She" performed by Alexey Glyzin and Valeriya (music by Dmitry Dvoretsky and Vadim Uslanov), "One hundred weeks" performed by A. Buinov (music by Mikhail Gutseriev and Andrey Ktitarev), "Saffron yellow" performed by Evgeny Grigoriev (music by Alexander Lunev and Evgeny Grigoriev), "Interspaces of Love" performed by Irina Krug (music by V. Kokhana)

In November 2017 two songs by Mikhail Gutseriev were marked with the Golden Gramophone awards: "My Heart is a Shelter for Love" performed by Taisia Povaliy (music by V. Kokhana) и "Crazy Happiness" performed by Anita Tsoy (music by V. Kokhana).

In December 2017 Mikhail Gutseriev again received "Poet of the Year" award at the festival Song of the Year. 12 compositions were awarded by the diplomas of the festival, based on the verses of the poet: "I miss the way we used to be" Grigory Leps, "We share insomnia" Kristina Orbakaite, "Heavy heart" (Polina Gagarina), "In love and destined for happiness" (Stas Mikhailov), "Landmark of love" (Tamara Gvardtsitelli) and "Heart is the house of love" (Taisiya Povaliy). "Khimera" was marked as nomination the "Best music video", "I miss the way we used to be" won the "City Romance" and Mikhail Gutseriev received "Poet of the Year" award.


In April 2018 12 songs on the lyrics of the poet were the laureates of the XVII "Shanson of the Year" Award: "She was so young" performed by Mikhail Gutseriev (music by Igor Slutsky), "I miss the way we used to be", performed by Grigory Leps (music by Andrey Misin), "The house where my sorrow lives", performed by Tatyana Bulanova (music by Max Pokrovsky and Viktoriya Kokhana), "The only way it is", performed by Evgeny Grigoriyev (music by Evgeny Grigoriyev), "Early winter" performed by Alexandr Buinov (music by Pavel Sementsov), "Zinaida", performed by Na-Na (music by Viktoriya Kokhana), "Do not judge me, sweetheart", performed by Rada Rai (music by Segey Revtov and Mikhail Gutseriev), "Autumn under my shoes", performed by Natasha Koroleva (music by Viktoriya Kokhana and Alexandr Sokolov), "Heart is the house for love", performed by Taisiya Povaliy, "Happiness in debt of misfortune", performed by Taisiya Povaliy (music by Viktoriya Kokhana), "Loneliness", Zemlyane (music by Ruslan Schukin and Nikita Balakshin), "We are in love and destined for happiness" (music Sergey Revtov and Stas Mikhailov).

The concert held on 19 May 2018 and devoted to the oeuvre of Mikhail Gutseriev, received full attendance. Alla Pucheva, Philipp Kirkorov, Kristine Orbakaite, Nikolay Baskov, Tamara Gvardtsetelli, Natasha Koroleva, Aleksandr Buinov, Zhasmin, Mikhail Shufutinsky, Nataky, Aleksandr Malinin, Polina Gagarina, Zara, Stas Mikhailov and other singers. The leading media of Russia called it the "most vivid event of the 2018".

New Wave international music festival, which was held in Sochi, also widely celebrated the poet’s anniversary. Numerous songs written by the poet were performed there, among which “Night on the Clouds” (Aleksander Panayotov), “Sometimes one Whispers about Love” (Aleksander Malinin), “Happy Birthday” (N. Baskov), “Look into my Eyes” (Taisiya Povaliy), “Love has its Own Laws” (Zara), “Drowned Skies” (Aleksander Buynov), “The Fate” (Lolita), “Your Kiss” (Slava), “Love is Poison” (Denis Klyaver and Jasmine), “The Chimera” and “I don’t believe it” (Philipp Kirkorov).

Three songs by Mikhail Gutseriev were distinguished by Golden Gramophone, a prestigious award held in the Kremlin Palace on the 24thof November, among them “Look into my Eyes” (Taisiya Povaliy), “My King” (N. Baskov and Queens) and “Loneliness” (Zemlyane). Apart from that, the ceremony witnessed a premiere of the song “Don’t Hold a Grudge Against Me” performed by Vera Brezhneva and Elena Sever with the lyrics written by the poet.

As many as 10 of the poet’s songs received Song of the Year awards, the country’s major musical contest, which was held on December 1, 2018: “Happy Birthday” (N. Baskov), “Drowned Skies” (Aleksander Buynov), “Love of the Tired Swans” (Dimash Kudaybergenov), “Look into my Eyes” (Taisiya Povaliy), “Your Kiss” (Slava), “Love is Poison” (Denis Klyaver and Jasmine), “The Fate” (Lolita), “Night on the Clouds” (Aleksander Panayotov). Mikhail Gutseriev broke the contest’s record, as his 70 songs in total have become award-winning since 2012.

On December 7, 2018 the State Kremlin Palace held the fourth Victoria Award, the Russian national music ceremony. For the second year in a row Mr. Gutseriev was named the Poet of the Year, along with that 8 songs with the lyrics written by him were included into the short list of the award, among them “Night on the Clouds” (Aleksander Panayotov), “Look into my Eyes” (Taisiya Povaliy), “Please, Nirvana, Grant me Hope” (Vakhtang), “Sometimes you Whisper about Love” (Aleksander Malinin), “Autumn is a Cat in Red Boots” (Valeriy Sutkin), “She was Just a Girl” (Mikhail Shufutinsky), “The Fate” (Lolita), “A Stone on My Heart” (Polina Gagarina).


On February 28, 2019 Mikhail Gutseriev received a special prize from ZD Awards, the Russian most old-established top chart, as a Record Nominee for the amount of songs included into the top charts of the country.

On April 20, 2019 Сhanson of the Year ceremony awarded Mr. Gutseriev with the prizes for the following songs: “The Fate” (Lolita), “Rose Tenderness” (Natalia Vlasova), “Drowned Skies” (Aleksander Buynov), “Ordinary Girl” (Yulia Mikhalchik), “Whether You Look For It, or Not” (Irina Krug), “One Heart for the Two of Us” (Rada Rai), “Love Compass” (Tamara Gvardtsetelli), “Look into my Eyes” (Taisiya Povaliy), “I Know it, Mother” (Yaseniya), “Repeat After Me” (Mikhail Shufutinsky and Masha Veber), “It Is A Long, Long Day” (Stas Mikhailov). Apart from that, the concert witnessed a premier of the song “Don’t Allow the Separation to Deceive Us”. It was performed by Tamara Gvardtsitelli and Stas Mikhailov.

On May 25, 2019 Zemlyane received a Ru.TV award for the “Loneliness” music video, written on the verse of the poet.

In July 2019 the whole range of songs with the lyrics by M. Gutseriev were performed at Beliye Nochi Festival “St. Petersburg White Nights” among them: “Don’t Allow the Separation to Deceive Us” (Tamara Gavrdtsetelli and Stas Mikhailov), “Love Compass” (Tamara Gvardtsetelli), “In your dear hands” (Taisiya Povaliy), “This year of love” (Zara), “Ordinary Girl” (Yulia Mikhalchik), “Love is a Merry-go-round” (Yaseniya), “I play hide and Seek For My fate” (Tatyana Bulanova), as well as the new songs “Heart for Heart” performed by Nikolai Baskov and “It is a Long, Long Day” performed by Stas Mikhailov

In August 2019 11 songs of Mikhail Gutseriev were performed at the New Wave contest in Sochi: “Heart for heart” (N. Baskov), “I will be Yours” (T. Povaliy), “Cherry Love” and “Happy Birthday” (N. Baskov), “Love of Tires Swans” (Dimash Kudaybergenov), “My Happiness” (Yaseniya), “Moonlight Guest” (F. Kirkorov), “The Tears Washed with Sadness” (Slava), “Please, Know” (D. Kudaybergenov), “Again and Again” (Y. Mikhalchik) and “Stronger Than Fire” (Jasmine).

Two songs with the lyrics by M. Gutseriev received a prestigious award at Gold Gramophone on the 23d of November: “Heart for heart” (N. Baskov) and “Don’t be angry at me” (E. Sever and V. Brezhneva).

Victoria 2019 music ceremony was held on the fifth of December and his songs became the winners in 5 nominations: City Romance (“Don’t Allow the Separation to Deceive Us”, Tamara Gvardtsitelli and Stas Mikhailov, Best Music Video (“Moonlight Guest”, F. Kirkorov), Composer of the Year (Love of the Tired Swans, I. Krutoy), Song of the Year (“Love of the Tired Swans”, D. Kudaybergen), and the poet himself was recognized as the Poet of the Year. Apart from that 5 more songs were included into the short-list of the Award: “Heart for Heart” (N. Baskov), “I am slowly counting to ten” (Na-Na), “It Is a Long Long Day” (S. Mikhailov), “Repeat After Me” (M. Shufutinsky and M. Veber) and “Heart for Heart” (N. Baskov)

On the 7th of December, Song of the Year 2019 witnessed 9 songs of the poet receiving awards of the most popular contest of Russia. Among them “Heart for Heart” (N. Baskov), “Moonlight Guest” (F. Kirkorov), “It is a Long Long Day” (S. Mikhailov), “Don’t Allow the Separation to Deceive Us” (Tamara Gavrdtsitelli and Stas Mikhailov), “I am Counting The Weeks with Steps” (K. Orbakaite), I Will be Yours“ (T. Povaliy), “Stronger Than Fire” (Jasmine), “Again and Again” (Y. Mikhalchik), “Please, know” (D. Kudaybergen)

On the 24th of December, NTV TV Channel showed the New Year music film Arabian Nights, or the Territory of Love, totally made of the songs by M. Gutseriev. The major parts were played by F. Kirkorov (the Sultan), Ekaterina Klimova (the Scheherazade) and N. Baskov (the Genie). D. Bilan, I. Krutoy, Valeriya, Lolita, D. Kudaybergen, T. Gavrdtsetelli, K. Orbakaite, Fabrika, Jasmine, M. Shufutinskiy, A. Panayotov, Slava, Zara, A. Russo, V. Kokhana, T. Povaliy, Y. Mikhalchik, Ivanushki International, A. Malinin, D. Klyaver, Masha Veber, R. Rai and Anton Lirnik also took part in the musical film.


In April 2020 songs of M. Gutseriev received the ZD AWARDS of the Moskovsky Komsomolets newspaper. "Let's forbid separation" performed by Tamara Gverdtsiteli and Stas Mikhailov won the "Duo of the year", and the song "Heart on heart" by Nikolai Baskov won a special prize as the most popular song on the chart "Radio Russian Hit".


Songs to the verses by M. Gutseriev:[81]


Projects sponsored by Mikhail Gutseriev and the companies managed by him:

  • Orphanage at the monastery (Yaroslavl region)[82]
  • Saint Michael Cathedral, Izhevsk[83][84]
  • Saint Trinity Sergeev Monastery, renovation of the Refectory
  • Church of Protection of the Holy Virgin in Megion
  • Church of the Nativity, Nizhnevartovsk (KhMAO)
  • Church of Transfiguration of the Savior (Novospassky district, Ulyanovsk region)
  • Church of the Mother-of-God of Kazan, Balezino Village (Udmurtia)
  • Ascension Cathedral, Ulyanovsk
  • Church of the Saint Martyr Panteleymon at Central Military Hospital of FSS of Russia, Moscow[14]
  • The Holy Trinity Church in Valamaz Village, Seltinsky district, Udmurtia[85]
  • Church of the Saint Martyr and Healer Panteleymon (Karakulinsly district, Udmurtia)[86]
  • Church of Protection of the Holy Virgin in Sarapul (Udmurtia)[87]
  • Malo-Diveevsky Monastery in Norya Village (Malopurginsky district, Udmurtia)[88]
  • The Bell Tower in the name of Archistratigus Michael in Synkovichi Village (Grodno region, Belarus)[89]
  • Russian Center for Science and Culture in Bethlehem (the Palestinian National Authority)[90]
  • Church of the Royal Martyrs (Izhevsk)[88][91]
  • St. John of Kronstadt Church, Raduzhny, KhMAO
  • Mosques in Raduzhny (Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug)
  • Mosques in Novospassky district in Ulyanovsk region
  • Mosques in Solnechnogorsk
  • Cathedral Mosque in Moscow[88]
  • Moscow Jewish Community Center, Synagogues in Kaliningrad and Novosibirsk[88]
  • Aginsk Lamaist Temple (Aginsk Buryatsky Autonomous Okrug)[88]
  • Ministry of Health in Chechnya (purchased 106 ambulances, sponsored 250 operations for the children with heart problems, performed total overhaul in Urus-Martanovky District Hospital),[92][93][94]
  • Medical Institutions in Udmurtia (purchased 25 ambulances with life support equipment)[95]
  • Medical Institutions in Ulyanovsk region (20 ambulances were purchased)[96]
  • School Marem in Magas, Ingushetiya; School 23 in Grozny (Chechnya)[88]
  • Udmurtia State University of Oil and Gas[97]
  • Dormitory at Udmurtia State University of Oil and Gas for 350 students with gym[97][98][99]
  • Junior teams of Neftyanik football club, Novospasskoye Village, Ulyanovsk region[100]
  • Orphanages at Tomsk region[101]
  • National teams for biathlon, ski cross, cycling race and shooting[102]
  • Belkammotosport, children's sports school and Udmurtia State Zoo in Izhevsk[103]
  • Orenburzhye, Sports and Entertainment Center
  • Cultural Center and city recreation park in Cherkessk[88]
  • Kindergarten in Saratov (the largest junior preparatory institution in Saratov region hosting 300 children)[104]
  • Educational facilities in the Udmurtia Republic (purchased 38 school buses)[105]
  • Dormitory at Saratov Regional College of Art (One of the oldest educational facilities of Povolzhye). The dormitory hosts 160 students[106]
  • Ice Hockey Stadium in Saratov (reconstruction of the main sports arena in the city will establish conditions for holding international hockey and basketball competitions)[107]
  • Cathedral of Ascension in Ulyanovsk (sponsored one of the masterpieces of the Russian Art of Building)[108]
  • The Dormition Monastery in Krasnoyarsk region (construction of courtyard for guests for guests and pilgrims of the monastery).[109]
  • Orthodox Church of Holy Trinity in Yukamenskaya village (construction of the church at the place where the old church was destroyed in the 1930s)[110]
  • The Church of Assumption in Vepreva pustin village of Rostovsky district of Yaroslavlskaya region (restoration of historical monument of the 14th century, the place of storage of unique church relics)[111]
  • Sports center in Amur region (restoration of the indoor ice rink, provision of state of the art equipment)[112]
  • Stadium in Izhevsk, construction and provision of equipment to a major sports and health center for popular sports events hosting up to 2000 people[113]
  • Traditional annual international contest of cello players in the name of Sv. Knushevitsky in Saratov (patronage of the only Russian separate international contest of young singers)[114]
  • Central mosque in Izhevsk (construction of mosque at the place where the old one was destroyed in the 1930s)[115]
  • The Church of Epiphany in the village of Prislonikha in the Ulyanovsk region (restoration from fire of one of the Volga region's oldest orthodox churches)
  • The building of Track and Field Hall in Moscow State University
  • Central Stadium in Novospasskoye Village, Ulyanovsk region
  • Purchasing accommodation for vulnerable social groups, Orsk, Orenburg region
  • Construction of a 5-storey building with 40 flats, having a developed infrastructure in Luyban (Minsk region, the Republic of Belarus. The accommodation building was granted to the residents of the town
  • Rehabilitation Centre in Izhevsk is one of the biggest Russian health centers for children and adolescents with disabilities, accommodating up to 1600 people
  • Renovation of field-and-track center (the building is related to the cultural inheritance) of Lomonosov Moscow State University
  • Annual support to Moscow Easter Festival, “White Nights” festival in Saint Petersburg and Mariinsky Festival in Samara, etc.
  • Restoration of the Muslim cemetery Karaotkel, one of the oldest and well-known burial places in Astana (Kazakhastan).
  • Construction of church and chapel and the bell tower in the name of Tatiana in Novospasskoye village (Ulyanovsk region).

Besides, Mikhail Gutseriev's SafMar charitable foundation annually allocates up to 2 bn Rubles for major charitable programs in the field of education, healthcare, culture, arts

Joint projectsEdit

In 2006 PJSC Russneft and Lomonosov Moscow State University opened Higher School of Innovative Business and Management, one of the five corporate universities of MSU.[116] The programs were developed by PJSC "RussNeft" and three faculties of MSU (Faculty of Chemistry, Faculty of Geology, Faculty of Management) taking into account the objectives of oil corporations within three MA programs: "Geological and physical studies of oil and gas fields", "Chemical refinery of hydrocarbons", "Management of mineral resources".

Awards and PrizesEdit


Russian FederationEdit

State Awards and Titles
  • Order of Friendship ("For big contribution into consolidation of Russian statehood, friendship and cooperation between nations")[118]
  • Order of Honour ("For big contribution into development of media and long-term successful work")[119]
  • Russian Federation Presidential Certificate of Honour ("For active social activity for saving and promotion of cultural and historical heritage of Russia in the Holy Land")[120]
  • Four times Awardee with the honorary weapon for performing special orders of the Russian government[117]
  • Title "Eminent Economist of the Russian Federation"[117]
Naming of the streets
  • In September 2005 the streets in Grozny and Goyti village in the Chechen Republic were named after Gutseriev.[121][122]
Institutional Awards and Names
  • Medal "For participation in special operations"[117]
  • Title "Honorable oilman"[117]
  • Title "Honorable worker of fuel and energy complex"[123]
  • Medal for "For merits in development of fuel and energy complex" I Grade of Ministry of Energy of the Russian Federation
  • Gratitude Certificate of the Federal Service of the Russian Federation for Drugs Control[121]

Awards of Palestinian National AdministrationEdit

  • Order "For merits and distinguishes"[124]

Awards from international governmental organizationsEdit

  • Order "Fellowship" Interparliamental Assembly of the CIS[125]

Awards of non-governmental organizationsEdit

Awards from Russian Orthodox Church
Awards of the Russian Council of Muftis
  • Order of Al-Fakhr, Grade I[130]
Awards of the Imperial Orthodox Palestine Society
  • Honorary memorial badge Order of Bethlehem Star[131]
  • Vasily Nikolaevich Khitrovo Medal for contribution into construction of Cultural and Business Center of the Russian Federation in Bethlehem (Palestinian Authority)[132]
Award of the Commissioner for Human Rights of the Russian Federation
  • Hasten to Do Good Medal[133]

University Awards and TitlesEdit

  • • On 1 September 2011, pursuant to the Executive Order of the President of Udmurt Republic, the Institute of Oil and Gas of Udmurt State University was given the name of Mikhail Gutseriev for his substantial contribution to its construction.[134]
  • • Benjamin Franklin Medal for the international cooperation (Chapman University, United States)[135]
  • • Honorary professor of the Eurasian Economic Club of Scientists (Kazakhstan)[136]


  • A winner of "Сhanson of the Year 2016" (9 songs), "Сhanson of the Year 2017" (12 songs) song contest.
  • Songs to M. Gutseriev`s verses have repeatedly won the "Song of the Year" festival: 3 songs in 2012, eight songs in 2013, 12 songs in 2014,[137] 13 songs in 2015 and 12 songs in 2016. Mikhail Gutseriev has been three times awarded Robert Rozhdestvensky "Poet of the Year" Prize – at the "Song of the Year 2013", "Song of the Year 2014", "Song of the Year 2016".[137][138][139][140][141]
  • A winner of the "Golden Gramophone" Music Contest in 2014 and 2016 (3 songs)[142]
  • He has received the Russial Radio Station Awards in the field of radio broadcasting nominated for "Contribution to the Development of Radio Industry".[143]
  • A Laureate of Peter the Great National Prize[26]
  • Has been recognized as "Best Manager of the Year" pursuant to the "Company" magazine competition[26]
  • A winner of the All-Russian "Financier of the Year" Competition, conducted under the auspices of the Russian Federation Chamber of Commerce and Industry[121]
  • A Laureate of the "Faces of the Year"public contest, held by Sovershenno Secretno media holding, in the "Entrepreneur of the Year" category[121]
  • Laureate of the prizes the "Philanthropist of the Year" and the "Russian National Olympus",[121] "Best CEO of Russia 2011" in the "Mining" category,[144] "Person of the Year 2011" in "Businessman of the Year" category,[145]
  • Was honored with a prestigious Best Eurasian Businessman 2013 award, annually awarded by an authoritative public organization Сenter for Global Dialogue and Cooperation (CGDC). The award recognizes efficient implementation of major business-projects in Russia and CIS[146]
  • Winner of the "Media Manager" national contest in "Business Person" category[147]
  • Was honored as the "Philanthropist of the Year of Culture" national award[148]
  • Was awarded with Oleg Tabakov name prize "For Selfless Care and Support to the Creative Youth of Russia"[149]
  • Winner of the "Most Successful Russian Entrepreneur 2015"[150]
  • Winner of the "For the Openness to the Media" prize of the Union of Journalists of Russia[151]
  • Was ranked second in the "Fuel Complex" nomination of the Kommersant Top Managers Ranking for 2010;[152] starting from 2014 has repeatedly been included into the annual list of the most influential Russian businessmen "Top 1000 Russian Managers", prepared by the Kommersant Publishing House.[153]

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