Mihran Bahram-i Chobin

Mihran Bahram-i Chubin was an Iranian nobleman from the House of Mihran. He was the son of Bahram Chobin, the famous Sasanian spahbed and briefly shahanshah. Mihran, with the aid of Christian Arab tribes, fought against the Muslim Arabs at Ayn al-Tamir. He was however, defeated.[1] What happened to Mihran afterwards is unknown; however, it is known that he had a son named Siyavakhsh, who fell to the Arabs in 651 at Ray.[2]

Family treeEdit

Bahram Gushnasp
MardansinaUnknownBahram ChobinGorduyaGordiya
NoshradMihran Bahram-i ChubinShapur
Saman Khuda


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