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Mighty Lak a Goat is a 1942 Our Gang short comedy film directed by Herbert Glazer. It was the 209th Our Gang short (210th episode, 121st talking short, 122nd talking episode, and 41st MGM produced episode) that was released.

Mighty Lak a Goat
Our Gang Mighty Lak a Goat 1942.jpg
Directed byHerbert Glazer
Produced byMetro-Goldwyn-Mayer
Written byHal Law
Robert A. McGowan
StarringGeorge McFarland
Billie Thomas
Bobby Blake
Billy Laughlin
John Dilson
George B. French
Ava Gardner
Robert Emmett O'Connor
Joe Yule Sr.
CinematographyJackson Rose
Edited byLeon Borgeau
Distributed byMetro-Goldwyn-Mayer
Release date
October 10, 1942 (1942-10-10)
Running time
CountryUnited States



The gang tries to clean off their clothes after being splattered with mud accidentally by a passing motorist. A unique cleaning solution devised by Froggy works beautifully, but with one major drawback: The stuff has a terribly pungent odor. Froggy tells the gang that they would get used to the smell. They do get used to the bad odor to the point of being oblivious to it. The kids manage to empty out a bus trying to board it.

They walk to school and get thrown out of the classroom due to their smell. Then, being free from school, the gang goes to see a movie called Don't Open That Door at the theater. The movie-house cashier notices their smell, but they head into the auditorium. Then even the actors on the screen cannot stand the smell and stop performing. They finally get removed from the theater and remove their clothes behind a tree.[1]


The GangEdit

Additional castEdit

  • John Dilson as Banker Stone
  • George B. French as Patron
  • Ava Gardner as Girl at the theatre box office
  • Robert Emmett O'Connor as Detective King
  • Anne O'Neal as Schoolteacher
  • William Tannen as Bus driver
  • Joe Yule Sr. as Patron
  • Lee Phelps as Police officer
  • Charlie Sullivan as Bus passenger

Production notesEdit

  • Ava Gardner plays the role of the cashier at the film theater. According to Robert Blake, Mickey Rooney, who was married to Gardner at the time, came in to direct her one scene. Rooney's father, Joe Yule, Sr. has a cameo as a movie patron.[2]
  • The film they see is called Don't Open That Door. The scene in the movie shown on this film starred Robert Emmet O'Connor, Banker Stone and John Dilson.

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